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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Boreaquis
    I was pretty excited about these until I noticed that they weren't sweat/waterproof.

    Oh well, maybe next time, Sony.
  2. FunctionalDoc
    How is the range on connectivity and what have used to connect to them ? Thanks
  3. chinmie
    i would gladly lose waterproofing if it has great sound and functionality. I'll just buy another cheaper TWS specifically for water-risk activities
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  4. DigDub
    They are the furthest tws earbuds I have gone without dropping connection, so the range is excellent for a tws.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  5. DigDub
    I guess they should be fine under rain. The lack of waterproofing seems like due to the mic openings required for the ANC.
  6. igorneumann
    I would certainly chose waterproof over ANC anytime... I actually have a headphone with ANC just for Airplabne traveling that I pretty much use just for that.

    THAT SAID, the pricetag is the problem for me, Im not ready to compromise in sound quality so I use "wired bluetooth" most of the time, TWS for work only (easier to put/take it off or use just one side)

    Also, Im a sucker for unknown brands and too much of a IEM hoarder to spen so much in a single unit.
  7. Caipirina
    Mine have the very same button layout / functionality as rhsauer's / the above amazon pic ... as much as I like vol control on the buds ... when running I hardly ever feel like I need to change vol, and I have actually learned over time to change volume on my phone while it is stowed in my kidney pack, without taking it out ... so, not a deal breaker

    (neither is USB C for me, I actually end up always looking for a USB C cable for my very few USB C devices ... )
  8. Boreaquis
    I guess I can see that.

    Personally, I use headphones at home and TWS outdoors, so waterproofing is great peace of mind for going outside in the rain, especially if it's an expensive pair like the Sonys.
  9. Burakk
    Can you share your opinions regarding call quality in noisy environment?

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  10. DigDub
    I'm using my tws mainly for commute, so the ANC is probably more useful for me. The Sony to me is good enough for critical listening at home too, it's that good.

    I have a few pairs of chifi tws too, and they are good as well. But the Sony has much more features.
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  11. DigDub
    I've not managed to make a call in noisy environment yet. In a quiet room, it is fine.
  12. Heisenberg1895
    Well. I know no-one here knows me from Adam. But if there's a kind sould that would be prepared to buy me a pair of 359s and ship em to me I'll pay for them. I just can't find ANYWHERE That will sell and ship them to me :frowning2:
  13. clerkpalmer
    Hit me with a pm. I’ll help you out.
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  14. Heisenberg1895
    Done. Tyvm :)
  15. SaveTheMantaRays
    What kind of tips have been fitting and sounding the best on the MPOW T5?

    Anyone know what Comply foam size fits them best?
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