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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. odessamarin
    GS1000i one of the best grado ever did.
    I have 3 pair. love them. For me they are in the same league as Hp1000 and rs1 (pink driver). But twice less in price. I think anyone who love grado have to have or at least try them. I also keep original gs1000.. it so nice see sound evolution from gs1000 to gs1000i. But even GS1000 has this magic. You hear it from the first seconds... that said, GS1000e not my sound. Really tryed twice.. get one not liked.. sold. After a while decide give a second try... the same. Good we all have different taste and preference.
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  2. ruthieandjohn
    @odessamarin , since I enjoy my GS1000i so much, I have often considered whether to purchase the (original) GS1000 (non-I).

    How would you compare the sound of the GS1000 to the sound of the GS1000i? Thanks for your help!
  3. odessamarin

    It's not easy to describe. Main difference i would say is how GS1000 represent soundstage. It's like you a bit stay far from stage. But it's still wide and deep. Well reconstructed. Also spectral character were particular.. it has a bit recessed mids but strongly expended lows and highs. But not e U shape as one may imagine. GS1000 has it's own character. It was the first grado which after I take them out from head I looked at them as at the musical instrument. They do have something special. And I really advice you to get GS1000 original and try. As the difference with GS1000i they (GS1000) are less transparent not that analytically precise. But they dont need it :wink:
    The one thing about GS1000 is they are very current hungry. And remember low impedance.. sure you know what I mean considering your Grado backgorund!
    The noted strong points of GS1000 is deep, extended and smooth bass, and strings sound reproduction.. violins, acoustic guitars is so sweet and nice.

    sorry.. can't resist )
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  4. mortcola
    Very nice, obviously music loving comments. A couple of differences from my end: the mids are hardly recessed; the whole vocal presence range is as vibrant as it is on all the Grados which exemplify this quality. Also, I have always been advised, both by the folks at the company and my audio guides and colleagues that electrically they are quite straightforward and easy to drive, though not necessarily easy to maximize in terms of musical capability.... they are easily driven to more than acceptable volume by an iPhone, though they hardly thrive on that quality of diet.

    I am the very happy owner of their grandsons, GS3000e. Not to complicate matters, but it would be a beautiful experiment to carefully regard the evolution of a great set of headphones. Speed, depth, transparency, mastery of Microdynamics, and a luscious, hedonistic harmonic spectrum… the GS1000 and 2000 must be very proud.
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  5. ESL-1
    Obviously I cannot say for John Grado but I know he burns in any prototypes he may be working on. I do feel that Grados do benefit from break in/play time. I find that most start changing by 100 hours but really benefit on hitting 200. I have also found that they will continue to improve albeit much more slowly after that plateau. It would certainly be nice if all Grados, for that matter all new headphones would have some initial break in time but unfortunately very cumbersome and inefficient for a manufacturer. What few headphones that might have a given amount of time on them before shipment would be somewhat high end TOTL models. Oh well in most cases we still have recommended manufacturer break in periods for the vehicles we drive. The work part is left to the buyer. Then again there are Ferraris and the like.....

    Our work is cut out for us.
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    Grado is a cult. Y'all focus on micro detailed minutiae nonsense to a degree that is disturbing :) ....having said that, I love my home brew 325e 51868845_10215644673484090_4957116485559386112_o.jpg

    what about actually listening to music?
    of all my headphones, my Grados are the absolute best for Tiny Desk concerts...the soundstage is perfect for the format
    this is the Arcs....instead of gazing into your weird Grado-navels, why don't you check this out, enjoy your headphones, they kill it at this:
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  7. wormsdriver
    gotta love tiny desk:sunglasses::thumbsup:
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  8. Cruelhand Luke
    of all my headphones, in all the various combos...such as Argons+hip hop?
    Grados+Tiny Desk is one of my favorite things...the 325e was MADE to be hooked up to a laptop+Magni 3 and just sit back and watch Tiny Desk for hours....
    that's what it's about
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  9. wormsdriver
    Highly recommended also from me. I always gotta have something that works with youtube. It's about the music!:beerchug:
  10. Cruelhand Luke
    high five
  11. ruthieandjohn
    @odessamarin and @mortcola , thanks for your comparisons of the GS1000 to the GS1000i. I really should consider looking for a GS1000. It is amazing the difference between the GS1000i / GS1000 vs. the GS1000e!
  12. tlainhart
    What's your recommendation for an amp?

    I've heard the "current hungry" reference a number of times. I'm wondering what that means, in terms of amp output/capability. How many amps/watts are folks referencing, and how do you take advantage of that power without blowing out your ears?

    I have a GS2000e (along with a SR-60 and SR-125 for Grados), and I've found that I prefer the Schiit Vali2 over the Jotunheim (1000 vs 1500 mw) for both the GS2000e and the 125. And truth be told, both sound pretty good off a phone or computer.

    Has anyone compared the GS2000e to the GH4? I'm curious about how the latter stands up.
  13. Bob Ley
    After years of experience with many headphones, I finally tried Grado for the first time about 2 months ago. As I was always looking for something better than what I already had, I felt Grado was the headphone I had always been looking for. The pair that did it for me was the RS2e's. I was so excited by how they sounded I wondered if there was even a better option out there (I know, I'm sick). I found a pair of GS100e's on ebay and really confused as they're double the price (retail) but I can't hear any drastic difference.

    Does anyone out there have any feedback on these 2 models?
  14. Cruelhand Luke
    THERE...right. there.
    This is why I say Grado is a cult. The differences between models is small, sometimes indecipherable
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
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  15. odessamarin
    @Cruelhand Luke

    With all respect, what you said is NOT true.
    Grado not using same drivers in all models.
    It's boutique hand made headphones . They sound different even within same models! At least classic model lines.
    I do hear this difference very well. If for somebody they all sounds the same, well.. we all different.
    At the end, I swear.. if tomorrow i need to decide to keep just one headphones, it will be Grado.. and not HD800s or LCD-3.
    And this is not a cult as you mentioned. At least for me...

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