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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. headfry
    I am going to reiterate my opinion that in general Grado's are optimized for lower volume listening.
    ...The 225e's with backward pad mod once well broken in became my go to model...
    I consider the 225e to be the best value in the range for myself at least
    and prefer it to the 325 series...mainly due to the latter's weight
    and somewhat emphasized/sharpened highs...the 325e is very, very good but the 225e's
    are much lighter and are about as good musically (again, at lower listening volumes).

    I also love the SR80e's.

    ....any others enjoy the 225e?
  2. PhenixS1970
    For anyone interested, Grado PS500 (1st edition, not with "e" drivers) for sale in market section. EU only :wink:.
  3. Monolaf
    Have you ever compared the 325e with the GH2? I owned both and think that the GH2 sounds a lot better. He is an update of the 325e. It sounds much finer, he gives the instruments much more room. You can hear it when the instrument is touched. The 325e is a rocker. But it is not for subtle music where I want to hear and experience the details. That's what the GH2 is made for!
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  4. ruthieandjohn
    Due to a two-stage move from Michigan to Washington over several months, I have had nearly ALL of my Grados in storage since August, 10 months ago. I only kept out my SR125 (original model), my RS1 (also original model) and my GR10e IEMs.

    I just opened them all up and put on my GS2000e's.

    WOW! How I have missed them! Driving them with my also-reopened Schiit Gungir Multibit and Mjolnir, balanced, they bring such fun to overly-familiar music. I also regained use of my Grado PS2000e, Ultrasone Edition 10, Fostex TH900, and HiFiMAN HE1000, and while they, too, all add new life to old music, it is the GS2000e that really spices up my listening.

    During my 10-month hiatus, I had also kept out my Sennheiser HD800 and HDVD800 DAC/amp, and I really gained a new appreciation of how great that chain is (in the past, it got far too little listening time, what with all those other headphones competing).
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  5. Mad Max
    I can't say that I feel that way about the SR and RS Grados, not without EQ.
  6. headfry

    I have no doubt that the GH2 - and the PS500E and other GH's sound better than the 325e,
    the 325e is a sharp sounding phone in a good way, with ample frequency extremes - the 225e
    once fully broken in for me is more comfortable to wear and easier to listen to
    (although they do sound fairly similar overall; are comparable SQ wise. For me the 225e's
    are somewhat smoother sounding, esp. in the higher end...very coherent in their own way too).

    ... I do have a GS1000i when I'm in the mood for higher-end sound, but I prefer listening to the 225s's most of the time.
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
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  7. Shane D
    I meant to mention this earlier. There is a shop in Quebec selling a brand new pair of PS1000e's for $1,499.00. Which is about $1,050.00/$1,100.00 in US funds.

    On Canuck Audio Mart.

    Shane D
  8. BobG55
    Funny sometimes to realize how individual tastes vary over same products, in this case some of the headphones mentioned by you on your post headfry. In my case I owned both the PS500e & the SR325e in the past & I preferred the SR325e (just it's overall sound). The SR325e is the one headphone I somewhat regret, at times, selling. I also own the GS1000i & have owned it for a couple of years now. It's one of my favourite, go to HPs & am presently listening to them w/ the Violectric V281. Pure magic. My personal opinion : the GS1000i is one of the best HPs ever made.
  9. ESL-1
  10. Mad Max
    Oh, I just picked up a spare SR325is (a backup for the only headphone that has remained in my collection since I got into this hobby ten years ago, all others have changed over and over), and I'm noticing that this 325is with "chrome" cups weighs a little more than my old 325is with nicer brushed aluminum cups.
    I'll bet that after dynamating the spare like my older 325is, it may sound noticeably different beyond what I would expect just from manufacturing variance.
    Gosh damn.

    And I intend to give the newer 325e a go some time, too.
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  11. ruthieandjohn
    I’ve had all four...SR325i (the gold one) is my favorite. It is also the brightest of all the Grados.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
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  12. Gippy
    Grado Labs and the PS2000e was featured in this week's Worth It episode. Reactions were quite positive.
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  13. peskypesky
    any idea what the difference is between the SR60 and SR80?
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  14. wormsdriver
    I've always wondered about John Grado's reference tracks. He's mentioned them before but not what specific track in the album and what he is hearing for in each track, very cool!:metal::sunglasses:
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
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  15. Gippy
    I would've picked Layla over Signe for Eric Clapton's Unplugged, as that track is absolute bliss on my GS3000e. But Signe is probably a better starter to wow those two because it's a simpler piece.

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