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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. sysfail
    Definitely will do after I spend some quality time with them!
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  2. dannyvstheworld
    Congrats! I think these are really good with acoustic/ alternative/ indie/ jazz. My pair looks pretty normal with only parallel lines, hopefully yours would have a more exotic appearance.
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  3. dannyvstheworld
    By the way speaking of the look.. I can’t believe they have black letters on GH3/ GH4. How beautiful would it be if they just carve the letter without any inking just like GH1..
  4. Blazer39
    really interested in getting GH3, But cant seem to get more info about it...few reviews out there.

    would like to know how its compared to sr225e
  5. dannyvstheworld
    The local retailer here says in his blog that GH3 has a “creamy” flavor and the sound signature reminds him of the Grado headphones before 2008. My first pair of Grado is i-series so got absolutely no clue what he’s talking about..
  6. TooFrank
    I have tried the G’s but am not a fan. Do recall though that others may disagree. To my ears, I think they loose some of the intimacy compared with that from the L’s. On the contrary, I recommend you to try the TTVJ deluxe flat pads with the GH2. They give a bit more umpf and are really nice with rock music. It should be noted that I may be biased because I also have the GS2000e’s. They have the G cushions but also a 50 mm driver, so I use those when I wish a bigger sound stage and more details.
    Hope you will be happy with your GH2’s:):o2smile:
  7. sysfail
    Good to know, I already have the Flat pads on my SR80i so I will certainly give them a try. I also ordered the G cushion so I can try them as well. I'll see which one sounds best to me. Can't wait!
  8. Geezer Rock 001
    The TTVJ flats made the GH2 sound way too boomy to me. The Grado Ls were ok but the Grado G s sounded perfect to me.

    That is one of the fun things about Grados. Rolling pads to find the ones that sound best to you.
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  9. whohasaquestion
    Actually the tape mod around the L cushion made my 325e bass boomy too.

    Something I couldn't imagine on 325e before experimenting with mods. And it's such a simple mod.
  10. sysfail
    Wow that's the opposite experience from the previous post. I will just have to experiment myself and see what sounds best to me. I'm hoping I like the G cushion pads the most because that looks like it's the most comfortable for extended listening.
  11. luchoh
    I haven’t tried the flat pads, but to my slightly sticking out ears, the G pads are absolutely superior on GH4.
    I tried going back to the stock pads a few times, but they felt thin and flat.
  12. sysfail
    Hope I have the same experience with the G pads on the GH2!
  13. Rwit
    As of yesterday I am officially the owner of a brand new RS2e! Thank you everybody for your help in deciding my next Grado. No impressions yet since I’ve only listened for a few minutes, but I will be sure to post my thoughts later after I’ve had more time with them. Thanks again GFC :darthsmile:
  14. TooFrank
    Agree and I am not using the flat pads all the time. It depends on genre, source and mood:darthsmile:
    So pad-rolling is a great option.....
  15. gregorya
    Congrats! Enjoy your new Grados... :)

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