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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. BigZ12
    Ah... I don't know if I will laugh or cry...

    I sent back my MTW's both because of the lacking firmware (that should fix crackle noise/mic distortion and battery management), but ultimately because the left bud stopped working (no sound, but the touch controls worked)
    Bought the B&O E8 2.0. Got it about $110 cheaper than retail price (still expensive in Norway at $290 - retail about $400)

    BUT!!! These E8 got the same crackle in the right channel (actually more crackle than the MTWs), and the SBC noise (NFMI/SBC is a scandal) on the left.
    Fu.. me... I'm disappointed!
    (And I don't get to return these B&O, because the shop I bought them regards it as a "hygiene product". It's been in my ears, they say... )
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  2. clerkpalmer
    Ebay is your friend. You must have some damn good hearing to pick up the difference between SBC at high bit rates over NFMI my friend. Thankfully, my ears have been destroyed by heavy metal and I don't suffer from this problem since I can't tell any difference in my right MTW. I continue to be fascinated by the concept that a headphone with AAC or AptxHD from source to master is only using SBC to the slave. I agree with you that it is a complete fraud if true. Did Sennheiser ever respond on that?
  3. BigZ12
    Reply from tech team at Sennheiser below:
    "The NFMI SBC codec uses a higher sampling rate that the Bluetooth SBC codec and is virtually unnoticeable in terms of difference in sound quality from the standard AAC or Aptx codec. The NFMI system though does have delay in the sound so the left headphone is at 5ms delay from the right. All these are theoretically imperceptible to human hearing."

    I am 100% sure that the SBC noise (metallic kind) on the left is present on th MTW and E8 with AAC/AptX. It's exactly the same noise/sound when using SBC as codec, but then the noise is in both channels. (as I've written maybe too many times now :) ) I hear it on many songs, but most noticable with the tone generator we've also talked about so many times :D

    But even worse... the crackle on the right is actually twice as noticable on the E8 :O (I remember that a E8 owner wrote that it had the same problem, but didn't think it could be worse :frowning2: )

    The only positive is the comfort, fit, looks and the new case looks good. (smaller than I expected)
    The MTW sounded a little better as well. The E8 is a little more "shreaky" in the highs. The bass is good, but not as good as the MTW's. That's a matter of taste I know. Read that some guys think the MTW's is too boomy.
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  4. Edward Ng
    Doing direct A/B comparisons between my new MW07s versus my MTWs and I have to be honest—I’m finding that the Master & Dynamic pieces are noticeably less transparent across the entire spectrum compared to the Sennheisers. This is my first experience with beryllium drivers, so I am really hoping that the MW07s need a good break-in/burn-in to perform their best (I’ve been using my Momentum True Wireless for weeks now, so they are well-broken-in). As of the current state, strictly in terms of sound quality, I can’t give the MW07 anything at all over the MTW. The bottom-end extension of both are comparable and the bass impact are also fairly comparable, but I’m finding the clarity and transparency of the MTW, especially in the mid and high range to be obviously better. There is a literal sense of greater speed with the MTW compared to the MW07. I’ll keep testing more tip options and continue to burn the MW07 in, but right now the difference in transparency is simply too big between the two to my ears. I will also try swapping sources around (in order to expedite A/B comparisons, I am using the same playlist on my iPhone XS and my Apple Watch Series 4, with the phone synced to the Sennheisers and the watch synced to the Master & Dynamics).

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  5. MulberryMadness
    Probably could put into diff thread, but anyway: Galaxy Buds announced today with Samsung Galaxy line, likely will charge faster with Qi than Apple's Airpods 2, which are rumored to have capability of bilateral wireless charging of the Airpods from an iphone. Airpods 2 killers, announced long before Airpods 2?


    "With sound by AKG, the Galaxy Buds are able to deliver high quality audio, while Enhanced Ambient Sound allows you to choose how much of your surroundings you wish to hear. Adaptive dual microphones located on each side of both earbuds allow the Galaxy Buds to better isolate your voice from your (potentially noisy) surroundings during phone calls. Combined with integrated Bixby support, Samsung’s voice assistant should be able to hear you loud and clear.

    By themselves, the Samsung Galaxy Buds can hold a charge of about 6 hours, while the included charging case has a battery of its own which is able to hold another 7 hours of battery life. Should your Galaxy Buds run out of juice while on the go, the case is capable of giving them another almost two hours of life in 15 minutes.

    The truly killer feature is the case’s ability to charge wirelessly using Qi, including directly from Samsung Galaxy S10 devices via Wireless PowerShare. Anywhere you go, the Galaxy Buds can borrow a little power from your S10 to get back to jamming out. At home, the Galaxy Buds case can also charge via USB-C

  6. Bartig
    Treat yourself to the painless 20 dollar QCY QS1 meanwhile. Not even joking. Zero problems, great sound.
  7. Inear

    Adv-Sound, has confirmed they're using Realtek
  8. chompchomps
    not sure why but the marketing got me and i jumped on the 69 price tag.
  9. sly_in_the_sky
    I finally purchased the MW07 and selled the Senns. To my ears, the MW07 are more airy and separation between instruments is better, a more deep and 3d sense of space with ha slighty bigger soundstage, the upper mid is more present withou being harch except in some songs or bad recordings, giving a sense of transparency and organic voices. The treble seems from memory more precise and detailled....

    I really like these but I also have to admit that they don't fit really good in my ears, I finally use them only in quiet places... the Senns had better fit and isolation and I think that for an "on the go" purpose, these are better... For "critical" listening in quiet places, the MW07 are my favorites.

    Now, I also purchased the Earin M2 and I have to admit that those are also incredible.. first, the fit and isolation that are top class...and the sound that reminds me a lot the Senns... sincerely, they are really nice... good bass, natural mids, rich treble...good soundstage... and so easy to carry and wear... The only concern are some strange drops sometimes and other times, they don't connect correctly... but despite this, I really like them.

    I also had B&o E8, and have the Jabra Elite 65t, but finally, the Earin are really good to me and the better overall option... I will possibly sell my MW07 because at home, I already have a 100% sedentary set-up...and need true wireless for on the go purpose only.... if someone is interested, just PM me.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  10. Bartig
    Finally someone diving a bit deeper into the sound signature of them. :)
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  11. chrisbriton
    Almost gave up on a secure gym fit from the MW07’s after trying spinfit cp100 / Cp100z spiraldots, symbio W/N and a few eBay generic tips.
    Finally found a perfect fit with spinfit small cp145.
    Extremely comfortable, secure fit with noticeable jump in isolation and SQ. They are a slightly looser fit on the earbuds due to the larger bore size but no danger of leaving the tips in your ear. Highly recommend giving these a try for anyone with difficult skinny tapering ear canals like mine.
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  12. BobJS
    Actually, I did just that. Just for schittz and grins. Very usable. Not bad at all. Just a pain to pull out of the charger. But it is unequivocally the best in terms of performance/$ .
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  13. Edward Ng
    More testing so far this morning. I synced the MW07s to my phone simultaneously as the MTWs to make sure the source is not the issue, and it turns out to not be the problem, as expected. MW07 sounds the same from iPhone XS as it does from Apple Watch Series 4.

    One thing I did was do more tip swapping on the MW07, and the change to MandarinES large tips on the MW07 definitely helped improve some of the issues I’m having with transparency in the lower end of the spectrum, but the mids and uppers (particularly vocals) still simply aren’t up to par on my pair of MW07 compared to my pair of MTW. There’s a much better sense of, “being there,” with the MTW than with the MW07, which feels veiled in comparison. Like sound coming out of a radio, as opposed to being there like the MTW. I will keep listening to the MW07 in hopes that breaking them in will fix it, but so far I am having a hard time comprehending why any other reviewers consider the MW07 comparable to the MTW purely from a sound quality standpoint. I really wish they were closer in performance, because the Master & Dynamic pieces are just so much nicer looking and easier to operate with gloves on.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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  14. clerkpalmer
    Just goes to show that sq is subjective. I would grab mw07 over mtw every time purely on sq. Just sound more musical to me. Engadget agrees with you on sq.
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