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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. sanakimpro
    I'm just a hobbyist and have tried some other TWEs but there seems to be so much heat on the Senn MTWs. I don't quite get it. It's my fourth day of owning it and I find the sound to be top notch what I'd expect for $300, no battery issues so far (4hrs on max volume, AptX), bluetooth to be great (some dropouts but not too bothered because it resolved itself). Smart control app does require you to turn it on, let it detect the MTW, close it and then turn it on a second time. After that it works flawlessly.

    Granted my use case is I charge it every night along with my smartphone, I turn on bluetooth before taking the right earbud out of the charging case, I only put the buds back in the case when it's around 20% remaining battery.

    All in all, there is some small bugs here and there but I can accept it given the sound quality. The MTW's sound so clean from the bass to treble. Bass is well controlled and non-flabby. I prefer more mid/upper-bass boom to make it more engaging, but it is what it is. Mids are smooth without obvious peaks nor sibilance. Treble is great, but not IE800 quality in terms of extension, clarity, detail and resolution, but it's more than great for $300.

    Well, if you want to clarify and questions or doubts, let me know and I'll try to help. I don't work for Sennheiser or any audio company so I'll just do my best. Kindness before headphones :D (borrowed from Denae & Andrew)
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    E8 ver2. No claim more but aptx and more foward mids
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    They should be identical to V1 except for the charging case
  4. actorlife
    Thanks for the overview. No way only 3 hrs battery? I might have to return them. I should be able to listen later on today and see if the sound sig is to my liking and post some thoughts. I use medium tips as well. Hopefully they will sound better than the Syllable S101. The only good thing about those are the 8hr battery at 50-60 percent volume. No clear sparkly highs, no soundstage and bass is good.
  5. Aeneas
    I think I might have finally found a TWE that I am happy with in every way. I didn't think this day would come for anything made by Beats, but I think the Powerbeats Pro are the best sports (possibly also general purpose) TWEs on the market overall.

    The soundstage is better than most if not all that I have owned, and they are not as bass-heavy or muddy as Sony SP-WF700N. It is hard to compare to Momentum TW and B&O E8 because it has been a few months, but I am not disappointed.

    The case is bigger than most, but if you are used to CIEM cases, it is not as bad as I was led to believe.

    No connection issues at all so far. I can't say that about any other TWE.

    Superb battery life. Very comfortable. I would prefer better isolation, but I wonder if that also causes fatigue. I think 2-flange tips help a bit with this. They are fine anywhere except on subways.

    In the last couple of months I've also tried:

    Sony WF-SP700N: very good but the worst battery life of around 2 hours, making them essentially unusable, and also a bit too bassy. The battery case is a little awkward because of the fins and curved shape. A bit fiddly.
    I got the occasional connection issue, but this was interference than full-on drop-out. With better battery life and other tweaks, the next Sony TWE should be excellent.

    Creative Outlier Air: the worst connection of any Bluetooth device I've had, poor fit, and washed out sound.
    I read some extremely positive reviews (not here) and I am deeply suspicious of them and most reviews sites now.

    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  6. Caipirina
    By chance I spent some time with my new Blitzwolf FYE 5 today and I like them quite some, might be an interesting addition ... not sure how to describe the sound .. somewhat neutral maybe?

    Already fear the day my T8 arrive .. what idiot brought them up here? Oh, wait, that might have been me ... :wink:

    There are also the Anomoibuds Capsule which I got curious about since (i think) Bartig mentioned them in some list up ... and those are similar to those Blitzwolf, but with better eartips, which fit in the case ... drives me nuts with the BW that when I put other tips on, they don't fit in the case anymore ...

    just something to think about \

    oh, and here another lemming impulse: I might later blindly order these ... also just to have something new to play with :D


    And semi related, as I am scouring around for more reviews on the above ... anyone know what that music player app for iOS is that I see in so many Chinese review videos? I wonder if it is something like China's spotify, and I can't find it in my stores ... #D015

    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  7. senorbroom
    Seems like the successor to the WF-1000X, the WF-1000XM3, are about to drop at any time: http://thewalkmanblog.blogspot.com/2019/06/sony-wf-1000xm3-leaked-by-retailer.html

    Hopefully this will have fixed the faults with the original model, but the tepid reviews on the 700 and 900 models have me worried. I owned the WI-1000X (neckbud model) for about a week but found the style cumbersome and the sound wasn't *quite* hi-fi. If the new model sounds anywhere near as good as that model it will be the best true wireless on the market.
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  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Will be interesting to see if they get LDAC
  9. clerkpalmer
    Look pretty awesome. Better be for 249 euros.
  10. david8613
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  11. vladzakhar
    I received the Tranya T1 Pro today. Compare to T3 the sound is thiner, less bass. And they don't fit as good as T3's. Great buds nevertheless. Going to be the great present to my son.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  12. hifi80sman
    I want those sooo bad. Gimmie! I actually like touch controls, so hopefully they’ll have that as well.

    It’s getting interesting...
  13. Bartig
    Don't get too hyped up about your impulse. Bought them under the ‘Nishen’ brand. Plugging the charging cable in the case is a bit problematic on mine, but worse: the sound is a bit dull, lacking detail and highs.
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  14. senorbroom
    Noooooo, I love the Jabra physical controls. I’d want:
    • up/down clicker for volume + skip on the left earbud
    • tap to play/pause on the right, double-tap to enable/disable ANC, touch+hold to pause + enable sound pass through (similar to the over-ear model)
    Leave all the different sound tuning and ANC levels to the app.
  15. david8613
    anyone have a release date on these sonys?
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