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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. hifi80sman
    You're brave. I can't bring myself to alter it. I just polish them with a cotton ball.

    Seriously though, I'm really liking Metal on the APP (Iron Maiden, KISS, Ozzy, Dio, etc.).
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  2. Caipirina
    Next time I have a chance to get a spare pair of tips, I might give this 'hack' a shot :wink:
  3. DigDub
    I listen to Slipknot on them, the cymbals and hi hats shine through with the mesh removed when they barely made an impression with the mesh on. IMO, the biggest change is the soundstage, the music seems to revolve around my head with the mesh removed.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  4. tma6
    this was awesome thank you! Just ordered them, will do a side by side w the Tevis.
  5. DigDub
    Actually I'm not sure if my local store are selling replacement tips, I just took my luck and it worked out.
  6. FYLegend
    Anyone experience these issues with the Sabbat E12 Ultra or any other QCC3020 device?
    - Duplicate listings on Bluetooth for the left and right buds. I find all the claims of "true mono mode" quite misleading since it's actually only playing one side, rather than a true mono downmix. I'm wondering if these two quirks are true for all QCC3020 TWS. Unfortunately since I'm using an Exynos Note 9 I can't test out Qualcomm TWS Plus.
    - Sometimes the volume control doesn't seem to work on my phone. It might be linked to using the left or right bud as the master...

    Also, they have some new marbled colours for the E12. I had seen a Taiwanese YouTube tech channel showing them but now they're more widely available.


    A few more TWS:
    Dyplay TWS - AptX + Type-C charging, 7 hours playback (35 hours with the 720mAh case). I'm awaiting their over-ear Urban Traveller 2 which has some positive reviews.
    Alien Secret TWS QCC 010 - Has AptX, USB-C and Qi charging for under 30$.

    Also, if you purchase the Jabra 75t on Amazon.ca now they are 204$, but they won't be shipped until December 14. Found it rather disappointing Jabra wasn't putting them on sale this year, and the sale prices for the 65t were the same as last yera.

    EDIT: Amazon.ca took off the listing. Maybe it was just too early, or maybe there was some exclusivity deal with Best Buy.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  7. georgelai57
    A1FD74D4-B0C8-472D-B91B-B022F96C63FB.png A1FD74D4-B0C8-472D-B91B-B022F96C63FB.png Should I rest, I wonder?
  8. clerkpalmer
    I must be confused about what is being modified. I thought he was removing the protective screen on the headphones itself.
  9. LordToneeus
    Well, that’s as good of an endorsement as I’ll ever need, so looks like I’ll have to purchase these again and actually open them this time!
  10. DigDub
    Apologies for the confusion. The mod is done on the rubber tips. There's a white mesh covering the hole on the rubber tips. I removed that, not the grille on the earbud body.
  11. Pete7874
    FYI, a third revision of L2P, supposedly fixing the hiss issue, will be out in about a week, according to Anker. They told me I can return mine to them and they'll send out the updated version.

    For me though, the hiss isn't as big of an issue as fit. I get ear fatigue after 30 minutes or so with medium wings. And the small wings make them fall out of my ears. I also feel like they still have too much treble for my tastes, even when using the Treble Reducer curve.

    I will most likely be returning them and looking for something else.

    How does the Bomaker Sifi compare to L2P in terms of sound quality and comfort?
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  12. jlo mein
    They claimed the second revision fixed the hiss, not sure I want to roll the dice on the same story. Like you, I also have fit issues, mine more related to lack of isolation and seal.

    Out of the box, the Bomaker has much more subdued highs with boomy bass. They respond well to EQing without distortion though and can get a similar sound to the L2P, with a boomier, less punchy bass response and less soundstage and instrument separation. Isolation is much quieter and comfort great as long as deep insertion doesn't bother you. Along with its IPX7 rating, tiny pocketable case, and seamless single earbud switching I'm surprised it's only $30.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  13. d3myz
    The bass is really good and even with it maxed on the app, it's plenty, but it's not like the L2pro bass.
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  14. Quicky32
    I tried the stock silicone ear tips again on my LP2 and they go farther into my ear but the sound isn’t as loud as with my foam tips.

    Any suggestions for TWS or sports earbuds that fit better and sound good?
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  15. duo8
    I have the Tronsmart Spunky Beat which uses the same chipset and the first is true in my case. There's a separate entry for each side, but only one shows as connected when both is used.
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