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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    Anbes 359 by 50 million miles. I had the X12 and SQ was just ok. Treble roll off so not too clear. I like my clarity, but detest screechy sibilant. I had to return them because the right side stopped working.
  2. david8613
    I just recieved the anbes 569 today, charging them up now before first use. I was very sceptical about these since I have been burned by alot of chi-fi truewireless, but I have to admit the build on this unit is not bad at all!!! Well made indeed. The case is a nice size, smaller than I thought it would be. The case is kind of flat too which is nice for your skinny Jean pockets.The ear buds are incredibly small! They are smaller and fit more flush in the ear than the Samsung buds I could not believe it! The little lights look nice not gimmicky at all. Do these need any burn in? Or do they sound great out the box? How long is the battery life in real world?
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  3. david8613
    Holy crap! These anbes 569 sound great!!! Very wide sound stage! The sound is foward but not in bad way. Voices are so nice and clear, bass is very good, incredible separation of instruments. Treble is there, no sparkle but no harshness at all that I can hear yet. Volume is freakin loud! I'm at about 60% and its plenty for me. These are not as powerful as the senn truewireless momentum in the bass department those feel like full size headphones, but that's ok, these 569 hit really good and the bass has texture, goes deep and rumbles. I'm not saying these are audiophile, truewireless is not there yet but the sound for under 40.00 is dam good!!! But as I was writing this I had 4 very quick drop outs on the bud, I hope this doesn't keep happening because I really hate drop outs! I sent the sonys wf1000x back because of that and battery life being short, I really loved the sound that Sony produced. I also want to add these things are so light in ear, I hardly feel them, they are so comfortable, so tiny they weigh nothing. I will continue testing and see what developes. In case anyone is interested I'm running them on a samusung note 8, and spotify. Thank you for the recommendation.
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  4. actorlife
    You mean the 359.:beerchug: cut outs are not common with mine. Maybe pair them again. To be compared to the Senns is great. In my mind I thought perhaps they were equal in SQ. I've never heard them and probably won't as they are expensive, but I love my Senns 58X. Battery is about 4 hrs. Continue to enjoy them. There is nothing like them at the price range. :beerchug:
  5. david8613
    I actually like how the voices sound on 569 better then my senn. twm, lol. Treble might be a little better too, I'm astonished! Blown away by what im hearing for the price. All that's missing is awareness mode and an app to eq if you needed to, but I dont they very nice sounding as is. But I keep getting cut outs, not as frequent as the sonys. I am going to try and re-pair them in a few and see what happens.
  6. actorlife
    What are you hooking it up to? Be aware that Wi-Fi is a big interference factor on most tw's.
  7. FYLegend
    I highly doubt it. It appears S60 uses a housing that many other brands have used, but other brands using these housings have dynamic drivers or generic BA's. I can't remember any brands off the top of my head but I saw some in Taiwan sold at night markets, which had more typical microUSB cases among other things. This page doesn't even explicitly state USB type C or wireless charging which raises eyebrows.

    Here's my S60 review (4.2 version). Great sound with AAC but disappointed by the skips/cutouts on my Galaxy Note 9 with AAC. SBC has almost no connectivity issues but also sounds more distorted.

    Where can I get Sabbat E12 shipped quickly to Canada?
  8. JES
    Maybe for my next purchase :)
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  9. BobJS
    I've got the Nuarl NT01AX in house and they sound VERY good. Isolation is not as good as MW07 but those who want to be environmentally aware may appreciate that. My first impressions was great sound quality though I thought at louder volumes the bass was a little boomy. Just nit-picking, at lower volume was fine, and it could have been the track selection I was using. Will continue to evaluate.

    A bit pricey to get here in the US compared to all these good sounding chi-fi units flying around, but a nice addition to the collection.
  10. SaveTheMantaRays
    I have been testing the Anbes 359 for 2 weeks. For $30-ish dollars, they sound fantastic; a hint boomy in the bass, but that goes well for exercise or being on the go. But overall very impressed with the sound overall with highs, mids, and bass.
    The fit is superb even with stock tips. I have put on Comply sport pro Smartcore, and they are even more secure. They are incredibly light weight and almost disappear. Seems to be charged anytime I need them. Very compact case and ready to throw in your pocket.

    Here is my only real issue. When I am still, they stay connected almost 99%. When I am moving normally they stay connected like 98% of the time. But when I use them for the intended purpose of buying TWEs; for exercise, jogging, or the gym,
    they struggle to keep a full connection. They blink on and off way to often, to the point of removing them, because it is just annoying. If I hold my phone in my hand they stay connected like 98%, but it is 2019, and not 2008, and I am not buying a strap pouch to stick on my arm, that defeats the purpose
    of going the TWE route and expecting it to work almost flawlessly. There is also two ways to connect them to your blue tooth device. You can let them connect to each other and then connect to your device. I have found this keeps a better connection overall when exercising.
    Or you can connect them as 359 R and 359 L, individually connect each one to your blue tooth device. This can add some different functionality, but I have found this to stay connected worse overall during exercise.

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?------------->>>>The title says it all. The sound and price are getting much better. But I still do not think we are there yet. If it doesn't stay connected, then it does not make great sound.

    A quick comparison is too my HiFi Walker A7 Air: http://www.hifiwalker.com/HIFI-WALK...control-remote-cable-carrying-case_show9.html
    If I keep my phone on the same side of my body as the blue tooth receiver on A7 Air, I get basically a 100% connection, even during jogging. They are GREAT! I know that is not a TWE, but it is the comparison I personally have to test against.
    Plus I can use the removable cable and connect by MMCX to my iBasso it01, and that makes for a very fun exercising sound experience.

    I hope either my Anbes 359 decide to work more effectively or very very soon there is a true 100% connected TWE.
  11. Slater
    You could try disabling WiFi on your phone and seeing if it improves connectivity
  12. david8613
    I had that problem with right ear disconnects on the anbes 359 just sitting on my back porch. As recommended here I unpaired them and deleted it from my phone, i did the pairing routine again and it has been good since, I went to the park this morning jogging and I think I may have had 1 blip, but that was it, no more cut outs. I am amazed how long this battery lasts, i went to sleep with them on with low volume and they were still working many hours later. Bass has receded some after burn in but still very nice bass, clean output in mids and highs. I think what makes these sound extra good is the separation and soundstage, no instruments get in the way of each other and that stage is very wide, sounds come from all different directions. Alot of truewireless buds sound closed in, these dont. They stay put in ears too, I had to adjust only once, i was a little sweaty i think was the reason. I have been in the truewireless world when it first came out and your right we are not there yet, but we are getting some really good stuff these days, I cant imagine anyone going back to wired ear buds unless you are an absolute die hard audiophile.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  13. alexapproved
    I currently own the MW07. I'm looking for TWE's to do 10K runs around the track and use on the train so awareness isnt a major concern. Sound quality is and fit is.
    My question is do you think the Nuarl NT01AX will give me a more secure fit than the MW07?
    I noticed you said the isolation isn't as good however perhaps with a different set of tips it could be better?

    I have uneven ears, no matter what ear tip I use (triple comfort, spinfit, stock tips) they all seem to be loose in my right ear compared to the left, unless I use comply. Thus why I chose MW07 with the fin tips. I owned E8's but I was never confident running with them so I sold them.
  14. clerkpalmer
    I don’t think the nuarl would be a good choice for running. Certainly no better than mw07.
  15. howdy
    I have the E8,MTW and MW07 but when I need something that will stay in my ear and don't care about sweating profusely, I use my Jabra 65t Elite Active and I quite happy with them.
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