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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. 2010worldchamps
    I still see the 272 on amazon for 199.. 15 left
  2. 2010worldchamps
  3. proedros
    seems like they are still some left at 199$ + free shipping
    imo , a no-brainer
  4. jarf3110
    Hi guys, i was reading this article at sterephile
    http://www.stereophile.com/content/hifimans-hm-901-portable-player-and-re-400-ear-monitor#.UPSAendxXD0.twitter , and looking at the picture i notice at the right botom , someone (probably stephen mejias) wrote a note about the re-600 and price ($399). I guess that helps to confirm the info about the 600.

  5. Swimsonny
    That and the video of fang saying the price at can jam!
  6. psygeist
    Agree that RE272 is stellar at the price. And their customer service is laudable.
    If not for the comfort and isolation of Custom IEM, I'd still be listening to RE272.
  7. drez
    Damn shame I wanted to buy an re272 but never thought they would be discontinued.
  8. eyal1983
    still avail. on Amazon .
  9. Fernito

    Did you buy the RE-272 finally?
  10. eyal1983
    Yep, I finally did ...   [​IMG]
    psygeist likes this.
  11. imackler

    I love the comfort of the RE272. For me, if there were just a bit more bass and I would have been a happy camper. 
    The other problem with the RE272 is the RE262. At the time I bought both together, I did a lot of comparing. I like the RE272 more...it was the better iem. But it wasn't a $100 better, for my ears and uses. The RE-600 better be freaking amazing to cost twice as much as the RE272 is going for now. 
  12. picotico
    What do they have so special to cost $400???
  13. Swimsonny
    hardly anyone has heard yet but i would guess mazing sound quality, i would hope so if the re400 are anything to go buy!
  14. picotico
    But is there any special technology revealed? How about the FXZ100/200 from JVC?
  15. Inks
    titanium diaphragm. I think the RE272/262 were rumored to use this as well, but it isn't definitive. Hifiman needs to work on it's bass extension/rumble, that's were their line-up has it's flaws. 
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