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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Spie1904
    What did you end up getting?
    I'm looking for the same but for small ears.
  2. howdy
    I had a hard time (and still somewhat do) finding the right tip to get a good seal with the MW07. I have both the MW07 and MTW and I still prefer the MTW but I know when I find the right tip they will sound better than the MTW. If I hold the right I can hear there potential. I'm keeping it as I still like they way they sound.
    On another note I picked up the Jabra Elite 65t today and I'm listening to them now and they sound pretty good and are really comfortable. I'll have to try them at the gym later, fingers cross for no connection issues.
  3. Spie1904
    I debated getting a pair of Jabra myself.
    However the sheer size of the inear scared me a bit. Therefore I went with Jaybird Tarah pro. Hopefully won't be disappointed :)
  4. howdy
    I thought they would be big as well but when I first looked at them I was like wow these are small. They sit in the ear real good and no why they would come out for any reason.
  5. chrisbriton
    Started with a pair of 65t’s. Completely won over by the convenience of TW but personally felt they lacked the volume of the X3’s for use while excercising (call quality is up there though if that’s a priority for you)
    I would probably still have the Jabra’s if this thread didn’t exist but ended up taking a chance on the MW07’s and they blew me away. Very happy after finding the right ear tips (cp145) for my skinny lugholes. I never realised changing tips would make such a difference.
    The 65t where probably the most sensible option for me in every department for gym use with their longer battery life and sweatrpoofing ect.
    I’m no audiophile so can’t get too technical on how the MW07 compare sonically but for me they sound good enough to forget their impracticalities. Immersive and powerful with a sprinkle of sub bass thrown in. Amazing for a TW.
    The 65T’s still sounded Ok though, more of a passive listening experience compared to the MW07 that dunk your whole head into the music and command your involvement. Very liberating with no wires, exciting times ahead.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  6. hifi80sman
    Totally agree. I would never describe the MW07 as veiled.
  7. assassin10000
    For a while now I've wondered what Codec my BT20's were using with my old Samsung Note 4. Unlike newer versions of Android, I don't have the option to select or see what audio codec is being used in developer options (if enabled).

    Downloaded wireshark (it's a free program) and made a bluetooth hci log on the Note 4 to see. Turns out it's using SBC at 328kbs (44.1khz) and further digging to check the SBC bitpool showed a bitpool size of 53 which confirms this.

    Interestingly enough, the BT20 did report it had APT-X capability in the log. I don't currently have a way to try and force it to use it, to see if it will actually work.

    webvan likes this.
  8. Edward Ng
    Sounds like I need to keep trying other tips.

  9. webvan
    Interesting, will have to check my BT3 too. Too bad they have a hideous noise floor like all the TRN BT adapters apparently.
  10. clerkpalmer
    This. Used them once. Absolutely Worthless with the hiss. Do not buy.
  11. Wrathbringer27
    Found this on Ali with 2 BA drivers.

    SG$ 275.01 30%OFF | CTZ 2BA+TWS Wireless Bluetooth Connect Earphone Touch Smart Headset for Huawei Honor Xiaomi Redmi iPhone Earphone PK EX750BT WX
  12. Rickyearl
    Let me know on that MW07 tip - I'll give it a shot. I have tried Spinfit CP100Zs, comply comforts and isolations, and Spiral Dots, and still the MTW sound better to me. Partly just a better seal, so I get the point about holding the MW07 just right and hearing the potential.

    But FWIW I had the same issue (albeit much more pronounced) with the E8 and never found a tip that would work.
  13. BigZ12
    The Comply Ts-200 works great with the E8 I think. I use the Large ones, and I have a good fit and seal. A little snug in the charging case, so I have ordered the T-200 as well.
    Maybe they give me the same seal/fit and I think they fit in the case a little better. (Ts/Comfort is a little rounder/wider than the Isolation)
  14. BigZ12
    Have everybody "abandoned" the E8 in here? I think my new E8 2.0 are a decent pair of TW's, except for the same crackle as the MTW's. :triportsad:
    The looks of both the buds and the new case of the 2.0 are great, and I think they sound very good with the right tip. They are comfortable too, fits me very nice.
    Could have added a little more punch, (the bass on the MTW's are more "entertaining" in my opinion) but otherwise pretty detailed and balanced.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  15. howdy
    I still have my E8s and I get a great seal with the Spinfit. To me they fit just like the MTW.
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