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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Tommy C
    How about the 2nd gen Jay Bird run NX?
  2. Soreniglio
    Hello there anyone! I just signed up to ask y'all if there are any decent TWS earbuds under 100€ ! (I'm from Italy, I value SQ quite much, so I don't really care about the rest, I had to resort to Bluetooth IEM since the jack plug of my phone just broken).

    I read much about "Creative Outlier Air" which seem to be outstanding for the price, but they are out of stock now.

    I also read much about ZOLO/Soundcore Liberty pods, but I'd like some brand new pods, something that was released in 2019 and it's quite under the radar maybe!

    Thanks in advance!
  3. milkybrkid
  4. mjb152
  5. MidSmoothness
    Haven’t seen any comments about the Hoco ES24 yet. I think it’s looks pretty swell, so ordered a pair. Anyone interested in updates?
  6. turbobb
    PSA: Found this interesting list on a Korean site (just Googlate it) that covers a bunch of TWS and which Qualcomm chip is used:

    Includes some yet to be released models like the Klipsch T5 as well as discontinued models.
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  7. mikp
    InShot_20190421_225907779_compress_96.jpg Back mandarin tips on the mavins. Spinfits are good but one ear does not like the button pressing.
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  8. Peddler
    I am currently enjoying the rather excellent Mavin Air-X. Review coming soon but they're definitely the best sounding true wireless earphones I have heard yet. I will post a link to my review in this thread.
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  9. 4min
    I'm trying to pick between MW07 and NT01AX. Would you say that one has an advantage in SQ over the other? MW07 certainly look stylish and well-made, and have better sound isolation. On the other hand, NT01AX have incredible battery life, and are slightly cheaper in the US.

    Also, how are NT01AX with multi-device support? MW07 support 2 devices at a time, which is better than MTW's, but is still leaps and bounds worse than AirPods.
  10. clerkpalmer
    Nuarl is the better all arounder. I give the edge on build quality and sound quality to MW07. If you plan to listen for more than 2.5 hours at a time, go with nuarl. If not, then I think it comes down to whether that edge in sq is worth it to you. This in turn depends on your use case. Quietly in an office, the sq may be worth it. At the gym, with background noise maybe not. You can't go wrong either way. Both are excellent products.
  11. 4min
    Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted to know! As long as M&D don't have the same case discharge issues that MTW has - I should be OK with battery life, and I really do care about SQ, as well as build quality and looks. That's one of the only pairs that looks interesting.

    I might still grab NT01AX to replace AirPods, depending on how well they handle connectivity with 3+ devices. Have you tried them in such capacity?
  12. clerkpalmer
    I have not experienced any battery drain issues in the MW07. I have not tried multiple connections with the Nuarl but with the chipset they are running, I would think they can handle it. Someone else can probably respond on that.
  13. RobinFood
    I use my Nuarl with my phone and DAP. It does not connect at the same time, but searches for any product it is paired to. It works pretty well if they are your only bluetooth set and connects automatically to either one.

    If you have connected to another bluetooth set last, turned on and off devices, and played around with bluetooth stuff like that,.it can be hit or miss a little. You might need to access your bluetooth settings to push the connection.
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  14. actorlife
  15. Luchyres
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