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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. chinmie
    if price not a factor, how do you rate the 1more, Tranya and the QCY on sound?
  2. Bartig
    Can I point you to Medium.com/@Scarbir? I wrote extensive reviews and comparisons on them. :)
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  3. actorlife
    Bartig did you ever try the Anbes 359 yet?
  4. chinmie
    thanks, as a matter of fact I've just read them after i post my previous question, so you kind of answered me before i asked :o2smile:
    so if I'm not mistaken, in pure SQ wise the T1C is still comparable to the T3 and 1more? being the difference only in better build quality and functionality on the latter two (and of course the EQ tuning)?
  5. Caipirina
    While I like the open design of the sabbat x12, I fear they would fall out while running.
    I just finished another 12K run with the Syllable S101 in my ears and I am still very happy with the sound, connectivity, and reliable fit. You might want to look into those

    Can't see which Anbes you are considering there, my internet connection is all wonky and won't show me pics .. but that seller must employ the slowest delivery service ever ... telling me for my location (Germany) arriving 8/27 !!!
  6. Caipirina
    That TFZ is same as Mifo o5 pro, right? I am starting to get used to that BA sound ...

    and that Tranya, now you made me curious .. you tested them? I wonder if they are available elsewhere under different name
    (oh, screw it and my over eager trigger fingers ... found them on amazon DE with a 20% voucher ... and if I don't like them I can easily return :) )
  7. cityle
    Somebody would know by any chance something like the TRN BT20 that could be used with ATH-IM02? Or another IEM using MMCX or 2 pins that sounds like the ATH-IM02?
  8. BigAund
    Anyone with the Cambridge Audios, are they as big as they look in the photos? I'm using the earin m2 which is tiny but thinking of trying these Melomania out. Thanks
  9. vladzakhar
    Melmanias are definitely bigger then M2s, but not as big as showing in the ad.
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  10. david8613
    Hey guys those t8s are not that impressive at all to me, they sound too mid foward and boxy/cupped, they are clear though, I will keep at work as spares. In my rotation right now is sennheiser momentum tw, anbes 359, Jabra 65t, and like them in that order for different reasons. Now I wanna know is there another budget tw headset that is at the level of the anbes 359 sound quality at that same price level. Need a new toy to play with, I like bass as long as it clear, juicy and not muddy. Dont like piercing highs atc all either. Let me know.
  11. JimmyR
    Thanks for such detailed comments. That was basically what i was looking for.
    Just One thing else: do you know if these support the AAC codec?
    Delay when watching videos on the smartphone?

    After hearing about the size of the T3, I’ll probably go with the T1 pro. Seems like is the same than T3 but in a smaller form factor
  12. JimmyR
    Awesome comparison review!! Very nice job
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  13. slitzx
    Perhaps try an ATH to MMCX adapter? Either make your own or maybe this might do the trick? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LN005585/32885775461.html
  14. Technocow
    I apoligjze as I am a noob in the area of the tws world. :) These are my first tws, so a bit hard to compare to other models, but the amazon listing photos and the a6 airtwins do match, so it's possible it does have the graphene diaphram. (it does not list this in the included manual) SQ is bassy when tips are fully inserted..almost too much for my ears..highs are drowned out because of this. However, when the tips are not fully inserted all the way, it's more neutral signature. (less bass, clear highs and mids.) It took a lot of eq'ing for me to get a signature I was happy with. The Soundstage and imaging are good. Volume is ok. I have to turn it up to 75% to achieve a loud level.

    Also of note they come with the small size tips already on, but the medium is what fit my ears and allowed for deeper insertion. I think new or custom/3rd party tips would highly benefit the sound. So far I have pushed out only 3 hrs of battery time via music listening, so a bit outdated compared to the newer models with longer battery life. There is also an annoying voice that activates when either the battery is low and when they connect for the first time. The language is in chinese. (I think) I'm glad I only spent $19.99 as I'm still a bit skeptical of tws. This is a good starter to upgrade to a better model in the future though.

    I would be very interested in your thoughts when you get a chance to test these out and what models they compare to.
  15. Bartig
    No, the Tranya T3 offers lot more bass and better instrument placement. Mids and highs are more natural instead of pushed forward, as they are on the QCY. The T3 offers more detail than the 1more too - which sounds full and smooth, but can also sound a little congested.
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