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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. god-bluff
    They would not put their name to anything that didn't sound good.
  2. cigarello
    Which do you prefer? The IE600 or 359? Thanks
  3. clerkpalmer
    Unfortunately I’m having trouble getting the nuarl to fit me properly. They require a little deeper insertion than I am used to. If anyone wants a set in the US that’s only been used a few times, I’m thinking 150 usd. Pm me if interested.
  4. actorlife
    Hi Cigarello The Anbes 359 is still my favorite for the SQ and price. The IE600 would have tied if they had a bigger soundstage. The bass is a bit better on the IE600. The Anbes 359 for me is the all rounder and most fun to listen for Music and streaming TV/Movies.
  5. Ypsilon
    Received the Nuarl NT01AX in black gold (revision MT3) today. Took only 5 days from the time of order to free delivery on the door by Fedex in Norway. (Btw, @BigZ12, no tax/customs fee for me!) Very good experience with the Singapore shop Stereo! Some early impressions follow, mostly comparing it to the Moondrop Kanas Pro Edition (KPE) since it's the only other IEM I have. Paired with my Xperia XZ1 with BT5+aptX, playing primarily through Poweramp (jazz, pop, EDM).
    • Nice packaging with 6 pairs of tips, two different ear loops and a nicer, bigger and thicker bag than came with the Kanas Pro (which is pretty crap). Also, an English manual.
    • Easy to charge and pair. Decent charging box, though I'm not completely convinced the lid hinge will take too many hard beatings.
    • I love that it's IP rated and has a relatively long battery life. Two musts for truly wireless IEMs for me.
    • Looks handsome and seems solid. The colour goes well with my hair. Does attract fingerprints on the shiny parts, but I don't care.
    • Paired with my Xperia XZ1 with BT5+aptX it has zero perceptible lag.
    • The sound surprised me with its fullness, forwardness and loudness (the max volume goes beyond my limit). It's quite a bit more bass heavy than the Kanas Pro. The KPE has a cleaner and less forward low end that I personally prefer in most cases. But as RobinFood said, the deep bass in Eminem's Killshot sounds fantastic on the NT01AX! I look forward to exploring this aspect more. The mids are better resolved and less congested on the KPE, but overall sound great. Eminem's voice is given full justice in that same track. There's practically no sibilance for me (only at painfully high volumes), and clean, good highs. Soundstage may be slightly wider on the KPE. It shows very nice detail on the jazz album Eastern Sounds by Yusef Lateef. Overall, I'm pleased with the sound and found it can particularly get electronic/pop music pumping, but I'm quite confident it can sound good with most genres, at least by equalising. Should be great for my kind of gym music (mostly EDM, techno, trance)! And it appears to be growing on me as I listen to various tracks now. Playing some darkwave mixes on YouTube showcases a very pleasant and full-sounding interplay between the thumping drums and high and low synths.
    • It does have a constant, quiet white noise that keeps going for a few seconds after the sound has stopped, as mentioned by others. I don't notice it when there's sound playing, but I wish it weren't there.
    • Whereas the KPE fit me like a glove from the word go with the stock medium tips, I'm still working on getting an optimal fit with the NT01AX. As clerkpalmer said, it does seat rather deep. With my cranial/ear construction, at least, that blocks/changes the sound whenever I open my jaw. It helps me to use the small SpinFit tips, and I'll do some more tip rolling. They're comfortable. I do favour the fit and comfort of the KPE so far, but I'll have to see over time and in different situations with the NT01AX. I plan on using it mostly at the gym and on hikes, and I'll probably have to move my jaw to breathe in those situations, not to mention during phone calls and when eating.
    • The microphone seems to be good.
    • They're very light! And it's such a luxury and freedom not to have a cable hanging from/between the ear pieces.
    That concludes my early impressions, which are very good for an IEM with this functionality and at this price. If I can improve the fit for my ears a bit, I see myself using it a lot. I'll take it for a hike tomorrow.

    Thanks for the recommendation, RobinFood and palestofwhite!
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  6. BigZ12
    Nice review!
    How did you "escape" the tax/customs fee? Did they mark the package with a lower value for you?
    Ypsilon likes this.
  7. mikp
    The fedex bill could come 4-8 weeks later if they notice it.. thats the fun of fedex in Norway
  8. Ypsilon
    I didn't do anything, and Stereo put the value on the declaration, so it's possible I'll get a bill in a couple of months. From next year, all imported goods will be getting VAT here, anyway. But enough about politics. :laughing:

    By the way, Stereo now offers the Black Metallic colour on the NT01AX, in stock early May.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  9. RobinFood
    Have you tried different tips? The spinfits sit really deep but I find round tips in the bag fit less deep.
    Ypsilon likes this.
  10. chinmie
    nice review! hmm.. this give me an idea of purchasing the TRN BT20 to pair it as with my Kanas. would be a cheaper investment than buying the NT01AX, and get the similar sound
    pitsel likes this.
  11. palestofwhite
    It took me awhile to get used to the fit too. They can get uncomfortable at first, but the CP350 softens up overtime and I have the best results with the large size.

    Just find one that gives the best fit first, stick to that and it'll become more comfortable as your ears adjust to them the more you wear.
    Ypsilon likes this.
  12. newtothegame1231
    so i received my qcy t1 3 days ago and i have been using it since. I'm having an issue with it when it comes to playing music. It stops playing after 1 music and i have to turn on my phone for it to play to the next track. Also, the music starts playing for a bit and it stops. How can i fix this?
    d3myz likes this.
  13. psikey
    Obviously no comparison to the sound quality of my SE846/BTR3 combo but for a fully wireless freebee I am quite impressed. Certainly good enough for my Cycle commute to work & back if the BT signal stays strong to my S10+ (only just arrived so not tried yet).

    Bass is obviously not great but not terrible either like some reviewers are indicating. They either have a poor fit or come from Beats like bass head earphones.

    I would never use them other than when exercising (Gym/bike etc.) but super convenient with an S10 series phone & with Samsung Adaptive Bluetooth.



    Just had my 1hr lunchtime speed-walk and no drop of signal & buds stayed in place perfectly & really comfy. Honestly, for their price I think they are great and would likely satisfy many non bass-head standard listeners (not head-fi purists).
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
    JES likes this.
  14. JES
    Thanks for the advice on this thread. I've been using Phaiser BHS-790's at the gym. Love the sound, fit was ok, hated the durability. I received the freebie Galaxy Buds with my S10 pre-order and really enjoyed the true wireless form factor. I shelved the Phaiser's. But I found the sound quality of the Galaxy Buds unacceptable. A pity, because their integration with the S10 and wireless charging convenience is impressive. So I tried the Anbes 359 as recommended. Wow. This is what I'm grateful for. Wonderful fit, great sound. A great wireless solution for the gym. With the discounted price on Amazon right now, I'll order another pair as backup.
    actorlife likes this.
  15. RobinFood
    I have the weirdest bug ever on the Sabbat X12, and thought I would ask if anyone else has this issue.
    Sometimes when the track changes, and a new song comes up, for half a second, only the left earbud has sound, and then the right one comes on too.
    I usually do a double take, and press back to restart the track and it doesn't repeat the issue.
    My other TWE set does not do this. There is usually no interference during that time.
    In one session, it can happen up to 3 times in an hour or so. It's really minor, but so strange, and I am wondering if it can be an issue that will grow in time.
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