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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. david8613
    I dont think the jabras 65t sound bad, I wouldn't describe them that way. They sound good, very high energy, foward sound, bassy perfect for workouts, I like using the 65t for workouts outside because the ambient mode works, good for safety reasons. Anbes have a wider soundstage also a little forward, not warm. I also used the jabra elites with the right tips also sound very good with great bass, work very well for working out. I used my sennheiser twm and they were good gobs of bass for working out, but they have a much warmer sound sig.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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  2. david8613
    I'm still playing with the anbes 359, the sound is nice, clear, no more disconnects, very comfortable, battery life last very long. My only problem with them is the buttons, they are absolutly horrible! You cannot really feel them, it's smooth so its hard to find. When you do find it your pressing so hard to activate them and it jams the bud deeper into your ear canal. the 359 buds are pretty deep in your ear already, not good. Worse when you have to double tap, or long press forget about it. The jabra 65 have easier to press buttons, and clicky too so you know you pressed it. I have to admit I like touch sensitive controls to me it's alot better for this type of device. I know alot of people dont like touch sensitive controls, but you just have to practice a little to get the hang of it, once you do it's awesome. The best touch controls imo was on the Samsung iconx 2018, you could control everything with taps, and swipes, this worked so well for me. Especially swiping to control volume so quick and easy. Are there any chi fi truewireless that sound as good as anbes 359 but with touch sensitive controls?
  3. alexapproved

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I think I would consider the bose... on their next iteration. Can you imagine them making TWE's as low profile as their sleep buds? That I would buy in a heart beat. I'll consider giving the Nuarls a try and report back for a comparison. Just noticing I'm getting a lot of ear fatigue with MW07. I am using a large fin tip in my right hear which is probably why. Hoping the Nuarls wing tip sit more comfortably.
  4. chinmie
    i use the earin M2 or Mifo o5 for sleeping iems if i need isolation, but i like to use the sabbat x12 more often, because it really flat on my ears and doesn't cause vacuum effect when pressed against the pillow
  5. mjb152
  6. mjb152
    I've got a colleague visiting from the states in 2 weeks who I'm going to persuade to bring me a set of anbes, as we cant get them in the UK yet.
    I'm rather looking forward to it after the reviews I've read on here
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  7. cigarello
    I keep hearing people charging their wireless earphones before first use? Why is this recommended? Don't most come pre charged? Thanks
  8. korefuji
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  9. mjb152
  10. RobinFood
    It is recommended in most instructions, but mostly because before lithium ion batteries, not charging properly the first time could lead to the battery only having 5 minutes of life.

    I still get stressed out by not fully charging the first time. I remember my early GBA and how impatient I was to use it. I completely ruined it and it didn't last long off the charger.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  11. smaragd
    I use the MW07 too and also have uneven ears...
    Using medium sized Sony hybrid left and large sized hybrid right. Before also used medium sized Shure Olive left and large sized Shure Olive right.

    That’s the only way to get a secure fit.
    Been running happily like this with using the medium fins on both sides.

    Try matching various sizes until your fit feels secure on both sides.

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  12. Slater
    Every electronic device has what’s called ‘standby parasitic drain’. This means the device, whether it’s a flashlight or a cell phone, sips the battery a very small amount. I’m talking this drain happens when the device is completely turned OFF.

    How long a fully battery will drain down depends on the amount of parasitic drain as and the total capacity of the battery cell(s). Even fully charged batteries that come separate to the device (like a flashlight or some cell phones for example) can slowly self discharge, usually because of the battery’s self-protection circuit.

    For full capacity of any rechargeable battery, you should fully charge it before 1st use. It may only need to be topped off, which could take 10 minutes. Or the battery could be fully discharged, and need to be fully recharged.

    I know people get excited and impatient when new toys arrive, but you’ll be much happier in the long run to spend those extra few minutes or an hour or whatever fully charging the batteries for your new device :)
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  13. rG-tom
    I may be being blind but I can't see any talk about the samsung buds true wireless in here beyond the initial announcement, people should all have received their "free" ones with S10 by now, what's the real world verdict on the sound quality?

    The reviews flick between they're great to they're terrible, and only compare them to other true wireless.

    In terms of my IEM preference, I've got some RHA T10i and an Astell and Kern xb10, which is a really fun sounding set up but I find it too impractical...I'm not expecting for a second that the Samsung Buds will be as good as this, but how far off are they? Will they be acceptable or are they terrible? How loud do they go?

    I like a warm, v shape with maybe a bias to the bassy side.

    For context, I have a set here and it looks like I can get about £60 for them if I don't open them, are they worth £60 for commuting with when I don't want to use my over ear wh-1000xm3s?
  14. actorlife
    There have been a couple of reviews here about 10-15 pages back. It's a mix bag mostly. There are better cheaper options out there with better SQ according to some people.
  15. DigDub
    The Galaxy buds have a rather balanced sound signature, which I like. No frequency dominates and they appear when the music calls for them. The app is useful and there are a few preset EQ for selection.
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