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Halifax, NS Meetup 2019

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  1. Blotto80
    Anyone in Halifax, NS interested in getting together for a little meetup? I’d love to get together and share some listens.
  2. Shane D
    I would also be interested. Just have to find a few more and figure out a location. I would LOVE to listen to the HD800S's and the Liquid Carbon X. It would be great to find five or six people that each had a few cool toys, it could be a very interesting afternoon or evening.

    Shane D
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  3. Blotto80
    I was thinking one of the bookable rooms at the Library would be a great place. Hopefully a few more people will stumble across this thread over the next little bit and we can get something going.
  4. Shane D
    There are like a dozen threads that I hand around on. I will do a big cross posting tomorrow and see if I can drum up so more folks.

    Which library? Should have plentiful free parking.

    Shane D
  5. Shane D
    Doesn't look like this will ever happen. Too bad.

    Shane D
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