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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. Fernito
    Hmmm... now that they discontinued almost every one of their old models, I wonder what are they planning to do in order to fill the gap between the $100 RE-400 and the $400 RE-600.
  2. Swimsonny

    I think so. I have not hear the 0 or zero but really enjoyed the 262 and I have to say I am addicted to the 400. I subjectively prefer it as we speak to the audio technica CKW1000ANV and I find myself using it all the time.

    Well obviously there is the space inbetween 400 and 600 for 500 but I not sure there will be for a while. We have had the knowledge of the 400 and 600 for a while now.
  3. tinyman392
    Just so you guys know, I haven't heard it talked about at all.  There is a third model as well that hasn't really been spoken of.  I don't know if it's still planned or not, but I was told that there will also be a HiFiMan RE-300 as well as the 400 and 600s.  Please do note that this information is from November, so things may or may not have changed since then.  
  4. VolumusMaximus
    I have the RE-ZERO and RE-0.. really enjoy both.  Would like to see a comparison between the RE-400 and the RE-ZERO, as they are (were) priced the same.. are they equivalent, or is the 400 an improvement..
  5. Inks
    Hifiman should've kept the RE0 and RE272...oh well. Hope these fill in the gap, cause those two will be hard to replace. 
  6. Gozzer
    Should have also kept the RE262`s. Very unique signature.
  7. Berkovajazz
    Just have bought RE0...
    Thinking about RE400...
    In love 272...
    I wish new HFM models have a good quality, lot of issues in topics with old RE-series.
  8. VolumusMaximus
    Have had the ZEROs for 2 years without any problems.. just bought the RE-0 a month ago since the price dropped.. seems to be well made - as good as the ZEROs.
  9. Inks
    You can make a RE272 sound like a RE262 with more foam in the nozzle or layers of filters, but can't make a RE262 into a 272. 272 is simply better. 272 and RE0 shoudl've been kept, but I'll have to give the new ones a shot to see if they're worthy replacements. 
  10. bhima
    $400 sounds like a hefty price... especially since they have nothing to fill the price gap between $100-400. interested to get impressions once they hit peoples mailboxes
  11. proedros
    272 was an amazing iem , but it kinda went unoticed while hordes of people were raving about overhyped iems like TF-10 and GR-07

    then again , this has been the story of human race - the majority of people always focusing on the wrong kind of things
    maybe an improved version of re-272 will surface soon
    ertai likes this.
  12. Gozzer
      I definitely will be getting the $99 set, and would probably go for a sub $200 pair(if they come out with a set), however $400 will take some convincing.
  13. maguire
    why stop making 272 & 262? I dont get it.....400's not the same from what im  reading.....
  14. proedros
    there are still some 272 for sale at ebay/amazon for 250$ if anyone is interested

    also, there were 4 new pairs at amazon going for 200$ this week , but they are all sold now , i picked the last one today as a back-up to my re-272 i already have

    200$ for a new RE-272 ? too good a price to pass through

  15. maguire
    Oh Proedros me ol mate......why didnt you say so earlier? 200 for 272 is very nice
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