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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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    Screenshot_20190628-000158_Bang & Olufsen.jpg

    Above is audio adjustment I use on my B&O E8 2.0.
    I just curious how much better sq if any, by aptx.
    E8 does not support aptx but aac standard already did a good job. Well balance and detail
  2. david8613
    your making me curious about the tranya t3, are they really that good? because those recommended t8 were horrible imo, I still have butt hurt from those, I expected so much. I love my anbes 359 if the trahya t3 sound better I might pick them up, what the lowest you seen them go for?
  3. actorlife
    I'm curious about them too. Amazon has the lowest price, but only checked ebay and they were more expensive. If they go down to $30 I may bite. I doubt they are better than the Anbes though. I've had high hopes for other TWS and was so disappointed. I did manage to get some gems though that I really like. I still want a good implemented BA driver TWS, but not spending more than $30ish.
    Anyone own these? Are the highs and bass good? For 20ish and 4hr battery it might be a cheap option: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Anomoibuds...603693?hash=item3b31aeb52d:g:Iw8AAOSwiNFc4XIf
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  4. JimmyR
    Following up with the Tranya T3...can anyone of you owning them if they support AAC codec?

    I asked this directly to the info email address of the vendor (this same question) and the only response I've got is that they support Bluetooth 5.0 and are compatible with iPhone and Android :triportsad:
  5. Luchyres
    Thanks for sharing your impressions.

    I have the S101 and Anbes and I like them both - the S101 I've been using as my laptop headphones around the house - and for video calls.

    The Anbes I've paired with my phone and carry around - the two reasons it became the portable pair are the size of the case and the USB-C Charging.

    While I like the sound of both of them a lot, I do have some basshead tendencies and so my heart gets pumping a little faster any time anyone mentions more *un-muddied* bass. The Tranya T3 look appealing to me - but I really want to hold out for them to have USB-C or to get a slightly nicer pair with real ANC - like the upcoming Sony.

    I'd be curious to hear if the T3 beats out the S101 or Anbes for you consistently from a sq and call perspective - as then I may just pick them up in spite of my resistance.

  6. albau
    What, it's mid 2019 and this Tranya T3 isn't USB-C???
    FYLegend likes this.
  7. vstolpner
    Same here about the T3's.... Very tempted

    Speaking of cheap BA's, have you seen these?
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    As most aren’t
  9. actorlife
  10. albau
    Not exactly. If you look around on Amazon there're lots of even cheaper recent Chi-Fi units with USB-C.
  11. vstolpner
    Yeah I checked those out, asked the seller if they were BA - they're dynamic.... So good thing you skipped on them :)

    The shape of those is ok to me, but I'm thinking I want Knowles drivers for my BA's
  12. vstolpner
    I was going to say the same thing.... Anbes 359 are USB-C, but then brand new Astrotec Motivation's (i.e. S80's) that cost 3x more are microUSB.... I've heard it's a supply issue, but in 2019 I can't believe that's still the case
  13. Alphasoixante
    I have the T3s and my Galaxy S8+ dev. options shows the codec as AAC when in use.
    JimmyR likes this.
  14. Caipirina
    I feel I need to make it clear that while I might have been the first to post about those T8 here first, I never recommended them! There was some general speculation that they might be rebranded X12 .. biggest selling point was 'cheap' ... and that they are open back style

    That being said, mine actually arrived today and I have them in my ears right now ... and while not stellar, I don't find them 'butt hurt' bad ... for the 12$ I paid they are doing a decent job and deserve a spot in the ranks of emergency buds :D (Great, the moment I say nice things about them, they have connection issues for no reason)
  15. Caipirina
    I bought them based on THIS recommendation (I have a feeling the author is on this board as well :wink: ) ... and I like 'em quite some ... nice & compact and no complaints about the sound ... not a bass monster

    But as the review says, totally in sync with youtube on my computer ... nice

    It appears though, these guys need to be manually turned on / off ... which does not bug me, but might bug others (or I am doing something wrong)
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
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