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Simon - have you tried a FWJ with your 325's?
Just curious - as I really love the presentation wioth my 325i + Cabillas Iroko FWJ, but have always been curious about the magnums as well.  Trying to get a comparison point - but guessing I'll just have to buy a pair of V4 drivers if I really want to find out .....

I prefer magnums over any Grado I've tried. Couldn't stand the brightness of the 325. I have the V4 in wooden cups, my next favourite are the Alessandro MS2. Sold the RS1, MS Pro.
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Thanks.  I love my 325is - the only thing I would like to achievce is to be able to use jumbos - without killing the sound.  I have in the back of my mind (already knowing the effect the jumbos have on the spectrum) that if I perhaps tried jumbos on the magnum drivers - I may be able to get the comfort I want - with a sound more akin to my current 325 fwj with bowls.

Unfortunately the likes of the PS1000 is well out of my budget (wife, kids, mortgage etc come first :wink: ) - so it's trying to find a compromise.  I may just have to take a leap of faith and order the magnum drivers from Rhydon - and see for myself ....

i would recommend using the G cusn pads with distancers. the pads alone do affect the sound with loosing the bass impact and the mid sound farther away but the distancers seems to get the sound signature back on track. at least for me it worked on the MS-Pro and I remember trying it with the Magnum and the result was pretty good too. Don't forget to review the Ms1000 thread they provide the technical detail of the distancers.

if you still have the plastic chamber/sleeve from your Grado they work quite well as distancers. you just need to cut them the proper lenght and do not forget the hole. I also line mine with some sticky felt to reduce resonance.
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I love my 325is headphones but I have huge problems wearing them for more than ~30 mins at a time. 

  • Try bending the headband out to reduce the clamp.
  • Remove and wash the pads in a mild detergent - and then make sure they're dry.  You can also use a small amount of fabric softener.
  • Try different pads to see which is most comfortable to you.  I prefer bowls - others prefer flats or comfies.  You have to experiment to find the right mix of comfort and sound.
  • Can recommend one of headphone lounge's aftermarket headbands - they greatly increase comfort.
I was like you in the beginning.  Now I'd have no issues with my 325is even up to a couple of hours.
Oh - and replacing the aluminium with a lighter weight fwj (wooden cup) greatly reduces the weight and can also have a nice effect on both comfort and sound.
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Everthings confirmed now so the shop should be ready in 4 months..see you all in a couple of months i am off to ibiza..P.s focker i will do you a good deal on the ps1000s!

Wow are livin the life!!! lol  Say hello to the women in bikinis for me :)
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Any ideas how to strap these to the side of my head?
I think they'd improve any perceived bass deficiencies, but I am concerned about comfort and if the plastic rod blocks can handle the weight.



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Any ideas how to strap these to the side of my head?
I think they'd improve any perceived bass deficiencies, but I am concerned about comfort and if the plastic rod blocks can handle the weight.



you might have to use a different method than using the Rodblocks and such.
we have to redesign the headband
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I love my pre-"i" SR60 set, but I'm getting upgradeitis. I'm debating whether to take a small step (SR80i), a bigger step (SR225i), or a giant leap (PS500). Yeah, I know, "kiss your wallet goodbye..."
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I say take a big step to the RS2. Assuming you want to keep the same sound as the SR60 (but a bit more mellow). Or the RS1 but the RS2 is close and is a good deal cheaper.
If you want a lot more bass and less treble energy, get the PS500.
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Hmmm... the PS500 sounds right up my alley (OW! My wallet!). I'm enough of a basshead that I seriously enjoy my DT770 Pro 80's; on pipe organ they are out of this world.
I think what I really want to do, though, is head over to a store where I can audition the various models - and bring my laptop, my old SR60s, the Focusrite box and a bunch of FLACs, including ones I've recorded myself. If I find that the 80i or 225i works for me, that's more money I can set aside for a microphone upgrade (OW! My wallet! x2).
Then again, I might find that these old SR60s are all I really need on the Grado side of things. I could use new pads, though - mine are looking a bit ratty.
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quick tip. if you like bass and want more on the SR60, but the TTVJ flats. 35 bucks and they really do a better job than the comfies.
flats can be hit or miss on grados designed with the deeper bowls, but I think they're real good drop in replacements for the grados that come with comfies. highs are less strident and harsh and bass kick is increased a great deal.
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i remember hearing about one possible issue with Grado's of Dreaded Grado Grattle.
Could the Headphones get Grattle from the outer grill? is that how Grattle comes?
or is it only when something like a Hair gets through the Inner part of the headphone through the White Screen/ Driver?
i just want to know, thanks!
and how exactly do i position the earcups when i wear them on my neck? The Backside facing out, or facing in?
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Contributing writer, Lang Phipps, Listener Magazine on the Grado website says in his review of the SR225i, "
In the instrumental bridge of "Time Out of Mind" from Steely Dan's "Gaucho," I finally made a positive ID on the super-subtle floor tom part, after years of not being sure it was there...". Well I only have a pair of SR80s and thought what the heck. And sure enough, I could hear the floor tom in the bridge. Now, I just got a FiiO E10 to use with my computer so I am sure that helped.

Also, the Grado facebook page has a little thing going on their facebook page where they are giving away tee shirts for August, one a day, for those posting stories about their Grados.

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