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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Caipirina
    Lemming alert!

    Just sharing some curious 'new' oddities I discovered on AliExpress ... maybe sharing keeps me from blindly ordering stuff :)

    Starting with, let's call them 'ChromeBuds' ... with the talk of T1 recently I thought those might be redressed Tranyas, but a quick google pic check and 'nope' ... this should be either called the T1000 or T2-Judgement Day :) ANy thoughts?


    And then we have some cheap looking (because they are cheap) powerbeats pro wannabe lookalikes ... They come either with a charging stand (which I guess simply holds those dual cables) for ~15$ or 'naked' for ~10$ ... besides the obvious 'they can't sound good', I refrain from pulling trigger finger since I had this shape once before in a wired BT model and could not get a good fit ... (also, a look from the top reveals that they are rather massive!!!)


    And last but not least, those guys caught my eye with that dual DD look! I mean, it looks really fancy, but nowhere does it say 2DD ... so, just decoration?


    Not going to post links, as I don't want to create another T8 situation ... if you are really desperate, do image search or ask me :D

    Just happy to share new findings and always looking fwd what others see that I might have missed ... cheers
  2. chinmie
    well, speak of the devil, i just happen to order something similar (or exact same?) in form factor from this, but with a different name: the Nillkin Go.

    and it so happened to arrive this afternoon.

    here is size comparison to the standard carbon case:

    and size comparison to the T1C, Sabbat X12, and Earin M2


    other than the obviously similar form factor, with the chrome TWS, i don't know if they also share the same specs and functionality.

    i can write a review right now, but i don't want to run too hot and sound hyping things, so I'll give a few days to settle down and find all the pros and cons to balance it out. but i can tell you this: as of now, i like it a lot
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
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  3. vstolpner
    Trying out my new Astrotec Momentum (i.e. S80) and having issues with sound quality - sounds like it's defaulting to the phone call protocol and sounds like crap. Any ideas what could be the fix?

    My other TWS IEMs sound fine, and changing volume on my phone (Galaxy S8) changes "media" volume, not in-call volume.

    Tired restarting phone and IEMs already
  4. Caipirina
    Thanks for the pics, I am a huuge sucker for size compare pics!

    I don't need a full on review, just first sound impressions ... if it is 'not trash' I might just add to collection because chrome=shiny and i like that form factor

  5. openyoureyes

    According to the description on Aliexpress the Nillkin can handle multiple connections (Multipoint) at the same time (like the Jabra Elite 65t) in dual mode. I asked the seller and he confimed that too.

    Is this really true? Can you connect two devices at the same time in stereo/dual mode?
  6. Bartig
    Nice finds, especially the ‘Chromebuds’ and the last one. From what I've learned the hard way though, it's best not to get generic brand less items...
  7. Caipirina

    One more qustion regarding the Nillkin and their FIT ... I am wondering about that 'hook' thingie ... if that is useful or rather annoying ... I have trouble to make out how that is supposed to fit.

  8. hifi80sman
    Interesting review on the Sabbat E12. This guy is really entertaining.
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  9. JimmyR
    Thanks for the update. Such a present for your soon,umm?
  10. wizll
    oof. i have actually seen this before with my 1000xm3. phone restart fortunately fixed it for me. I have not yet run into that issue with my Astrotec S80 or anbes359 so far.
  11. vstolpner
    Left it for a couple hours and came back and seems better now.

    How do you find the fit on the S80's? I can't seem to get a good seal or comfortable fit.
  12. Dobrescu George
  13. hifi80sman
    Maybe it's because you have a Gamsung Galaxy S8. I'm all for Chi-Fi TWEs, but not Flagship Smartphones! :p In all seriousness, I too have a Samsung Galaxy s8 and have had no issues connecting it.


    1.jpg 2.jpg
  14. hifi80sman
    I had to use different ear tips. Wasn't a big fan of the ones it came with, so since I have literally 200 of them, I engaged in a bit of trial & error. Found some ovals (Large) from one of the cheap-o Bluedio neckband earbuds I purchased a while back that work like a charm.
  15. wizll
    So far, I've only switched over to the more standard black tips it came with over those gray things that were on it by default. It's ok. I have only had it for a few days, so honestly still experimenting with the fit. definitely did not just fit almost perfectly as the anbes 359 did for me.
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