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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. srinivasvignesh
    If you get a chance, please do share your inputs on this particular topic.
  2. clerkpalmer
    If you would be brave enough to wear them in the gym with a little sweat, I would really appreciate that. The design seems like they could withstand a little sweat they way they stick out. I might add a best buy protection plan to mine for additional piece of mind and then just wear them in the gym.
    Would most of you say the Sennheiser Momentum TWS is a no-go because of the battery issues? I was eyeing them until the Klipsch T5 was announced, but I really prefer the look of the Sennheisers. While not for music, I do have the Bose Sleepbuds and those have awful battery issues that have yet to be addressed a year after launch.
  4. Spamateur
    Even if the Sennheiser MTW didn't have charging issues, the battery life is subpar compared to nearly every cheaper product on the market, and you can get a better-sounding true wireless model for less than half the price of the MTW.
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  5. joshnor713
    I think the latest firmware update v1.26 addressed the battery issues. I haven't had much time to test it myself (just installed it), but the change notes say they fixed it.

    I'd like to hear which ones at less than half the price sound better than the MTW.
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  6. clerkpalmer
    Me too
  7. actorlife
    Can you get the Kissral R18 there?
  8. Boreaquis
    Me three.
  9. Heisenberg1895
    No but I've found some on eBay that will ship to the UK. Are they basically the same ones then?
  10. albau
    Well, listing's Amazon seller says:

    Q: Do they have volume control? Please don't answer to say use your phone's volume control.
    Double press the MFB button of the left earbud to decrease the volume;
    Double press the MFB button of the right earbud to increase the volume.
    By Topyo Pro Customer Service on July 17, 2019

    I'm getting them tomorrow, so we'll see. If vol control is indeed there it'll be royally stupid on their part to omit this from description. My stance on vol control is opposite of yours. When I do crunches or lift weights I put my phone aside because I already once crushed it. I also hate blindly hunting for vol buttons when I'm fighting it out on elliptical or on a stepper. With vol buttons on your buds you always know where they are, it's fast and easy to hit them without loosing balance and looking like you're possessed by fleas or something :).
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  11. rhsauer
    Do the release notes say they fixed the battery discharge issue? What I see in the release notes is the following:

    • Improved and more accurate display of battery charge status.
    • Improved Bluetooth connection process.
    • Earphones can also be switched off using the Smart Control app.
    • Transparent Hearing remains active after a phone call.
    • Improved audio quality when making phone calls.
    • Improved and stabilized software and user-friendliness.

    This seems to fall short of addressing the battery case discharge issue. (Having said that, I haven’t yet tested my MTWs for any improvement, and I certainly hope the issue has been solved.)
  12. BigAund
    Mtw battery seems a bit better since 1.26 but the case still discharges and the earphones still switch on. Had it the other day, case ran out without me realising and only caught the mtws staying connected to my phone because my other half called and I couldn't hear her through the phone.
  13. hifi80sman
    As far as powering off the T5, at first I didn't think so, but after playing around with it, if I hold each side down for 5-7 seconds, they will say "power off". However, they will power back on when the button is pressed, not a long press, just a quick click, so you have to make sure you don't press the button after powering off.
  14. hifi80sman
    Yep, it still does. I can't tell if this update is any better than the last in terms of the battery issue, but it's a bit better than the original firmware at release.
  15. falang
    About to pull the trigger on the Mpow T5 but I have one question on battery duration. On their product page, they claim 7 hour battery life for music on a single charge. But scrolling down, they claim 6 and then 5 hours in the product description blurb.

    Anyone have confirmation of average battery duration?
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