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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. vstolpner
    Yeah, the Anbes 359 fit the best so far. The only issue I have with them is when I press the button on the right ear, the sound in that ear cuts out - I think it closes the sound port against the inside of my ear somehow. I did find that if I rotate the earbuds so the back sits against my ear as much as possible, this issue is reduced somewhat.

    The mifo O5's and SoundPeats TrueFree have fit really well too. Guess just the S80's have a weird fit (for me at least)
  2. LajostheHun
    Aptx is much easier on the battery than AAC, since it is a much simpler codec. AAC will engage your CPU, while Aptx needs no computational power at all.
  3. LajostheHun
    hollow mid range that can't even be fixed by heavy EQ. There many better choices for less than half of it's current price.
  4. chinmie
    it cannot connect in stereo like the Jabra does. it can only connect in mono each to one devices (like any standard BT5 realtek based TWS). the Jabra is unique in that because it can connect to two devices. other that the Bose, i don't know any other TWS that does that.

    that hook is actually useful, because it cups the ears and creates anchor point, so that clicking the buttons won't jam them deeper inside the ears.

    anyway, here's my day one review:

    -the fit is great for me. it sits nicely like a CIEM, so the body also touches the ears and provide support.

    -slim and sleek looking. the Mifo sits more flush on the ears, but the Mifo doesn't have air vents, so pushing it will create a discomforting vacuum. the Nillkin has air vents.

    -because of the air vents, it doesn't create too much isolation. in fact, it only has minimal isolation, like the EX1000 and other open back IEMs. still isolate more than the Sabbat x12, but definitely less than others.

    -it has button controls, and similar to sabbat in operation. triple click for volumes.
    -the case is really small, but because of the lid design, two handed operation is necessary.
    -the case can accommodate normal sized eartips and still charge. i use settled for Symbio peel on mine for now.

    -the sound is similar to my ER4XR, which is a great surprise. the ER4XR has leaner midbass while the Nillkin has a slight thicker midbass. the Bass on the Nillkin is not boosted at all, similar to the ER4XR, and about the same level as the mids, but the extention really go deep, not cut off like the Mifo pro. treble is sparkly and bright like the ER4XR. soundstage is also similar: intimate player position while maintaining good soundstage/room size information. if the T1C is like listening to car stereo/movie theater, the Nillkin is like listening to monitor speaker up close. the speed/dynamic of the presentation is also snappy, fast and closer to BAs like ER4XR than the bloomy dynamic drivers of the T1C.. heck, it's even faster and clearer than the Earin M2, which is clearly uses BAs

    -battery tested: i listened to it from 8PM, and it says battery low at around 2AM. i did listened in a low volume though that later hours.

    this is definitely my new go to TWS

    i don't know if the chrome T1 uses the same tech. i also found this, similar to the Nillkin and chrome T1 in shape:


    the chrome and Nillkin is much more similar though
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  5. LajostheHun
    I found Mifo far superior to the E12, and I have the standard dynamic driver version. Once EQ'ed it's mid range[rich and warm] is the best of any TWS I tried so far [about 7 different ones many mentioned here on this thread]. Also the little filter to protect against ear wax blocks a lot of HF energy, so I removed it, highs sparkle now. Oh and the fact that I didn't even need to charge the case for about the month, is just tremendous that 2600mah battery goes a long way indeed.
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  6. LajostheHun
    yup one of the reasons I bought it too. good video lousy TWS.
  7. chinmie

    i also contemplating to remove the wax guard to release the treble potential, but i also think the mifo strength is the way it handles waterproofing, so i decided not to do it in the end. i have sold my mifo, but i still recommend it as one of the good TWS. i certainly won't recommend the Sabbat e12, unless the person really like abundant bass
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  8. Bhelpoori
    The S101 uses a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip each side which has a low power audio codec which you can see on the data sheet at: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/qcc30xx-series . I suspect you will find that both codecs use the same "Low power audio codec" block to do the decode. If you look at the public specs you will notice that consumption varies between 6mA and 7mA per side... I can't find anything publicly that defines that figure but I expect the 6mA quote for consumption is using SBC and/or AAC playback.

    I can't find the battery life quote with lower AptX life in the S101 specs any longer (it was on Amazon.co.uk) but the Nuarls which use the same chip in a different package (QCC3026) in the specs have this quote "Continuous Playtime about 10hr(SBC/AAC)about 7hr(aptX)" (https://nuarl.com/en/nt01ax/#nt01ax__2col).

    My tests on the S101 show the power consumption of AptX to be a lower hit than that but this is maybe due to other variables, but it is a measurable change of between 20-25%.

    From all three sources, I think we can conclude that for the QCC3020/26 chip only, using AptX uses more power, something which may have nothing to do with codec complexity but chip implementation.
  9. webvan
    Well it seems Sony could be releasing their new TWE before the QC5021 based models become available in the US/Europe ! I quite liked the sound of the WF-1000X so hopefully the M3 keeps that sound signature and improves on battery life, connection stability, ANC and form factor (not sticking out as obviously !).
  10. david8613
    yup I cant wait for the new sonys to become available. sony makes pretty awesome headphones. I have some gift cards from best buy, I will be picking up on day one. no more cheap chifi for me while this is on the horizon. this is the first tw in 2019 that I am excited about. those t8 where terrible! I gave them away after more use they were no where near the level of the anbes 359 for cheap chifi that is good sounding.
  11. BobJS
    So I just got back from my morning walk around the facility (for exercise ... desk job ... too easy to become a blob without programmed walks) with my trusty MW07. I found myself musing ... with all the $$ thrown away trying out cheap inexpensive wireless chi-fi offerings, I could have just stopped with the MW07. If power-on time is an issue (I've never run out of battery for my needs), heck, you could buy 2 MW07s to alternate between and call it a day.

    But I get it. It's kind of like cheating on the love of your life with cheap, tawdry flings. But you always come home.

    Umm... did I say that out loud?
  12. LajostheHun
    I was talking about mainly on the transmitting side, as AAC is far more complicated codec and needs much more computational power , but once that is done I suspect on the receiving end not much needs to be done other than a simple conversion to PCM and then to analog...
  13. RobinFood
    Wow Chinmie, can you let me keep some money in my pockets? It sounds too good to be true, and here I am trying to save up for a smabat-bt20s combo!
  14. chinmie
    sorry, i used the ER4XR reference to drive people off, i forgot there's a fellow Etymotic guy here also :dt880smile:

    I'll be bringing it with me to japan next week, i hope there's a downtime in my vacation so we could meet up. I'll be in osaka from 6 to 8 of july
  15. billbishere
    I have had BT headphones since bluebuds x. Those are still some of the best sounding to this day but they died not too long ago actually, lasted like 6 years several washings and dryings actually. They were pretty amazing.

    I have Jaybird Tarah Pro - they are pretty average even with EQ.
    Bowers and Wilkins PX - they are the best, but only after EQ. Sys wide EQ on OP6.
    My Bose Soundsports in ears are some of my best BT sound from a ear bud, they have active EQ.
    I also have on ear bose soundlinks- the are ok. Sorta "beats" sounding tho honestly, not great but ok for podcasts.
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