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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Soreniglio
    I made a decision, I'm going with the Anbes.

    Would really love to buy Astrotec S80, but since I had some bad experience with Creative, I wanna go for cheap stuff this time.

    Might decide to buy a pair later this year, maybe of even better stuff if anything comes out.
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  2. david8613
    T3 phone call was very good for me. I was in living room with TV on and my brother said I sounded much better than when I used my sennheiser mtw, or anbes, but not better than my 65t. I used them last night listening at very low volume, they sound so very nice. Warm and smooth, and very clear. Comfortable enough to sleep with on. Controls are working very nicely, the are a little bigger so you dont really jam the sound tubes in your ears when using them. Also the battery life is crazy long. I woke up in the morning and i still had 20% life and I was using them all afternoon noon before bed time. I might have gotten longer than what is advertised because I had it in a lower volume. The t3 are very nice, a definite keeper, Sound wise very good they get close to the powerful experience of the sennheiser mtw. You can get an anbes 359 and tranya t3 and be way below what a sennheiser, b&o or master and dynamics and not be too far off on the sound, your just missing some fancy features like the app eq, ambient sound etc. These companies better pick up there game. This is a good year for true wireless.
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  3. JimmyR
    Thanks for this thorough update. I’m almost convinced to get those once they hit Amazon EU (not there yet and shipping costs to Spain ordering from the Jlab official site is almost the price of the buds )

    Ambient mode and especially a - finally - solid mic for calls alongside decent SQ would make the case for me.

    Assuming the price in Euros matches it in US bucks, sounds like a sweet deal. Even I don’t like stems, they look shorter than the Airpods and I like the overall look of these.

    Looking forward to get my hands on them
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  4. JimmyR
    This Tranya brand has made me curious. As opposed to most other chifi brands, It seems they only do TWS products (have 4 right now in their line up) and again, being chifi, they’re not listed on AliX, Bangood or rest of usual places typical for this stuff. Kind of odd, definitely :smile_phones:
  5. srinivasvignesh
    Thanks for the detailed reply. Would you also be able to comment on whether it supports any codes more than SBC?
  6. JimmyR
    As a couple of recent comments in this same thread, seems that they support AAC. Looks unlikely that they support AptX though
  7. srinivasvignesh
    Thanks. AAC should be good enough.
  8. flamerz
    How does the T3 compare to the Sennheisers and Galaxy Buds in terms of detail and separation?
  9. Bartig
    Oof, thanks. Bought them under de YTOM brand for 29 euros, hope the seller is willing to cancel my order.
  10. Toddk
    I am not a fan of the wires iems, half of the reason i need the wire is to find the iem at the end of it....hahahah
  11. vladzakhar
  12. Caipirina
    the evil hoarder in me went for some late night amazon shopping and found THIS .... ZagZog ... this listing on German amazon is somewhat misleading as most of the reviews are for an older model, they just re-used the listing (should be red flag #1) .. they also seem to be rather fresh on AliX, no orders yet (as far as I could judge from image search results listings) ... well, 31.99€ after coupon .. AND I can return if they utterly suck.

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  13. Caipirina
  14. vladzakhar
    They sound pretty good. Not as good as T3. Bass is lighter. Isolation and fit ok.
  15. actorlife
    What's the hoarding TWS tally thus far?
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