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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Nikostr8
    in the end i bought a T1C for 17€ on aliexpress, if only i had more coupons...
  2. BobJS
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  3. actorlife
    Alterola IE600 are by far the smallest wireless Earbuds I have. The soundstage is not as wide as the anbes 359. These lean towards more neutral, but sound good. The low end is great and maybe the best I've heard on a wireless Earbuds. I may end up keeping them for size and sq. I still need to try the call quality. I may edit this tonight and let yall know.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  4. LouisArmstrong
    If I turn off bluetooth on my iPhone, would the MW07 shut down as well or would it continue to drain battery? I don't want to carry the case around all the time.
  5. LajostheHun
    sorry which TWS are we talking about, there is so many mini conversations going on I lost the thread. thanks
  6. LajostheHun
    I had connectivity issues also, developed after a few days of use, don't know why it was rock solid before that. My phone is an Android LG V30
  7. LajostheHun
    most [battery powered] BT products shuts down if they are not paired within a certain time that includes manual disconnect since it will return to pairing mode again. but I can't vouch for the MW07 for sure as I don't own one. It's on my radar though.
  8. webvan
    My 4mm punch came in today and I modded the foam covers. The X12 do keep the extra bass from the foam but this mod "unveil" the mids and highs a lot ! They're almost a bit "aggressive"/"ticklish" now, I guess I need to get used to them a bit. Anyway thanks for the tip !
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  9. david8613
    So are the anbes 359 still the best budget truewireless in the 30.00 to 40.00 range? I left my back pack at home, and all my true wireless buds were in there! I am going nuts here at work not having any true wireless headphones to use!!!!
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  10. actorlife
    IMHO it's the best budget TW out there. Get them.
  11. god-bluff
  12. david8613
    oki doki, order today. I hope they are at least on par sound quality wise with the Jabra 65t active. I know they wont be at level with sennheiser momentum wireless, I need something I can leave in my desk for emergencies.
  13. d3myz
    You think? They look like older tech to me.

    Bluetooth V4.2 HFP V1.7, HSP V1.2 A2DP V1.3 ACRCP V1.6

    • 80 hours standby time Approximately 3 hours talk time

    • Up to 2.5 hours playing time (depending on volume and music content)

    • Recharge 3 times without external power using the supplied Cyrus recharge case

    • IPX5 rating, resistant to water splashes and jets

    • Up to 10m range in free air

    • Light weight, only 4.5g per ear
  14. david8613
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  15. mjb152
    yeah but Cyrus are a decent audio company, if their amps are anything to go by these should be first class. They look like they stick out a bit, but I'm hoping they sound amazing
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