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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    From various youtube videos it seems the same type of SQ. I have not heard them yet. I'd go for it though. What is the cheapest you've seen them for??
  2. Heisenberg1895
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  3. actorlife
  4. Spamateur
    Keep in mind all of this is highly subjective, as we all know one person's ideal signature is another person's bloated bass cannon or bright and brittle presentation.

    Full disclosure: I primarily listen to my 2-channel stereo setup at home in a fully treated listening room with Dirac room correction, so my personal preference is for accuracy, natural tonality, and clarity/detail retrieval. This results in something similar to a Harman frequency response. With that said, strong YMMV qualifier:

    Purely in terms of sound quality, I thought the MTW were decent, but simply not as good as the Mavin Air-X which is selling for $120 right now, and has become my gold standard in TW IEMs. The Mavins are a warmish take on neutral with the best clarity and detail retrieval of any TW model I've tried. They're balanced and neutral throughout the frequency response with a tastefully elevated bass and an extended treble that's among the most natural-sounding I've heard from any IEM. The Senns sounded somewhat U-shaped in terms of frequency response which resulted in a sound that was too aggressive for my taste, and weren't as good as the Air-X in terms of imaging and separation. Even after trying to use the Sennheiser app's EQ feature (which isn't the best... give me a real banded EQ) they never sounded right and sounded cold to my ears. Solely based on sound quality, the Air-X are significantly better IMO. Beyond that, add in the Air-X's 10-hour battery life, a case that stores a ridiculous amount of charges (I charge it maybe once every few weeks), Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus, and bug-free operation out of the box, you're really only missing firmware updates and a dedicated app (which tbh I couldn't get working consistently with the MTW when I owned it).

    I ended up returning the MTW because of the battery drain/charging situation, the flimsy hinge on the case, the app that worked infrequently for me (YMMV), the goofy EQ functionality, and the fact that even when working flawlessly the Sennheiser isn't even capable of battery life to last a cross-country flight, and I simply don't understand how they can be asking $300 considering all the competition on the market. I even preferred the sound signature of the Bose SoundSport Free, although the MTW was better in terms of detail retrieval, connectivity reliability and passive noise isolation.

    I have no problem shelling out for an expensive TW IEM if it's worth it, but I just found the Sennheiser had too many compromises, and I consider myself a fan of Sennheiser in general. I hope they improve their second gen product whenever they get around to making one. The MTW I very much see as among the best of the "TW 1.0" generation true wireless IEMs, whereas the "2nd gen" TW models coming out now are a significant step forward in terms of battery life, ease of use, and in many cases sound quality.
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  5. actorlife
    After reading this great review reminds me so much how the Mavin might sound very similar like my Anbes 359 which also has a good soundstage (5hr battery). I wish I had the money after seeing this has a ten hr battery. Thanks for the review.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  6. Spamateur
    Happy to help. Again, I want to emphasize that everyone hears differently and I think the MTW is great in terms of sound (and can't blame anyone for enjoying and keeping them, especially if they're fixing issues in firmware updates), but I think there are better products on the market. Plus, I'm sure there are a lot more products coming out in the near future that will make waves.
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  7. vstolpner
    Makes me wish I had room for the Air-x in my budget.... thanks for sharing!
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  8. tekwrx
    I haven't done a formal testing, but when I got them the other day I gave it a full charge, then let it play until they died and got between 6-7 hours (around noon until sometime after 6pm)
  9. falang
    Thank you! How well do they isolate? Do they fit deep in your ears like traditional IEMs?
  10. hifi80sman
    Depends. For me, the default M fit well, but I also go with the tips from my Sabbat E12.
  11. hifi80sman
    That's the same seller I got mine from, so you should be receiving the latest version. A few pages back, I posted a video if me increasing the volume just as the seller described.
  12. Heisenberg1895



    So now really confused. They all seem the same except the first ones (Fodlon?) Say 4-5 hours and the others 3-4.5 or something. So could any of u clever peeps please take a gander and let me know which of those if any is the closest I'll get to the 359s.

    Many thanks
  13. vstolpner
    #3 has different controls (I believe it's like Cool here, double check in this thread)

    #1 refers to them as R18 (see Kissral) and has the blue LEDs on the case, plus the right logo

    #2 has different controls, same as with #3

    My money is on #1
  14. tekwrx
    They fit and isolate pretty good. They do feel like traditional IEMs. When I first got them, I used medium size Sony Hybrids tips because that's what I usually use with all my IEMs, but I actually went back to the included medium tips that came in the box. I just find them more comfortable and they sound the same as the hybrids.
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    There is also

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