Jun 22, 2009
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Analytics for the Fortune 500

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    Analytics for the Fortune 500
    Headphone Inventory:
    Empire Ears Zeus XR ADEL, JH Audio 16V2 Pro, RHA T20i, Cardas A8, Audeze iSine 10, Audeze Sine, Carat One Tittas, Grado SR80, SR125, SR225 (ALO Mods), 325is, PS500s, RS-1i, Apple iPod EarPods, iMetal 590, Skull Candy Titans
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    LH Labs Pulse Geek Inifinity with Naked Resistors, Benchmark DAC2 HGC, Chord Mojo with Nordost Purple Flare data cable, iFi iDSD Micro, Benchmark DAC1 Pre, Benchmark DAC1, ALO RX II Tactical Edition
    Source Inventory:
    Gear: VPI Scoutmaster with Lyra Argo(i), Sony SCD-777ES, iPhone 6+, Macbook Pro with Amarra 4
    Music: 3,500 LPs, 4,900 CDs, and thousands of hirez files in wav and FLAC
    Cable Inventory:
    Black Cat Lectraline, Shunyata Venom, Cardas and Kimber
    Power-Related Components:
    Line conditioning: Shunyata Denali Tower and PS8, Defender
    Power cables: Shunyata Alpha HC, Venom, Diamondback, and Black Mamba cables
    Listening room: Dedicated 10 gauge Romex line direct from panel to a Furutech NCF power outlet
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Audio Research Ref 5SE, Audio Research Ref Phono 2, Audio Research VT100 with KT120s and Evo Caps, Magnepan 1.7s
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Nordost Sort Kones, Vibrapod cones, Ayre isolation blocks, various usb power conditioners
    Music Preferences:
    Rock, Blue Note Jazz (primarily) and Classical
    Fan of dogs, cars, and beaches


    IEMs: Empire Ears Zeus XR-ADEL, JH Audio 16V2, Cardas A8
    Headphones: Audeze Sine, Grado RS-1i
    Contributor: Part-Time Audiophile
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