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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Caipirina
    ok, at 18$ I am curious as well now .. BUT, this listing with the 23 positive reviews? Those are all for other models ... they repurposed an old listing IMHO ... red flag ...

    But curious what actual reviews we might get here
  2. Slater
    I think that’s more of an red flag issue with the 3rd party seller, not Bluedio themselves.

    I personally wouldn’t even consider that Hi without knowing exactly what codecs are supported. But in typical Bluedio fashion, they conveniently don’t specify those details. That allows them the freedom to include whatever half-baked buggy firmware they want into the initial release (ie Hi) without answering to anyone (because they didn’t break any promises they never made in the 1st place). Then they’ll ‘fix’ all the bugs for the 2nd release of the same product (ie Hi-2 or Hi-S).

    That’s been their standard business practice for a while now. Anything you buy from them becomes instantly obsolete in 3 months when they release a ‘fixed’ version of what you literally just bought. Then if you buy that ‘fixed’ one, they immediately release the next major model.

    It’s like, just work on the original one for 3 more fracking months, so you can release a solid product. It wouldn’t be a problem if their stuff could be firmware upgraded, but none of their stuff supports that.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
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  3. Caipirina
    Surprised that not more people jump on the 18$ Haylou GT1
    I am finally giving them some time, got them to fit perfectly .. and they sound pretty awesome at that price point. Can't say I did any major A/B, but I like what I am hearing ... they are similar in size to the redmi airdots, but have touch fields instead of physical buttons (which I am kinda 'meh' about) the case is much smaller though ... They do sound 'richer' / 'fuller' than the redmi airdots ...

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  4. hifi80sman
    If you put price aside, do they sound as good as some of the mainstream units? For example, I think the 65t are middle of the road sound-wise and don't sound as good as some of the Chi-Fi units I have (i.e. Astrotec S80).
  5. Caipirina
    Never listened to the Jabra 65T ... but they sure are better sounding than the Sony SPOON .. (S700N?) trying to think of what other, more 'serious' ones I could compare them with ...
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  6. vstolpner
    I'm actually finding the S80's sound signature quite a bit V shaped... Maybe it's the fact these are their Motivation units, but from what I understand they're exactly the same
  7. Alphasoixante
    These Enacfire E20s are a "Deal of the Day" at Amazon today ($27.99 instead of $59.99). Has anybody here listened to them? I'm curious whether they are worth the $$. Enacfire.PNG
  8. actorlife
    Got the package. Muah haha. Let's see if they are even worth 20 of my buckarooss. Thoughts later.
  9. Bartig
    Hmm, the 1more are one of the least tight fitted true wireless in my ear, but I think it's on purpose. Along with the ear rings, a looser fit may actually be good for sporting and sweating. Haven't tested this though.
  10. vstolpner
    Can you advise differences between the Tranya T3, 1more E1026BT, and mifo O5?
  11. hifi80sman
    Interesting. Not sure how they actually measure, but I find them to be fairly tame as far as bass and a little accentuated on the treble side. I actually tone the treble down a few dbs and pump up the bass a bit. I'm not a bass-head, but I definitely like to feel the emotional drops from bass lines. Maybe I'm just emo.
  12. actorlife

    Well its a bloody Muddy earphone. Missing one of the large Earpieces tips. When trying to take off the small Eartip that came with the Earbuds a piece came off which I put back in, so no biggie. Hook up to my android box and treble roll off, bass is boomy. Tried my Anbes 359 tips and it sounded a pinch better. To my surprise the charging case is smaller than the Alterola IE600. Zoinks. Too bad the SQ was so bad. They were a bit big for my liking. It's going back to Amazon.
    I think I'll stick to $30-35 TWS. Being disappointed alot lately especially when my first TWS's were the Funcl and Anbes with my kind of SQ. Like I said earlier I'm sticking to BA/Dynamic combo and 6-8hr battery or more.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
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  13. korefuji
    anyone know when the Klipsch are available to buy in the UK?
  14. vstolpner
    Yeah I'm finding in some songs there is actually some sibilance that's quite unpleasant
  15. Mouseman
    If it says 4 hours, I've learned that's usually pretty optimistic for ear buds. They usually won't get close to that. That would be a deal breaker for me, I've got some on order that claim 8 hours, I hope they get close.
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