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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Caipirina
    Some would use the word 'hoarder' :D

    I think I also just found it on amazon.de under the charming brand name 'Kafuty' ... who comes up with those names???
    aaaaaand .. it's dispatched from China .. so .. long shipping and no easy amazon return ...
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  2. actorlife
    Be careful as you know may be different driver sound like crappola. No more X12 clones. Haha. If I do get another TWS better have 6-8hr battery at least. Too bad those Syllable S101(Best battery 7-8hrs of any of my TWS period) are not my taste in clarity. At least they can be appreciated for youtube(no way I'd use these for music/movies) or Audiobooks.
    If ya like pop folk with a bit of funk look up Alana Davis - Pretty Like Money. No rap just singing with a great bassline. She's released a record recently after taking a long hiatus and its all I play on my Cayin N3. Yup that good. Found the video:
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
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  3. dondonut
    Anyone here who has both the qs1 and qs2? In curious whether a left bud of the qs1 can be paired with the right bud of the qs2. My brother has the qs2 but he literally left for a month to Vietnam this morning :'). I'll also try to contact qcy regarding this.
  4. mikp

    Well, you could try these, cheapest i've found them
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  5. actorlife
    Misses by one hour. I did see those linked here this week and actually like the way they look, but as of now not bitting on anything. Also want a BA driver or combo with dynamic, which I have wired and like the combo.
  6. BigZ12
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  7. milkybrkid
    I received these this morning and find them to be very bass heavy drowning out all mid and trebles also had a couple of micro disconnections, so I personally wouldn't recommend.
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  8. BigZ12
    Thanks for saving me just over $20 :)
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  9. FYLegend
    How's SBC? My laptop is Windows 10 so it wouldn't support AAC. Pricing is 200 in Canada and it hasn't budged at all :frowning2:, though there's a few for 170 or a bit less on eBay. Otherwise there's some cheaper ones from the States but they charge 20+ for shipping so it would be ~150$ still.


    Another potential Galaxy Buds Killer/Sabbat E12 alternative:

    Type C + Wireless charging, seems to be only SBC though. Can also be used as a power bank via the included Type C to A female adapter. I have doubts it will be able to charge itself via Type C PD though as a result.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
  10. mikp
    yes, the qcc5100 series better come soon. Itchy trigger finger. So far im good with the jabra 65t for walks with ambient mode. Mavins for sound and syllable s101 for cheap fun.

    Also got the apt-x hd kz cable for some cheap iems.
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  11. david8613
    Tranya t3 are pretty awesome, these are not as clean sounding as the anbes or sennheiser but they sound great over all! Powerful sound, the strong bass does not touch treble and mids. These are very good with dance, edm, but with hip hop and reggaeton they are spectacular, throw some daddy yankee, bad bunny, post malone or drake your ears will vibrate! T3 were made for this kind of music. These are not for technical listening, more of a big car system sound! If I had to describe these they are so powerful and strong they almost feel like full size headphones like the vmodas, or the newer beats. Connection is solid no hick ups as long as you stay near phone if you walk to next room they disconnect but reconnect very quickly when you come back into range. My other buds are better here I can go farther in my house and still have a connection. The real test is gonna be outside, lots of last generation tw failed out doors losing connection like crazy. I made a phone call and my brother said I sounded pretty good, he even said the t3 sounded much better than the sennheiser mtw I was using the day before.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
  12. Caipirina
    Answering my own question, maybe for those who have a more daring fashion sense than myself. I found the Alterola (or an identical clone with who knows what's inside) on amazon.de under the name NENRENT and it comes in PINK only !!! The universe is trying to tell me that I really do not need those ...

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  13. vstolpner
    Maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you look good in pink :grin:

    Oh they're on eBay too!!

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
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  14. srinivasvignesh
    What codecs does the Tranya T3 support? Anybody chime in with call quality?
  15. albau
    My s10 was using aac. Single call I had on a relatively quiet street didn’t go well - the other party was constantly asking me to repeat, but I was hearing them well. Doubt t3 has it better or worse than typical chi-fi in this price range like anbes 359. Heck, my $300 mw07 sucks at calls. The only non-apple tws I had that’s half decent at that is jabra 65t.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
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