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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. joseph69
    This entire Cd is just simply amazing and really shows what your headphones are capable of sounding like!
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  2. trellus
    Did you do that on purpose? :grin: . I have that amp, incidentally, though I really did it get for the balanced-ness of it, I have my HD 700 plugged in it with a balanced cable right now.
  3. trellus
    You just made me fire it up in Tidal... it is delightful! Not a genre I listen to often, but this is making me thinking I should change that. Feels like I'm in a "French Café" :D ....
  4. joseph69
    Glad you enjoyed it! This is what I used as a benchmark at CanJam NYC whenever Tidal was available.
  5. Shane D
    I have been waiting on this for months. I have been holding back due to unemployment, but my wife said to grab it because she has a large bonus coming next week. I then had to explain that it needs two more cables to "work properly."

    To which she replied "Of course it does.":smirk:

    There are some perks to being married for decades...

    Shane D
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  6. ESL-1
    Good to hear, real understanding.

  7. Shane D
    Well the amp and headphone cable are due Tuesday. However, the source to amp cable (4.4mm to dual XLR cable) is coming from Hong Kong. They state 3 to 7 weeks. In my experience it is usually two to three weeks. So, I will be starting with SE in and balanced out.

    I CAN'T stop shopping tubes...:yum:

    Shane D
  8. joseph69
    Another real nice Cd to check out on Tidal is 'My Classic Way' by Marc Antoine
    This one I have on Cd and it has very nice separation with a big sound stage presence with lots of air.
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  9. hawkeye99
    Are g-pads all the same size or are they model specific?
  10. joseph69
    Grado G cushions are all the same size, but they're only standard on the GS & PS models (except the PS 500) but can be used on all models, but I'm not sure about the GW100, though?
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  11. hawkeye99
    I have th
  12. hawkeye99
    Where is a good source for buying grado cushions in Canada?
  13. whohasaquestion

    Hi Shane,

    Curious to get your opinion on Loxjie P20. I am intrigued by the fact that it's a tube amp and the highly-praised balanced in/out mode. I've always wanted to get into the tube game, wonder if this is a good entry.

    Won't work with my Grado either but I could always get a balanced headphones down the road if P20's balanced mode really works like magic. :)

    Curious how tubey it is? I know the DarkVoice 336 is very tubey. How do they stack up?
  14. whohasaquestion
    Hi Trellus,

    Same question to you on the Loxjie P20. I know Z raves about the balanced mode but want to get your opinion too. Thanks!
  15. Shane D
    I have never heard a real tube amp like the Darkvoice.
    I like the sound so far but I am missing one balanced cable (source to amp). Supposedly full balanced is amazing. So far, it sounds a little bassy and a little "thick"? Not sure if thick is the right word. Not as clear as my Burson. So far I have about 12 hours on it.

    I have the cable on the slow boat from Hong Kong and Russian tubes are coming across the mountains from Ukraine.

    So, I really can't give a fully formed opinion for probably another month.

    Also, I have never heard a tube amp so I don't even know what I am listening for.:astonished:

    I am just hoping to find a companion amp with a different and hopefully great sound.

    Shane D
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