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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. sfleming
    I've tried a couple of the recent chi-fi offerings, but they all shut off after a few minutes in the dry sauna after the workout at the gym. Does anyone have an example of a twe that does not do that, or is there a way to tell in the description of the offering that they will not?

    No words Screenshot_20190622-221051_Chrome.jpg
  3. vstolpner
    Which one is which?
  4. vstolpner
    I'm not sure you'll find any like that given the temperature in a dry sauna is above the working temperature of most electronics.

    Your best bet would be to find some way to insulate the earphones somehow.
  5. actorlife
    From what I gather in your review you like treble without it being too harsh, so I bet you'll like the Anbes 359. Seems to be sold out on amazon US, but I think ebay and Ali has them.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  6. JimmyR
    Other than bass,other aspect you’ve found Tranya better than VS E12, especifically: Mic quality?
    Case size? It’s T3’s much bigger?

    Those Tranya (T3 and the newly out T1pro) has caught my eye for the last weeks. I’ve been close to pull the trigger on them a few times. It’s hard to find any bad review on them other than failing in pairing both earphones now and then. Seems to be fixed with a reset, though... And for that price, they worth giving a thought.

    Appreciate your feedback
    MTW on the Left
  8. vladzakhar
    T3 is has bigger form factor. If you have small ears, they not for you. They protrude a little and it might be a problem to wear them in bed.
    Connection is rock solid.
    Phone call quality is fine. People didn’t complain on the other side.
    Case is a little bigger then E12 case, but feels very sturdy and can hold 6 full charges.
    The physical buttons a little hard to press but manageable.
    Sound wise T3 are bass heavy, mids and highs are recessed a little.
    The sound is pleasant overall, not fatiguing.
    Best for EDM music.
    JimmyR likes this.
  9. Alphasoixante
    Just pulled the trigger on the Tranya T3. It will be my first foray into true wireless. I just started going to the gym and my Final Audio E5000/Radsone ES100 combo is too annoying for working out. Also, I definitely worry that the E5000s will get damaged from sweat.

    Amazon is selling the T3 for $39.99 at the moment ($49.99 with $10 off coupon). If they're as good as people are saying for $40, I'll be a happy camper. They're due to arrive sometime today.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread!
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  10. vladzakhar
    T3 are little big for my ears, so I ordered T1 pro's. They have the smaller footprint. All other specs are the same.
  11. hifi80sman
    Excellent. Balanced, clear, airy.
  12. david8613
    My T-8 just came in, not crazy about the appleish tips, I didnt know they were built like this, this style does not seal, and usually falls out in gym environment. Case is kind of cheapish feeling. They are nice and small, very light in ear. Button is nice a clicky. Mid bass foward, clear sound but not high quality like the anbes. Anbes is on a higher level on build, sound, quality. Do these need burn in, will sound change after more use? When I push them into ear and hold them in, the bass is better, these lack the seal you get with in ears.

    i ordered some silicon apple ipod tips, I hope they fit to give better seal. Can someone try them if you have them on hand and report back?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  13. assassin10000
    @david8613 Silicone covers probably won't work well without cutting and fitting. They are shaped differently than the x12 pro/T8 housing airpod/earpod.

    You can try foam earbud covers, thats what I used on the x12 pro's. It also provides enough seal for decent bass, still no isolation. It may even help stability a bit.


    If you have punches you can make an offset hole for better mids/highs while retaining the bass provided by the foam covers.

    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  14. Bartig
    Received the generic branded XG-12 true wireless today and I'm pleasantly surprised. The charging case is a little shabby and the earpieces loose their connection for a split second when I move my finger on them, but the sound quality is honesty impressive. Detailed mids with above average soundstage and instrument placement and a clearly present however not overpowering bass.


    Definitely better sounding than the two on the background.
    chinmie likes this.
  15. david8613
    I'm looking at mine a little closer, looks like there is alot of little hair line scratches all over especially around the buttons I think these were used or refurbished. Not happy about that, where did we order these again, I wanna send an email about that.
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