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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. david8613
    sorry maybe I worded that wrong, you right you did not recommend, and yes many thought they were x12 clones that's why I brought them but yes they are bad sound wise for my type of music, dance, edm hip hop they did not sound great, way too midbass forward, cold and cuppy sounding. I kind of like slight v shape, slightly warm sound.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  2. david8613
    ok I broke down I brought the tranya t3, I read a couple of nice reviews, I said what the heck, I will play with these until sony release the newer wf1000x mk3. 2 things I like about them Is the very long battery life of the buds and case and also the volume adjustments on the buds. those are 2 huge requirements I need sound quality being first!.
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  3. Slater
    I’ve never understood why people get so triggered about not having usb C.

    I’d can’t imagine not buying something I wanted because it didn’t have usb C. Big deal. I have one, count it, one usb C device.

    Everything else I own is micro usb and lighting. I’ve never cracked off a cable, never broken pins, never wrecked a socket. I mean, full size USB is still keyed with 1-direction only, and I don’t see people getting triggered about that.

    Sure, I know there’s a convenience factor with usb C because you can plug it either way. But that’s about it.

    It’s not like it’s used for data. It’s charge only.

    Sure, I get that I could carry around ONE usb C cable and charge everything, but I can say the same thing about micro usb too. 95% of everything I own is micro usb and I carry around 1 cable.

    If it’s really a concern, open up the TW charge case and change out the micro usb to a usb C. Or just attach a micro usb magnetic charge cable (which is even better than usb C), and then it won’t matter what direction it’s plugged in.

    Maybe I’m missing something? If I am, please let me know how my life would be more complete if I was to convert everything from micro usb to usb C.
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  4. actorlife
    Good read thanks. Do these have vol control? The highs are good sparkly eh? I'll think about it. How do you rank them?
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  5. vstolpner
    For me it's the fact that I only want to carry around one cable and most of my stuff is Type C. iPads are Type C, even iPhones are moving to type c, and laptops are type c too.
    If you're going to buy something that's going to last a year or two, makes sense to future proof
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  6. nc8000 Contributor
    The only device I have that is USB-C is the Sony 1000XM3, then I have several Lightning devices, several micro USB and several Sony WM port devices. I travel with one micro USB cable and 3 small adaptors to Lightning, USB-C and WM port, no problem at all. Can’t imagine having had to reject the majority of my wonderfull devices just because they don’t have USB-C
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  7. hifi80sman
    For me, it's other people around me that try to jam the micro USB plugs in upside down. If this happens again, you may see me on the news.

    Semi-related, but I never really thought Qi charging was that cool, I was like, dude, just plug it in. HOWEVER, I find that it's so nice for me to ask someone else, who I DON'T want to be playing with my cables, plugs, etc. to just plop the thing on the pad. I have have so many darn things to charge that it's nice to have help!
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  8. david8613
    I like usb c simply because it is much easier to plug a device in the dark, and usually faster firmware updates and charging times, if a device is good, I don't care in the big scheme of things. I have a bunch of cables and chargers for all my junk.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  9. FYLegend
    I agree about futureproofing and had the same thought when I first got a type C phone (Note 9) but if you wish to continue using the Lightning iPhone or older Android devices, USB type C is nothing. There is also the fact that less people are switching phones as they reach somewhat of an endgame. There's still no confirmation whether the next iPhone will be Type C or lightning. Only if it is do I see a larger incentive for OEMs to transition to Type C.

    I don't mind paying 10-20$ more just for the option of a Type C connector, but at this time manufacturers seem to reason that transitioning to Type C is not viable economically. I've only seen Jabra make that transition with the 85h after saying it was too costly for the 65t, but they've yet to announce the next line of TWS. I can't think of any other reason why Astrotec went with microUSB for S80, for example.

    At the same time, most of the "Type C" TWS are pretty misleading because they don't charge with PD Type C to C. It seems to be the result of a cheaper IC. I've only heard of Sony WH-1000XM3 supporting PD charging. It's not a huge issue for me since Samsung still uses Type C to Type A, but if you are using Google Pixel you'll still need to carry another power brick around. It therefore defeats the purpose of being truly "future proof". The only reasoning I can see is "I have a Samsung phone, I would like to use one Type C to A cable for everything..."

    Adapters are an option, but are not readily available, since they are not compliant with USB-IF. I haven't seen them at major retailers, only some small accessory stores and Miniso. For charging they are fine but you are still using at your own risk. Mine also seems to cap the charging speed if I use it with my ADATA Wireless Charging pad. They may also get loose over time and protrude off the case which looks ugly and adds bulk. A microUSB cable with a swapable Type C cap is more viable in this regard.
    Qi Charging is nice, but the 10W/5W speeds affect compatibility. Astrotec S60 sadly doesn't charge properly on a 10W charger, unless it has the ability to switch to 5W and doesn't have foreign object detection. It only works off my 10W Qi power bank, but charges ridiculously hot. I'm wondering about how the Sabbat E12 and Earfun Free would work. I'm told the E12 is designed for 5W chargers but still works with 10W.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  10. albau
    Similar. I guess it's different situations with different people. I'm for example simply don't have anything with micro-USB - only USB-C/Qi (even my car) and, unfortunately, lightning (for iPads). So dealing with another set of cables and/or adapters is just a nuisance which I'll try to avoid if I can help it. Especially with something like Chi-Fi which is dime a dozen.
  11. bduckyy
    For me,
    Same here. Pretty much all my stuff is USB C. I don't need to get a new set of IEMs so I don't mind waiting for one that has USB-C.
  12. FYLegend
    I honestly don't see Chi-Fi or budget accessories make that leap to Type C in the next 5 years if ever. I do find it put-off when a bigger brand like Jabra or Audio-Technica says "it's too costly".

    I'm wondering how many people here actually use Type C to C regularly. I don't except for my Samsung T5 SSD.

    That's similar to my impressions as well except for the distortion. Crabbos on PrimeAudio thought the SBC was pretty good on the BT4.2. It might be that my unit has defect as when I tried the store demo unit (which was also BT4.2) it had less hissing/clicking on the left bud but didn't get to test distortion extensively as I was troubleshooting AAC connectivity (which unfortunately was still occurring with the demo unit). The distortion is not terrible but once you listen to AAC it becomes apparent how much cleaner the sound can be.
  13. actorlife
    I don't care if it's USB-C or regular. I have over 5 TWS for a reason + most of them have enough juice for 5-8hrs, which of course is less than I want something inside my ears.:beerchug::ksc75smile:
  14. vstolpner
    And I'm not saying I would reject something because it's not usb c, but it's really becoming a bigger factor. I don't mind if my TWS only last a couple hours play time, but others be them to last most of the day.

    Also, I didn't care about usb c as much when I had most of my things on microUSB, but as I get closer to having everything on USB-C, it's becoming a bigger factor.
  15. StSe
    Now that's really a valid reason. I also know some of these people ... :smile_phones:

    As far as I'm concerned, I don't mind carrying an additional cable with me. The plug is separate anyways, so it's nothing I would think about too much. YMMV
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