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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Caipirina
    That kinda nails it!
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  2. Caipirina
    That's the really nice thing about Amazon vs Aliexpress ... no multi-week wait :)

    My Tranya T3 were just delivered and I only listened for like 6 minutes, but the smile on my face is HUUUUGE ...
    yes, that one is for the bass heads out here, for me, those are perfect for running (if they stay in, so far it feels they will)

    Curious note: The Accessory box also says アクセサリー (A ku se sa ri ) in Japanese ...

    Me like ... now I need to check on those generic brand XG-12 that I saw mentioned further above ...
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  3. Caipirina
    dang, for 10.25$ after coupons and 1000+ reviews (in general positive) AND then Bartig's blessings ... how can I NOT click BUY? :D

    lemminglemminglemming ...
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  4. hifi80sman
    So, just got the Jlab Jbuds Air Executive. Actually, for $69, they have a lot of features that work well.

    - BT 5.0
    - Ambient mode (yes!).
    - Responsive Touch Controls (yes, Vol control too).
    - Good mic quality for calls.
    - 6 hour battery.
    - AAC Codec.
    - Secure fit, comfortable.
    - Nice case with 24 hours extra charge.
    - Well built (case & buds) and does not have that cheap feel.

    - Touch control scheme is a little odd. 1 tap is Vol +/- and 2 taps is play/pause, which IMO should be reversed. 3 taps for ambient mode. Press and hold for skipping tracks.
    - EQ choices suck. Both "Balanced" and "Bass Boost" lower the volume by 25% when activated and neither sound particularly good. Balanced sounds like Weaksauce and Bass Boost sounds like your speakers got stuck in the mud.
    - Jlab "Signature" EQ is overly bright for me, and more accurately, I'd say the highs are too "crispy". If you have hearing loss, these are perfect. Lowering the treble range from 2 kHz through 16 kHz definitely gives me a better sound, but YMMV depending on your preferences.
    - Some driver flex noise.

    Still teetering on whether or not to keep them.

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  5. flamerz
    So this thread is massive now... I bought the Bragi Headphones in 2017 and they're still doing well. Battery originally lasted about 4-5 hours per charge and probably last 3-4 hours now. The charging case is finicky, but it works well enough and charges in about an hour. I really like the setting that allows you to hear your surroundings.

    That said, I'm looking for a replacement. The sound quality is just alright. It never impresses me, but good enough for most portable situations. It's hard to browse through this thread, but what newer headphones have great sound quality, have the ability to be "open" or closed, and ideally have a charging case that stores power?
  6. JimmyR
    Thansk for sharing your impression on the sound quality...can you tell something about call quality? Volume and clarity on the other end? Thanks!
  7. JimmyR
    Sounds really good for that price and they come from a renowned company... I'm not a big fan of the stem-down design, but I recognize these have got my attention.. Thanks for the concise but helpful review
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  8. snip3r77
    What would you recommend for <$50 ?
  9. Niyologist
    I got the Astrotec S80. So far I love what I'm hearing. No drop outs and excellent sound quality.

    I'll go into more detail later.
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  10. chinmie
    i only testet it at home, ordering food and also recording with a bluetooth recorder app, no problem so far. haven't test it in noisy places yet

    i recommend the Nillkin Go, QCY T1C, and Sabbat x12
  11. vstolpner
    Don't forget Anbes 359. Fantastic quality for well under $50 and better than the QCY T1C in my opinion.
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  12. vstolpner
    How do you find the fit and seal? I can't find a single tip to make these comfortable :-/
  13. Trilis
    Hello guys, I have a big choice. I can get Jabra elite active 65t for 100eur or I can buy Tranya T3 for 50eur. Seems like Jabra is "take my money" deal :) But it is quite old, maybe there is better options? Or should I wait some more time?
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  14. RobinFood
    I personally don't like the Jabras and think that for 100 euros you can do better. Have you auditioned them before?
  15. Trilis
    no, have not tried them yet. What other possible options you can offer? I would like to get the list and audition them all :)
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