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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. elmoe
    Grado pads are, by and large, a matter of personal preference.

    Test some out, and use whatever you like best in terms of comfort/sound presentation.

    Personally I put flats on everything. That's just what sounds best to me.
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  2. aravaioli
    I have to mention that I had the opposite experience. I tried several knock-off pads (from Amazon.co.uk and Ebay) on my first Grado, the PS500, as obviously the original appear to be a big rip off in price. I thought the sound improved to some extent. However once I got the PS1000 with its original G pads and swapped those onto the PS500 the difference was very noticeable and for the better. Their density and rigidity is different, so they absorb less of the sound. Also, I think the distance of the driver from your ears is sub-optimal on knock off pads. I therefore concluded that the extra money is worth. If you have only tried knock offs, you may want to give the originals a try at a store with a return policy: my guess is that you won't return them.

    By the way, I use G pads on all my Grado models: PS1000, PS500e, GH2.
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  3. aravaioli
    self edited
  4. Jazmanaut
    As i said: Results vary from model to model. I have tried all grado pads on various grado models, and then some. There is no "one pads rule them all".
    For example i have find that flats works nicely on many models if you like big bass, and tamed highs, chinese pads rules on 125-225. Originals with tape mods are perfect for 325:s. And those large pads are amazing for classical music.
    Nothing makes more to the sound with grados, than pad rolling! (Exept driver tuning, but that is another topic)
  5. Mightygrey
    I prefer G-cush on my GH1s, followed by Sennheiser HD414 yellows with quarter mods.
  6. stickyjon23
    Grado SR-80e.png
    Made this today in Illustrator. Thought you guys would like it. Any suggestions on what to make next/improvements?
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  7. Monolaf
    Simple but good. Show them to Grado. Maybe they are hiring you.:)
  8. Shane D
    Hello. I know we have members from around the world here, but I wanted to try speak to a much narrower group of readers. I am located in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. I came across a thread where a Head-Fi'er had wondered about organizing a get together in Halifax. I wanted to post in this thread and talk to anybody that lives in or around Halifax or even if you were planning to visit the area in June. Just food for thought. If anyone is interested, you could post a reply in https://www.head-fi.org/threads/halifax-ns-meetup-2019.905499/

    It would be cool if we could find five or six people with a few cool toys each. It could be a very interesting afternoon or evening.

    Shane D
  9. stickyjon23
    Haha. I'm not that good. Just started using illustrator.
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  10. ESL-1
    Nice simple look to it....

    From above regarding pads I have the Beautiful Audio Hybrid pads on my GH2 and they sound great, look great and are Very Comfortable. Bozebuttons recommendated them to me and I am glad I tried.

    Different note: I continue to very much enjoy the GH3 that I got. Really good sound, well beyond it's price range (IMHO). Great clean impact on bass with good detail. With the supplied S pads and the low profile low mass wood construction they are probably the most comfortable Grado. A performer and smile maker, give them a listen if you can.. Better yet, just buy a pair, you won't regret it.
    An excellent buy while they are still available (limited run). Would love to hear any impressions from other Head Fiers who may have them or have auditioned
  11. Monolaf
    Is anyone here who is own and/or like the wireless, the bluetooth Grado (GW100)?
    Could a Bluetooth headphone sounds like a good HiFi cable headphone? I think not?!
  12. Hotteterre
    Hello, I have one. On Bluetooth, the quality of sound is pretty good, but not really comparable to the one obtainable with the cable. What makes me happy with GW100 is the possibility to switch from Bluetooth to cable connection depending to the different situations: I take it with me when I'm away from home, using it in both ways. The GW100 is an excellent headphone.
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
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  13. ESL-1
    Light and pretty comfortable too.
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  14. TooFrank
    I do agree. The SQ is quite amazing. So easy to listen to and enjoy.
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  15. Mad Max
    Oh wow, while I was out of this hobby for a while, GW100, GS2k, and GS3k were introduced.

    And they still can't be assed to put a nicer headband on those $500+ models. :o2smile:

    How's the sound on those newer GS headphones?

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