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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. The Socialist Nerd
    After spending time again with my Grado SR-60's I really do like being able to compare those to my Audeze LCD-2CB's. I notice that the Grados deliver a sound which seems to have a wider soundstage but loses out in precision and balance relative to my Audeze headset. Dependent on the recording, the Audeze tends to be consistent across all genres of music whereas I feel that the Grados tend to shine in both jazz and classical music a lot more.

    This is my opinion but I feel that the Grados I own tend to be slightly more bass heavy than my Audeze but by sacrificing detail, they can win in other respects such as musical energy for some recordings. However, the Grados don't resolve some recordings very well such as the early albums of Public Enemy where on my Audeze pair I can hear the single tracks of the complex production of The Bomb Squad. The Grados tend to be a tad muddier with relatively complex music, particularly old school hip-hop (which is a specialty of mine...)

    At least the Grados are easier to pack up for school than my full-sized Audeze set.
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  2. rgs9200m
    I had the PS1000 (sold), GS1000(sold), GS1000i(sold), GS1000e(kept), PS1000e(kept), and now the PS2000e(kept and a daily driver for me).
    They all sound significantly different from each other.
    The PS line in particular has a sound all its own (so I do put up with the extra bulk).

    The PS has forceful bass and has more organic vocals and mids and more liquidity. The original PS1K bass however could be too wooly and was often uncontrolled. I just could not live with these.

    The bass quality has progressed considerably in the later PS versions. I love my PS2000e.

    I also have a GH1, good for casual TV listening.
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  3. rgs9200m
    Just a note here that the PS2000e is *really spectacular* on the Violectric Niimbus amplifier.
    It's profound, sweet, liquid, and natural and non-fatiguing and also has a strong and controlled bass foundation.

    It has that real Grado Grandness.
    There is some great synergy going on here.
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  4. gregorya
    Does anyone know what the Canadian list price was for the GS1000i model?

  5. Gippy
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  6. gregorya
  7. elmoe
    I finally received my GH-2s and while I haven't had time for full on comparisons just yet, I can say I'm surprisingly impressed by these headphones. They are incredibly fun and I am enjoying them more than the PS1000, even if the PS1k is definitely more resolving, the GH-2 just sounds better.

    Some Grado eye porn:
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  8. Shane D
    They are awfully fun aren't they? Are you running them with an amp? If so, which one?

    Shane D
  9. elmoe
    A Singlepower MPX3 tube amp, they really sing :)
  10. Shane D
    Is it very "tubey"? I broke down today and made a long delayed purchase: Loxjie P20 hybrid tube amp. that has many glowing reviews, particularly in balanced mode and I do have a balanced source.
    Of course that won't work with the Grado's.:ksc75smile:

    Shane D
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  11. elmoe
    Yeah, it's a great amp that has a lot of synergy with Grados, I'm really impressed with the amount of slam the GH-2 have with this amp.
  12. Shane D
    I feel that way about my Burson amp. I have only been using my Grado's every day since it arrived.

    Congrats on an exciting pairing. That certainly doesn't happen very often, IME.

    Shane D
  13. elmoe
    Thanks! Finding these kinds of pairings is what it's all about.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  14. joseph69
    For those out there with Tidal, I just want to share an excellently recorded amazingly musical Cd called 'So Nice' from David Benoit and Marc Antoine. Even if this isn't your musical preference, I'm sure you'll enjoy it with your Grados!
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  15. ruthieandjohn
    SUPERB! Truly made for Grados. If you don't think Grados can do bass, then listen to this...fabulous on my SR125s, straight from my Surface notebook!
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