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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. odessamarin
    This is not about to blowing your ears.. Grado has is low impedance drivers. Therefore to scale linearly all frequencies wtih volume increase, the amp have to have good current reserve.
    And some grado (like GS1000) are more sensitive to this. To explain it better.. if amp can not deliver enough current, it will strongly distort bass when volume goes up.
    So when volume is low.. you hear it well, going up.. you can easly hear how bass is going to be distorded and the sound getting really bad.. just highs and mids in your face.
    But when amp is good for grado, then you can go really loud, but what is nice you don't even feel that this is loud.. it just very open and nicely sounding. I don't know how to explain better.
    Maybe someone with engineer background can help. But what i learn for example if takin valvolar amp. FOr grado it hase to be with transformer in output. There is schemes where big capacitors used instead to reduce size..
    this not good for grado nad fail in my case. Mad ear +HD fits very well. A SS Bryston BHA-1 is also good.
    And when ppl sayng Grado is easy driving.. is true in a way. When volum is low, you already can nicely enjoy their magic. And if it's scale well with volume increase, then you understand what all this about.
    And exactly this require good amp.
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  2. elmoe
    I take it youve heard every Grado model then? Why did you bother spending 300 bucks on the 325 if the sr60 sounds the same?

    Grados do not use the same drivers, I would know this because I actually took several pairs apart to mod them. That and while they all have the Grado sound signature (like all sennheisers tend to have the sennheiser sound signature), there are still major differences between say, a GH2 and a PS1000.

    Its nice that youre trying to help others, but maybe you should do so when you have an informed opinion :wink:

    One more thing - this is the Grado Fan Club thread. Dont come in here to crap over Grados, this is an appreciation thread. Plenty of other places you can do that in.
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  3. whohasaquestion
    He doesnt have a 325. He has a modded 80 with 325 aluminum shell but brands his experience as 325.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  4. Shane D
    If you have a chance, you should try out a Burson. I have a Burson Fun. It really brought out the best in my GH2's.

    Shane D
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  5. lugnut
    I have a warm spot for the Grado sound. I think that the best I ever heard Jeff Becks guitar was with Grados. That being said, I wish they would upgrade the gimbals & roadblocks, and please get rid of the cables they use. This would go a long way, at least on the higher end models, to bring them in the 21 century. I however don't think this will happen.
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  6. Cruelhand Luke
    Ah you beat me to it! Yup, I bought a SR80e used for $50, had a custom leather headband made for $20 and put on the aluminum cups from a 325e...so I have a set that sounds identical to the 325e (I had a 'real' 325e on loan for a few weeks of comparison) but it's more comfortable, the cable isn't a giant garden hose and it cost me less than half of what a new one would cost. If I HAD paid $300, I wouldn't enjoy them nearly as much as I do...the rod blocks and gimbals are cheap and don't work well, the cable is ridiculous...when I compare them to something like my Fidelio L2 which was the same price when it came out, it's a whole different level of quality ...but look, I don't argue with religious people, I am not going to dissuade you from your faith. I like my Grados, but that doesn't mean I am drinking the Flavor Aid and I certainly have the right to mention to people that they are in a house of worship...
  7. Shane D
    I would definitely disagree with that. I started with the SR325e's and found them very exciting. However, I also found them noisy and while they rose to number one in my home, they could be get annoying on long listens.
    I stepped up the GH2 and it was more of the good stuff and none of the bad. Then, when I picked up a Burson Fun amp with Classic opamps in it, they became the perfect headphones.

    I have been using different headphones with my new amp for the past week. I grabbed the Grado/Burson combo yesterday and "oh yeah, there's the good stuff!"

    And I have NO urge to drop big coin on the GS or PS series. But going from a $400.00 headphone to a $950.00 headphone was worth every single penny.

    Shane D
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  8. elmoe
    No, you don't have a pair of Grado that sounds like the 325s. Not sure under what setting you compared the 325e to your modded sr80e, but I've had both of these, and I've modded a ton of Grados and put them in aluminum cups (sr60s, 125s, 225s, none of which sounded like a 325 even in aluminum cups). I'm not here to argue with you at all, just to point out that you don't know what you're talking about, which stems from lack of experience with the Grado line-up so that newbies who come here for recommendations don't actually take you seriously.

    Again, you say you love Grados but you're in here insulting people saying we're a cult yada yada. If you have a problem with high priced headphones there are many companies you could pick a fight with over Grado. This is the Grado Fan Club thread. Time to move on.
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  9. Gippy
    @tlainhart - I should have my GS2000e/GS3000e comparison review up this weekend which should answer your questions!
  10. mortcola
    Most forums have at least one person who says absurd and provocative things either because they enjoy trolling and getting attention; sometimes they innocently simply don't know what they're talking about.

    In the words of the great physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, he of the Pauli Exclusion Principle, in response to a poorly written and reasoned study at a conference: "Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!" — "That is not only not right, it is not even wrong!". It is based on baseless assertions, lacks the empirical and rational foundation, and knowledge base, to even be properly falsified, as any scientific phenomenon must be. If it ain't science, but opinion, then please consider that profferring a useful opinion must be based on something other than a desire for attention...negative attention being, to a certain type of person, better than none at all. But not on our time.

    To indulge you a little: Others have pointed out that you must have - or really must not have - done a legit comparison of Grado models. You may have, and simply have little auditory discrimination - or you're trolling, or maybe just prone to unpleasant hyperbole without meaning to be....but you write as though you're enjoying being a provocative critic-by-assertion-and-insinuation, and getting the faithful to grumble so you can laugh and point. But not only are you the class clown here, you also seem to KNOW LESS than anyone else, which is the other outstanding quality discernible in your "offerings".

    One member finds no drastic difference between the RS2e and the GS1000e - and perhaps the difference is not, nor should be, drastic; or the forum member simply hears things in their own way, doesn't find the differences "drastic", or sufficiently meaningful - I do, but that's OK - or without great discriminatory powers (I'm not saying the latter is the case, simply that one opinion does not demonstrate an immutable truth - besides, that poster is a polite and appropriate forum member, and is entitled to share his/her experience). The PS1000 is quite distinct from the the PS1000e, which barely resembles the PS2000e, except to the extent that most elements of the PS1000e are broadened and deepened in the latter model. The GS3000e is a clear evolution from the GS2000e and 1000i and e, and is both distinctly a Grado (like a Ferrari is a Ferrari, or McDonalds items are clearly from McDonalds but not versions of the same thing, and are quite distinct from Wendy's, or my sister is shorter and meaner than I am, but definitely looks like my sister but not like me...is this becoming both clear, and annoying? Good).

    The RS1 and 2 are similar, but different in the manner and degree one would expect of two levels of a similar design. The GH..... you get my point. I would happily demonstrate the ability to differentiate any of these models, both the ones I know well and the ones I don't, and I predict I am correct 100% of the time on the models I've owned, and 90% of the time on the ones I've merely listened to, which is all.

    And, simply recapping what others have said....if you need attention by means of insulting forum members for having the very interest that brings them to this forum, show some dignity and courtesy and go elsewhere. You're dropping stink bombs in a nice place. Soon, some of us will request that you simply be banned from the forum, and you will have accomplished nothing of any value.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
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  11. tlainhart
  12. mortcola
    Great explanation
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  13. Rwit
    For what it's worth, I emailed Grado asking if there was an amp they recommended for my RS2e, and I got a reply that they like Schiit amps. I think the RS2e sounds pretty good from my Vali 2. Sounds pretty good straight from my iPhone also, but the Vali 2 noticeably puts more space between the instruments and improves the bass a bit, I think.
  14. mortcola
    Nice timing. Another forum member last year told me that, contrary to what two Grado principals told me, Grado has no relation to Schiit. I learned that Schiit are among the electronics utilized in design and listening tests, and Schiit - who are funny people who answer customer questions by e-mail within minutes - advised me on the best matches (Lyr2 more stable than Valhalla on the PS1000e), while Tom E at Schiit shared that he liked Amperex Orange 6DJ8 with what I was listening through. So, I've worked up from a Bifrost/Lyr2, to a Gungnir/Mjolnir2, with GS3000e and PS2000e at my right as I type (Kendra Shank and John Stowell's "New York Conversations" playing - delicious).

    This is end-game audio, without costing a mortgage-worth. Mjolnir2 allows not only a wide range of tube tyes to roll, but Schiit (for those who don't know, pronounced either like the waste product, or the way Samuel L. Jackson would pronounce the same word, really good s------t. ) have invented LISST "fake tubes" - 9-pin transistors fitting the tube sockets so the amp can become solid state or hybrid in less than a minute. The musical performance is beyond reproach, no compromise whatsoever for under a grand. I haven't heard my cans with holy grail electronics - I'd love to have an objective comparison, just for fun - but, after a life of componenets I could never afford, I have no craving for anything more than this.

    The RS2e I used with the smaller Schiit was entirely satisfying too, at a cost of just over a grand total. Musicality at whatever price point, minus connoisseur markup, distinguishes both brands, and they are synergistic components, whatever your preference might be.
  15. tlainhart
    I enjoyed your recent review on this thread, comparing the GS3000e and PS2000e. I own the GS2000e, and had the PS2000e here for a while on a TTVJ eval, and was blown away by the latter - if I had known when I bought the GS2000e that the PS2000e would be that much more revealing, I would have shelled out the extra cash. That you compare the 3000 to the PS2000e so positively compels me to consider the GS3000e...

    On the Schiit front, I agree with the synergy between the two brands. I had a Ragnarok for 2-channel mostly, and of course that sounded great with these headphones - superior to the Jotunheim and Vali 2 that I also own. However, once I upgraded the Rag to separates, I didn't see the need to hold onto the Rag - as good as it was, I was just as happy with the Vali 2. After I sold the Rag, I thought a bit about the Mjolnir, but decided I needed to get off that train, for a while anyway.

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