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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Edward Ng
    My MW07s came in yesterday and I’m now playing around with fit and tip selection. So far, so good, although I have yet to do a proper A/B comparison against my MTWs. Am I the only person who finds that no fit wings at all is better than even the small ones? I must have really small ears (but average/slightly larger than average size ear canals, since I tend to fit medium size tips from all brands or the occasional large size).

  2. Bartig
    Yes! Thank you! Tuning is so much more important than codecs.

    Some of the worst wireless headphones and IEMs I have have Aptx, the best sounding ones all don't.
  3. robcf3
  4. clerkpalmer
    Backer Number 6 here. For $69, it's a no brainer. I'll bet they'll be at least as good as most $200 offerings. Advanced should put SQ as a priority given their heritage. Looking forward to getting them - hopefully on time.
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  5. webvan
    What's so special about them ? I noticed they mentioned "noise isolation" in the summary but it turns out it's just passive isolation up to 23dB...that's bound to give some bad "thumping" when walking/running too.
  6. Inear
  7. mikp
    Sorry, but I dont see anything special here that has not been pumped out by countless other indiegogo\kickstarter campaigns.
    I would not chance it with tws on any crowd platform. Think I have 10 different ones saved on indiegogo, fun reading comments if I ever decide to try kickstarter again.
    Bartig likes this.
  8. robcf3
    To me, both the schematics and the promo pic on the email both look like Micro USB, as it has that v-shaped port design vs the rounded USB-C port. May be wrong, although if I am, strange they don't mention the charging port whatsoever when I think USB-C is a pretty appealing feature to many right now.
  9. clerkpalmer
    10 mm graphene coated drivers and a company with a solid track record of making both low end affordable and very high end headphones makes this MUCH more interesting then some brand new indiegogo start up. I think there is virtually zero chance these won't be delivered and zero chance they won't punch above their price class. Could they be delayed? Most likely but I've just learned to accept that virtually every crowdfunded product will be. Even Audeze had trouble delivering the Mobius on time. For $69, I'll forget about these until they show up at my door whenever that may be.
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  10. MulberryMadness
    I kind of get tired/fatigued from reading claims by indie US manufacturers, who should be held to same standards as their likewise less expensive ‘Chi-Fi’ counterparts (since many of these American/EU companies are getting the whole unit made in China, or obtain part from).

    Prime example is this Advanced Sound Model-X announcement for indiego. Just $69 if you order soon, but typical BS marketing on this page, the usual we used a graphene driver…BORING!!!, our TWEs run all day long(only with included charging case, actual runtime of the earbuds could be as little as 1hr, lol) or years/even decades with optional nuclear powered charging case:


    Anyone think there is a Realtek SoC in these, or something even cheaper...24bit signal path, integral 'high quality' DAC like Qualcomms premium SoC, qcc5121???

    Supported Codec: AAC-LC / AAC / SBC

    Wait until May? What, we will likely get Qualcomm qcc5121, in iMore & Mavin-ANC TWEs (for those not keeping track, qcc5121 has built-in hybrid style ANC) by summer also, I’ll wait for reviews and pass on AS’s BS mktng.
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  11. chinmie
    the Sabbat also uses 10mm drivers, but i don't think it was graphene though. it would be interesting to see how the advanced fare against them
  12. clerkpalmer
    Ouch. A company like Advanced has a lot to lose if these are a big fail. Accountability is part of it. These are priced similarly to their Chi-Fi counterparts so I am not sure what there is to complain about. If they were asking $150 with last gen specs that would be different. By the way, companies like RHA, Audio Technica, Jlab and others are basically selling the same stuff with last gen specs for a premium US price. Take a look at RHA's marketing materials. Not sure why you are singling out Advanced here. I personally have found the Chi-Fi stuff to be worth exactly what I paid for them and never more. They always have issues. Nothing wrong with them but they typically do not compete with major brand releases in the areas I care about the most.
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  13. mikp
    you forgot the model x also auto pairs..wow Probably realtek RTL8763B.

    Got the mavin with qualcomm 3026, now waiting for the qcc5100 series with apt-x hd. What would be best is qcc5100 series with ambient mode.
  14. Rickyearl
    They don't look like them, but those talking points sound just like the Zolo/Soundcore (Anker) playbook. Same "graphene driver," same 5hr/25hr, same "auto pairing."
  15. SomeGuyDude
    Companies use jargon to promote their products, story at 11.
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