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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. mjb152
    I live in the UK and bought the 2nd version of the L2pro whilst on holiday from Amazon in the US. I contacted soundcore about the 3rd revision, and they said they wouldn't replace them because of the warranty, but they'd offer me a 50% return , which is pointless really. Lesson learned.
  2. Pete7874
    Yup. Bass Booster and Treble Reducer are the main two EQs that I use. I would still prefer if treble could be reduced a bit more. I could tinker with the internal EQ on my DAP and get that dialed in, but it causes further reduction in overall volume output. Besides, my main issue with L2P is long-term comfort. The sound issues is just nitpicking.
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  3. d3myz
    Ok, I have the It01 and to me it absolutely does not have more bass than the L2pro, but I'm just running it straight to the Iphone, no dac etc. I've got a TWS for you. The Chisana C1L. Lots and lots of Bass, they are fantastic and $22. They do have more bass then version 2/ Revision 1 of the L2pro. My version 1 of the L2pro has more bass then revision 1 etc.

    I love the chisana good mids rolled of high mids and highs, but i wouldn't call them muddy. I'd say the bass is close to the L2p, but you don't have any of those bright highs. And my man, they get LOOOOUD! This was so product I got for free and tested and was like WHOA! I think everyone in this group who like great sounding bass should here these.
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  4. cwill
    Yeah, I've already gotten multiple emails about my returns so feel like I shouldn't push it. I actually don't order everyday items so my keep rate is very low.
  5. Quicky32
    I have the IT01 and the bass is there but it’s not as clean as the L2P to me. I love the sound of the L2P but the fit does not work.
  6. webvan
    Huh, are they saying the warranty only applies in the US where you bought them ?
    They really have no shame in releasing THREE iterations of a pretty expensive device to (hopefully) get it right, wasting everyone's time in the process !
  7. Pete7874
    Thanks. How is the fit/long term comfort for you on the Chisana?

    And yeah, with the different versions/revisions of L2P, it's hard to tell bass performance. I've read here before that bass was reduced in more recent versions and firmwares. Seems like Anker keeps tweaking them.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  8. Caipirina
    What @clerkpalmer says: they remind me of the Bose SSF the way they sit in the bowl of the ear, without being jammed in. Hence I suggest to simply try. This is something quite unique in terms of fit.
  9. d3myz
    Sorry to hear that, I bought mine directly from Anker and they let me keep both pair and are sending me the 2nd revision shortly.
  10. d3myz
    I think they are super comfortable. I use the Auvio tips, they sound the best all around. but they are a little longer so they don't sit flush in my ears, but who am I trying to impress? one of the pics is the auvio next to the spiral dot. you can see the dots are made of a different softer type of silicone.

    YWH+llSESqKl9gQR8Tl7Og.jpg Vf%o7zAHQzmITiflyBIkpA.jpg 8Xtl0+6vRTuss7krKHUAGw.jpg Uo+vPhvAT6Orcv59JIn9HQ.jpg HZs3CJkoTDedYBG7eMAw1A.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  11. AtariPrime
    Will brave an Apple store and give them a try. Thx
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  12. FYLegend
    MPOW M10. Pity about the stems. There's a chance to win them if you message them on Facebook. https://www.xmpow.com/products/mpow-m-free-m5t5-true-wireless-stereo-earbuds

    Yeah, it's more irritating with Windows 10 where I can't readily distinguish which one is left and right. For some reason I can't permanently rename the Bluetooth devices.

    Just wondering how long it took for you to receive it? I purchased the Onyx Neo but it still hasn't shipped out yet.

    It's a pity Anker's site is US only. On Amazon.ca they removed the 20$ coupon for the L2P yesterday...
  13. duo8
    There's a local seller stocking these so it only took 2 days.
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  14. d3myz
    My APPs are on their way. No telling when they will be here but as soon as apple has them back in stock, they'll ship. Any better suggestions?
  15. clerkpalmer
    ATT has them in stock for immediate shipping. Or at least they did as of yesterday. Best Buy’s was quoting Friday for shipping.
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