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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. vstolpner
  2. actorlife
    I'm sure they are. I got mine on there. Those are gonna sellout quickly too. Just you watch. Better buy them now for gifts or backups. :)
  3. vstolpner
    I got mine there too... On sale no less :)

    But I'd rather pack out my ensemble with variety :)
  4. actorlife
    If they go down to 19.99 I'm sure getting a backup. I too like variety, but if it's great like those backup is cool to have. I've been lucky with mine, but I baby everything I have. :p
  5. vstolpner
  6. rhsauer
    Hi hifi80sman — are you sure your Mpow T5s have volume control? Mine don’t. Mine work on the scheme outlined on the Amazon page:


    The only controls are long click and short click, and left and right are not distinguished. Since a short click play/pauses the music, a double click just pauses and then starts the music rather than changing volume. A long click will switch to the next song — but there’s no control that brings you back to the previous song, and there’s no control to change volume.

    I bought my T5s several months ago. I know Mpow made some changes to this product, but I was under the impression that those changes related primarily to connectivity issues to Android phones. Would be interesting to know if they revised the button control scheme too!
  7. hifi80sman
    LOL! Am I sure? Yes, my friend, I am 1,000,000% sure. I'm wearing them right now and they have been my daily drivers for the past week.

    Apparently, there have been at least 3 iterations. I purchased from Amazon US (Prime) via seller "Topyo Pro" within the last week, so at least they have the most recent version.

    Just so you know I'm REALLY 1,000,000% sure.
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  8. Caipirina
    How are those?
    These are the last I am expecting in the mail. :wink:
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  9. Shanling
    Current control setting on our MTW100

    Double tap on left or right - play/pause or answer/end call
    Hold on left/right for 4 seconds - Surrounding awareness mode
    Triple tap right - next song
    Triple tap left - previous song
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Shanling-Audio-603230783166845/ https://twitter.com/ShanlingAudio https://www.instagram.com/shanlingaudio/ http://en.shanling.com/ frankie@shanling.com
  10. chinmie
    the 65T is a solid product. the only thing that made me sold it was because of the imbalance issue with my phone (note 8), and my wife won't use it because it's too big for her ears. no imbalance issue with her phone (pixel 2 xl). if you like the 65T sound and want a cheaper product, you could always return it and try the QCY T1C.

    or, you could also follow this advice:

    and also add the third, fourth, and so on. gotta catch them all, they said :darthsmile:
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  11. clerkpalmer
    Quick update on klipsch t5 for those who are interested. In short, not good. Preordered June 19th. Called today, currently slated to ship first week of August. The guy did not seem confident in that date. I then asked to cancel and was put on hold indefinitely until I finally hung up. Not impressed. Small company so they get some slack but I’m going Sony over these at this point.
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  12. chinmie
    i hope you do also find it great like i do. if you like the X12 sound, chances are you'll love the Nillkin: similar tuning but with a more impact and faster bass, and clearer mids and treble.

    i rarely use my X12 anymore except for sleeping, because the X12 has flatter profile and more comfortable for sleeping sideways

    have you tried or tested the T5 waterproof capability? I'm searching for a replacement to the Mifo o5 which is proven to survive water dunking.

    can the T5 be turned off and on without the case?

    and also, do you by any chance have the T1C and can make a photo of size comparison between the T5 and the T1C (or the E12 is also fine as i saw you have one)?

    now the problem is whether the seller would send the new version with volume controls or not, as I can't be sure which seller has the new one on AE..and those sellers sometimes can't be trusted 100% about the specs of their stuffs.
    it might be not because they're dishonest, i think it's more of because they're uninformed.
  13. vstolpner
    Nothing for single tap? That's an unusual setup....
  14. vstolpner
    The seller can always check with their supplier. I've had sellers check which chipset is being used or if AAC is supported
  15. tekwrx
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