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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. sysfail
    Interesting, now I'm curious how the RS2e fits into all of this. Don't know if I should try the RS2e or GH2, both seem well regarded though the GH2 costs a bit more than the RS2e.
  2. Geezer Rock 001
    I just sold an RS2 and an RS2e after sampling the GH1 and GH2. They were excellent cans and I was awed by them until I heard the GH s. I have a GH4 burning in currently. I believe they will also have bass that you can feel as well as hear, just like the 1 and 2.
  3. ChijiroKuro
    Greetings from Spain to all.

    @sysfail : The GH2 (with permission of the GS3000e) are the most versatile and balanced of the manufacturer's catalog. Cocobolo wood is a success. RS2 makes the music super addictive, you should try both by yourself. It is "only my opinion", I have both for summer or hot weather... :wink:

    @Geezer Rock 001 : I await your impressions on the GH4, thanks.

    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  4. sysfail
    Thanks for the response! @Geezer Rock 001 @ChijiroKuro

    So does the GH2 still hold the Grado house sound that I like on my SR80i (clear airy sound, detailed, fast decay, quick mid-bass slam especially on the toms of drums, etc)? Or is the sound signature quite different?

    Now last thing I'm curious about out of left field. How do the Grados compare to the Massdrop Focal Elex? From what I'm reading they seem to produce similar signatures of sound and the GH2 is nearing the price of the Elex. Long shot here, but has anyone tried both?
  5. Geezer Rock 001
    I need more time on the GH4. It has less than 25 hours. My impression at this point is that it has the bass of the GH2 but it is slightly masked by a little stronger mids and uppers. So it may be closer to what is known as the house sound.

    The 1 and 2 are out of production. So you might have a bit of a hard time finding one that someone wants to part with them. I was lucky!
  6. TooFrank
    For me it was a very big upgrade. But I haven’t modded my 80i’s except for using the TTVJ’s and a home soft leather headband :). Honestly my ears think the gh2’s are in a different league: much more of everything. I still enjoy my unmodded 80i’s on work though
  7. sysfail
    Good to know, I decided to jump on it and get myself one. I hope they really do improve on everything I love on my modded SR80i. :L3000:
  8. TwoTrack
    Tried the Grado PS1000es on a new travel rig: DragonFly Red with Jitterbug, Lightning to USB3, and iPhone playing Onkyo HF Player. Sounds spectacular!
  9. dannyvstheworld
    I have both. The Elex is on the lean/ bright side of neutral, has linear frequency response, and sounds fast and dynamic; GH2 has boosted bass and lifted vocal, is less extended in both directions, and sounds warmer and more relaxed. The Elex is technically superior, though it sounds bass light to me, but I’ve only paired it with Hugo 2, which is also on the bright side of neutral, so I’m not sure I’ve unleashed the full potential of Elex.
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  10. sysfail
    Wow surprised to see someone with both. Thanks for the comparison! Which one would you say is more musical and/or natural? What I love about my current SR80i is how "moving" and engaging the music is like I'm in the middle of the music being played live.
  11. dannyvstheworld
    Sorry I’ve never tried SR80i, but I had SR60i as my first pair of “expensive” headphones and had a great time with them. I guess if you’re looking for emphasized “exciting” treble and “punchy” bass that I had enjoyed with my SR60i then neither headphones fits the bill. The Elex to me is more neutral than natural, though technically it’s exceptional for the price; while GH2 is a deriviation from the SR series sound, with heavier bass and smoother treble. But like I said I mostly listen on portable devices and have no idea of what properly amped Elex/ GH2 would sound like.

    Just wondering have you tried SR325e or PS500e? That looks to me like a logical upgrade from SR60/ 80.
  12. sysfail
    Interesting, well I did mod my SR80i to have more bass by putting a few holes in the venting felt as well as using some felt/dampening material on the back of the driver to tone down some of the treble that may be too extreme at times. Also completely removed the driver and plastic housing and housed it inside custom made cocobolo wood cups. Additionally, I put it together with the TTVJ Flat pads. As a result, I absolutely loved the sound. It looks like the GH2 is doing exactly what I did with the mods for my SR80i, more bass, easier treble, and cocobolo wood cups. Sounds like it might actually be the perfect upgrade.

    My SR80i is the only Grados I've tried so I've never heard the SR325e or PS500e. I actually much prefer the use of wood on headphones compared to aluminum, metal, plastic, etc. even if only for aesthetic purposes. Cocobolo happens to be one of my favorites so it was hard for me to resist the GH2. :grimacing:
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  13. dannyvstheworld
    Oh yes I remember you said it somewhere. In this case.. what are you waiting for lol. Not sure how much bass your mod brings but GH2 has some real bass that is probably all the lower/ mid bass I could ever ask for. The only downside is the sub bass which still rolls off a bit early but as long as I’m not listening to some dubsteps I’m fine with it. On the other hand if you just want a bit more bass and a bit smoother treble then RS2e is a great option since it’s still a significant refinement to the SR series sound but not as drastically different as GH2.
  14. sysfail
    I just ordered it earlier today! Now it's just the waiting game lol.

    I certainly don't use Grados for EDM, hip-hop, sub-bass type music and I know they don't do well with those genres. I use them for everything rock, indie, acoustic, alternative, metal, jazz, etc. and they have always been a joy with those genres. I use my Denon D7200 for more of the sub-bass type stuff or really any music though it's certainly not as "magical" as compared to the Grados with the genres I listed earlier. I actually seriously considered the RS2e as well over the GH2, but I just couldn't resist the cocobolo wood. I just had to have it. :grin:

    By the way, does anyone here have any experience trying the G-cushion pads with the GH2 and how it changes the sound?
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  15. wormsdriver
    @sysfail congrats on the new Grados! Post some pictures when you get them! Those cans always look great!:metal:

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