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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. go0gle
    Lp2 are perfect fit for me...I’ve had several 4-5hr sessions, no problem at all
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  2. d3myz
    Thanks, i'll check it out.
  3. d3myz
    So, I got a wild hair and pulled out the EarFun free and compared it to the MW07 and the T1x. You can call BS on this, but it sounds better than both. Great bass, excellent highs without being too thin, much better mids than the T1x. I still love the T1x and the app is great, there's an actual burn in for the headphones, it says it takes 3,000 min. lol lots of different stages of pink noise at diff. volumes etc. i'm going to try it. I'm glad I bought 2 pair of the Free, they are fantastic. No volume control, but hey My sony's don't really either. :grin:
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  4. cwill
    If you don't mind a comparison between those and the SSK, Bomaker, Tronsmart Spunky if u have them? Earfun Free are pretty much the last ones on my list to try.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  5. d3myz
    Well, i've been listening to Erra for a couple hours with the Free, so they are excellent for metal. between the ssk and the free. I like the free better personally, but it has a more narrow sound stage and the the low mids are def more boosted and the free's thump more on the low end. It's really satisfying with heavy double kick. I also like the free better than the bomaker, but like i've said it's been months since i've heard it. i'll have them again on friday,but I remember them being sharp and clear and a little siblant with some thump. The free is very balanced to me slightly V shaped Get them dude, you won't regret it. I own two pair. and they have usb-c and wireless charging. The buttons are great easy to press. They are a little big, but it's never been an issue for me.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  6. Quicky32
    Are there any good semi-wireless or TWS with an ear clip for under $150?
  7. cwill
  8. d3myz
    sorry, what i meant to say is the low mids in the ssk are more boosted, than the Free. which sounds better for certain genres.
  9. Kulch
    You want more bass find the tight seal with comply foam tips. They turned my anbes into rumbling rockets. Has anyone tried foam tips on the LP2? I'm keen to try but I'm scared of the fit and if they hold for running/workouts. The anbes sit so far in my ear canal they are perfect for anything, including sleeping (on my side). U kinda forget they are even there.
    Has anyone tried the liberty air 2s? The design is more conducive to workouts
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  10. d3myz
    That is really strange to me. I've always heard foam tips reduces bass because they are porous and that the also recess treble, but you have my interest peaked. I need to get some and try them out. What kind would you recommend?
  11. Quicky32
    My LP2 seem louder and more bass heavy with foam tips but mine slip out of my ears when sweat is involved.
  12. CocaCola15
    I prefer Comply Audio Pro foam tips with the L2P, no wings. I don't use them to work out, just walk at the most. They stay put, sound great. Also, I use them on the go, so listen to the 13,000+ tracks on my IP8 so I can EQ them without the app. That works for me. At home, I use the Sony WH1000X-M3 or the Blon 03 buds, no need for TW in-ears. Anyway, the Comply foams are a great match with the L2P. Had some money on an Amazon gift card, so ordered the Jabra 75t (based on HiFlight's posts). Interested to compare. I've owned the Sonys, the Senn MTW, etc. Not worth the extra money. Have the Cambridge Melomania 1 also, love them (but only with foam).
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  13. Kulch
    I just use the basic T400 foam tips. Tip roll them, chuck them in and they expand in your canal
  14. Kvarkmeister

    Can you please elaborate on the Mpow M20's? What made you put them off?

    I cannot find decent reviews everywhere except for a video that doesn't even touch sound, but rather the functionality and design.

    Thanks in advance!
  15. d3myz
    I can't remember exaclty, I only had them a day or so. I do remember the didn't sound anywhere near as good as the T5. They were an odd shape as well and they felt cheap. If you search this thread for the M20, I think i left my impressions somewhere.

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