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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. alexapproved
    Thank you for your input!

    So far the MW07 held up decently during my last 40 minute run. The movement plus sweat did loosen them but that would probably happen with any in ear after that period of time. (Bose eartips have been the only ones that work for me but I'd rather not go that route)

    I'm only considering the Nuarls because perhaps the fit may be better and the battery life is better. The sound quality of the NT01AX seems to be within reach of MW07
  2. alexapproved
    I would love to try the Jabras but I don't know if they would deliver the type of sound I get from the MW07.
  3. howdy
    They won't but you can eq them to your liking. Plus comfort and high ip rating and much cheaper makes it the reason I use them for working out.
    I heard the Mavin Air x and Earin M2 are a good choice. I want the Earins for there size but they never have them in Black.
  4. clerkpalmer
    If the mw07 stay put for you then the nuarls May. Battery life is better for sure. I find the fit a little fussy but it’s very subjective. If I’m going to run I need something rock solid like Bose.
  5. clerkpalmer
    Do not buy the Jabra’s if sq is a priority. No amount of eq can fix this. They are average at best. Nuarl over Jabra every time.
  6. palestofwhite
    I know of someone that uses her NT01B for running and gym. They share the same form factor as the NT01AX.
  7. mikp
    if I remember correctly there was soundflux indiegogo campaign with same types, that was based on oems that could be purchased for 25$ on taobao before soundflux delivered. Another rebrand

    Cheapest qcc3020, but dont know if the rest is any good. They had very poor reviews on taobao with other chipset when I first checked them out.
  8. chinmie
    i saw the soundpeats too, though the syllable is the only one claiming to have QCC3020, and the Soundflux has ambient sound mode. I'm still waiting for the reviews to show up on AE
  9. mikp
    Yes , the oem had "ambient" mode that many on taobao trashed. My taobao account needs verification again, and not bothering looking for throw away phone numbers to check again.
    I wonder what price syllable got these old oem shells for, to price it at 30$ with qcc3020.

    Also not seen any Chinese wholesalers with Qcc5100 chips, but plenty with QCC3026 for 35$ in quantity of 1000 pieces.
  10. bubsdaddy
    I have the Bose Soundsport Free and I am also a runner. They hold the connection to my Apple Watch pretty well but will very briefly lose it maybe 3 or 4 times during my average run of 5 miles.
    My main issue with them is wind noise.
  11. bubsdaddy
    Does anyone know how to add a source to the Andes 359? I have mine paired to my iPhone but I want to also pair them with my Apple Watch to try them while running.
  12. BobJS

    I found the Nuarl fairly secure, but the MW07 wins that contest for me. I don't run, but I walk several miles a day and use the MW07 for that.
  13. OhSoSWIL
    Can anyone provide some insight on the sound of the Jabra Elite 65t vs. Anbes 359? I picked up the Jabra's and like their functionality. I'm not overly impressed with their sound (I'm a bass head) but they get the job done for my usage at work and the gym.

    I'm considering picking up the Anbes' for casual use at home, but want to see if the sound is that much better (if at all) vs. the Jabra's/

  14. howdy
    I do agree with the sq aspect but there ok. I like them for the fact they stay when I sweat and stay in place. When I work out I'm not concentrating on sound mainly functionality. They never cut out and always work.

    On another note I updated my Senn MTW charged it and just let it sit on my dresser checking it daily by pressing the button on back. The first 4 days it stay green next morning it was orange and by night was blinking orange. So it made it 6 days until dead. Like said earlier, a minor improvement in battery.
  15. OhSoSWIL
    Good point. If SQ is top of mind while you're working out, you're not working out hard enough buddy!
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