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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. webvan
    Can't say I've had that with my X12. I do have the very occasional "reset" with the right (and maybe the left) earbud saying "right ear connected" (or something like that). That's on top of the very occasion "interference" where it just tunes in/out without a message.
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  2. RobinFood
    Just wait, they will grow on you more and more as time goes by. My ER4XR is technically much better and balanced, but I find myself enjoying music much more, even if I am missing some detail and vocals are less present. I really appreciate how they make instruments sound alive I love listening to instrument-heavy songs that are well recorded, like movie and Disney soundtracks. I find the heavy bass not to affect clarity or imaging too much, and that in itself completely blows my mind.

    The hiss is actually constant if your phone sends signals. I use it mostly with my Shanling M0 and it never stops. With my phone, it stops and starts up again when I open an app. It is much better when it is constant than when it cuts off, I find. It's less in focus and kind of fades away. It is great white noise therapy for my tinnitus to be honest, I haven't heard my tinnitus in a few days.

    I don't get the fit issues some of you are having though. I guess I must be lucky, but those medium spin fits with the ear hooks make them one of the most comfortable IEMs I've ever worn. It really doesn't feel like they are in right, but they block as much ambient noise as any other tips I have tried. It feels like I am wearing flat-head earbuds to be honest.
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  3. stormers
    Hmm....a Fiio 3.5mm 40cm wire looks to be perfect for that combo :)

    Question: It's obvious that SE846 will be vastly superior, why not use it for your commute as well? Are you just testing those earbuds? I don't see any incovenience using a BT adapter running under the shirt for those activities.

    Fostex is coming out with the TM2 adapter for IEM to make them true wireless so I'm definitely gonna get it for my IER-M9. Current setup = ES100 + M9
    Would you prefer that instead?
  4. psikey
    If I come off/crash I only loose/damage some cheap kit!

    Also I find the BTR3 poor at keeping a signal when I have my phone in the bike holder bag behind me. It easily looses signal if body gets in the way
  5. actorlife
    Glad you like the anbes it's so great for the price. Would you try the anbes 360 to see how they compare?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  6. d3myz
    I have also noticed a couple of stopping issues like this and my left earbud sometimes stops working for several seconds, pausing and playing fixes it, but it's still annoying. I bought 2 pair, one is a T1s from joybuy, that came in some budget box packaging and some white T1c's from Aliexpress that came in the nice retail packaging. I haven't had any issues with the white ones. I wonder if there's any correlation? Where did you buy yours and what did the packaging look like?
  7. d3myz
    This may have been posted previously, but Joybuy.com is having a flash sale on the QCY T1C for $17.99 white or black. My white ones look fantastic. The T1S is 20.99 which is what I purchased from them and surprisingly the 800 MAH battery case feels nice and almost the same dimensions as the smaller T1C's 500 MAH case.

  8. Slater
    Hey, to anyone who ordered the sub-$10 eBay QCY T1C/QS1 about 3-4 weeks back, it was a scam listing and you will need to contact eBay directly to get a refund.

    You can’t use the eBay automated process, because the listing and seller isn't even there anymore. So you’ll have to contact eBay by phone.

    Never fear though; once I got a customer service rep on the phone, it was resolved with a full refund in under 5 minutes.

    One of the reasons why I still love eBay.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  9. actorlife
    Got my refund yesterday. Maybe it's a good thing I never got them. I still would try them with the volume controls.
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  10. d3myz
    Yea, I ordered 2 from 2 different sellers and I got a tracking number from one, addressed to someone else, and one with no tracking, I got my money back a couple weeks ago.
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  11. howdy
    Just sending some props to B&O. Sent my E8s in for repair as the case always had charging issues last week and they sent me a brand new pair yesterday. They aren't the 2.0 which I was hoping for but new none the less. Very happy with the service!
  12. clerkpalmer
    Switched to spinfits and large ear wings. Fit is waaaaayyy better on nuarl now.
  13. SuperLuigi
    Had anyone tried out the redmi Airdots? They seem like the exact same thing as the xiaomi Airdots but half the price.
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  14. bubsdaddy
    I received my pair from this flash sale today. I immediately changed the tips to the Auvios. In the brief 10-15 minutes I have had with them, I must say, they are as awesome as our guys described them to be.

    Quick tip: the buds have clear cellophane covering the charging connections so make sure you remove it. Also, the case wouldn’t charge from my usb-c to usb-c cable and power supply. I had to use the included usb-a to usb-c cable.
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  15. Slater
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