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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. RobinFood
    The idea is the same as breaking in a new sofa. Brand new it is a little stiff, but over time it gets mushy and comfortable and stabilizes to the mush that is your favorite sofa.
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  2. d3myz
    What's the science behind it?
  3. RobinFood
    The science has more to do with large drivers than these small micro drivers, but it becomes softer from moving back and forth, can move more freely and becomes more responsive.

    For large studio monitors it is proven to have an effect but most scientific tests done on small driver show almost no measurable difference.

    Still, if you buy enough cheap chinese earbuds it can make you a believer for sure.
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  4. tayo15
    Actually i take it back they are by far amazing. They have great resolution and dont lack in bass at all. Way better than airpods they are really good.
  5. tayo15
    Where did you get the elibuds pearl?? Have you had the elibuds v6 before?? I would put the NT01AX on par with my elibuds v6 and those are my favorite pair of ear buds, so far no other buds up to $100 beat those and i was looking for an upgrade. At this rate my elibuds v6, NT01AX and a gaming headset might be all i need. Might just sell off my high end stuff and stick with these beauties.
  6. tayo15
    I take it back the NT01AX are crisp, clear, lack no bass. Very detailed, good resolution. I have played Crystal Castles, Counting Crows, Justice - Planisphere. 11:30 (DATA Remix), Jay Rock - Win, Outlast Wheelz of steel, Wonder Girls - Tell Me, Carl Orff - O Fortuna, Heaven - Bryan Adams, the list goes on but they are on par with some of my wired cans. I own Sonorous IV and EMU Teaks, Ahh m40x, hd 25ii, sony vr6, sennheiser momentum, B&O h6 second gen, hd580. Highly recommend. They arent that bad in the subway either, decent isolation.
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  7. d3myz
    Makes sense, I actually bought another pair of Syllable D900Ps because they claimed to be IPX7, they aren't, but i compared the new and old, pair I've had for like six months and boy do they sound different, the old ones sound much nicer.
  8. magi44ken
    Thank you so much for taking the time to test it. Sounds promising.
  9. actorlife
  10. sfleming
    I recently purchased the Anbes 359 and do like them for sound and fit, but I'm finding the connection with my iPhone XR frequently pauses during play, and I'll likely return the Anbes to try something else. I'm not sure if doing that is a waste of time given that that's just bluetooth tech and it'll just be a similar experience with a different iem, but sputtering every 10 minutes is not acceptable and I feel I have to try. Oh well on to the next.

  11. actorlife
    Alterola IE600 are winning by a landslide. Clarity is good, but bass kicks ass as well. The TEZER X20 on the other hand don't sound as good and can't stay connected. Tried various times and keeps disconnecting. They are going back. Alterola IE600 on the other hand sound good, but not sure if they are worth keeping since my others sound just as good. We will see. Will test call quality(reviews have said they are good) and test Netflix with dialogue sq.
  12. albau
    Mine don’t have any problem like this with my Samsung S9, nor wit iPad. But are you sure that your buds are charged more than 30%? I ask because pauses is how Anbes warns about low battery. It first starts like every 10 minutes and then gets more frequent.
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  13. sfleming
    Thanks I appreciate that advice. Full overnight charge before first use Friday night at the gym, and did the same thing again for today Saturday afternoon. I thought maybe it was interference there so recharged at home and had similar struggles with dropout with just me and my phone tonight. They are back in the box with a return label. Maybe I got a bum pair. Drat.

  14. actorlife
    I bet they are a bum pair. I hope you give them another try. I use android and they work perfectly since I got them so I really can't comment on iPhone. Are you streaming or using flac/mp3 files?
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