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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. typhoon838
    Honestly dude I'll buy the Tranyas off of you if you're looking to get rid of them, cheapest I can find them online is for $40. I neeeeeed me some bass cannons in my life. I can't help myself, the anbes have great bass but everyone says the T3s have more.

    Side note, does anyone know of any cheap/chi fi units with ambient mode? Preferably on the bassy/ v-shaped side of the spectrum.
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  2. vstolpner
    I've been playing with the Tiso i4 and they have a ton of base... Way more than my T3'S.... I'll actually have my review of them up in a day or two... And they look cool + are tiny

    Between the 359 and T3, the T3 do have more base and sit generally nicer. I can understand why some people prefer them... I've actually been using them so much that I need to go back to my 359's to see which one I actually prefer more.

    I do like that the T3'S light doesn't blink incessantly. The Anbes are a little too much "Christmas lights" for me
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  3. Bartig
    Four seconds?! No, haven't tried that yet... double tap really doesn't work, unfortunately.

    The XG-13 are sooooo bassy, and yet so nice! Like the Oneodio Elysium headphones for 20 dollar, they shouldn't appeal to audiophiles, but their bass just delivers an insane punch, and on top of that the XG-13 delivers good detail and even great instrument placement. Oh, and volume control on the buttons with three presses.

    They are my new guilty pleasure.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  4. MarkF786
    I bought the Jabra Elite 65T as well (note there was also 20% cash back if paid for with an Amazon credit card, so the price was even lower). I also ordered the SpinFit CP360 eartips, designed for the Jabra's.

    I must saw, I'm impressed with the sound quality of the Jabra's which was further improved with the SpinFit eartips. And the features of the Jabra seem pretty solid. I feel I got my money's worth.
  5. Bartig
    Just testing the Jabra Elite 65T too. I am NOT convinced, even though it wins so many tests and it's praised for so many aspects.

    - Call quality is mediocre, with lots of surrounding noise and a lot of pink noise under the voice. I would have thought, with Jabra's experience, this would be great. Meh.
    - In the music too, it sounds like there is a layer of pink noise on the mids. Music sounds way more artificial, capped even than on many of my budget true wireless earphones.
    - The volume buttons on the left earpiece are way too small to control convenient.
    - Video sync on iPhone is terrible.
    - The case opens only if you force it and the earpieces aren't held by practical magnets - a function which every single 10 dollar and up true wireless earphone offers.

    - The app is nice though.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  6. Soreniglio
    So, guys:

    Anbes>Kissral>Letscom>Coolhere UFO


    I really hope for Anbes or Letscom to come :'((((
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  7. actorlife
    That why I always say for that price I can get 3-5 and enjoy different flavors. Sure I got two duds but back they went. China rules. ✌️
  8. turbobb
  9. snip3r77
    Why does it blink so much? Contacting aliens?
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  10. tekwrx
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  11. SaveTheMantaRays
    Oh my Oh my Oh goodness!!!
    Just received the MPOW T5, had 15 minutes with them.
    They are incredible sounding. Quickest BT connection to my phone ever. ( Samsung Note 8 )
    And I thought I would need to manually change the codec from AAC to AptX, but they automatically switch to AptX.
    Sound fantastic with HipHop and the bass and highs are both wonderful. Connection seems flawless.
    $45 oh so nice. May need to get rid of other stuff now.

    Thank you Headfi board family!!!
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  12. vstolpner
    Could be... I wonder if you have a second pair and turn them on at the same time, will they form a wormhole to their home planet?
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  13. vstolpner
    What other ones did you try?
  14. vladzakhar
    I can confirm: Anbes 359 and Kissral sound the same to my ears. And look the same too.
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  15. chinmie
    maybe it's company advertising using morse code :o2smile:
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