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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. d3myz
    My two cents is The L2p is on a different level than the bomaker, entirely, but it does insert deep into the ear canal depending on which bud you use. The bomaker is a 6mm graphene driver and it has a bright tuning. To me they were too bright and a little thin, I couldn't turn them up much without my ears hurting, same problem I had with the Tevi, but I like to listen to music so I can feel it, i don't have that problem with the sony's or the L2p because the bass balances out the highs for me. From what I remember the bomakers don't have a lot of bass, but bass sensitive people seem to like them a lot. The bomakers are $35 right now on amazon U.S. which is a great price, I just bought a pair for comparison, because I returned mine a couple months ago. I'd also recommend the Fiil T1x $40, it's the next best thing to the Anbes 359 in the sub $100 category although it has a more narrow soundstage, but from what I remember it has a lot more bass than the bomaker. Just remember, you are stepping down to a single Dynamic Driver from a coaxial Balanced Armature and a 10mm Dynamic Driver in the L2pro. It's not going to have quite the separation or sound stage the L2p has. Again, I haven't owned the bomaker in at least a couple months, so my impressions are from memory, i listented to the L2pro, T1x and the Anbes 359 yesterday.
  2. Luchyres
    Anyone get the air-xr for a second opinion yet? I'm also dying for news of the Nuarl N6 Pro....

    Also, I felt you gents & ladies would appreciate this Insta post: upload_2019-12-3_8-15-33.png
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  3. d3myz
    JVC Spiral Dots are phenomenal. They are silicon, not quite as soft as spinfits, but to me spin fits crush the sound of the TWS too much. I use the M and the MS depending on the TWS. I also ordered some These Symbio tips. The WA and the W peel, I got them on BF for $8 a set, but they haven't arrived yet.
  4. Pete7874
    Thanks. Yeah, I was looking at T1x as well.

    To me, the L2P have just barely enough bass (I wish it had a bit more), and a bit too much treble, but all in all, not bad. I suppose I would be disappointed with Bomaker and T1x in the bass department.

    Are there any TWS out there that sound similar to L2P but offer better comfort/fit?
  5. clerkpalmer
    Kind of surprised anyone could think the l2p lacks bass.
  6. Pete7874
    It's just a personal preference. Call me a basshead. For example, I like over-ear headphones such as AudioTechnica ATH-M50, which are known for being rather bass heavy. I realize this kind of bass may not be possible with TWS, but that's what I'd prefer. I feel like my iBasso IT01 IEMs have more bass than L2P. It's also possible that I am just not getting optimal seal with my L2P, but even if I manually hold them against my ears with my hands to increase seal, I am still not getting any more bass, just more muffled treble.
  7. AtariPrime
    But the Pros are in-ear. We are trying to find something that sits at the entrance to the ear canal.
  8. cwill
    Got the Bomakers yesterday. They are not lacking in bass at all with a good seal. I do find the treble to be thin/unnatural. I need to stop returning to Amazon so I'd let these go for $30 shipped if anyone is interested.
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  9. clerkpalmer
    The pros are just barely in-ear though. They aren't quite like the Bose but they sit about as far out as an IEM possibly can. Even when I try to get them in further, they really don't go in. May be worth a shot with a return policy as suggested above.
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  10. clerkpalmer
    Absolutely. I have TFZ No.3 which many consider to be basshead and the L2P can hang with them in terms of bass. To each their own for sure. You are probably right about the TWS form factor. Not sure you can squeeze much more bass out of a TWS beyond what the L2P offers.
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  11. webvan
    So I tried to go running with the L2Ps today as they seemed to not have the '"walking thump" of other IEMs but it was a bust as I found that the L+ (tips with black ring) did not hold the seal at all in my right ear in spite of the wing. I though of moving up to the L wings but they push pretty hard...so I pulled out the Final E LL tips and will see how that goes !
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  12. d3myz
    My Thoughts Exactly.
  13. hifi80sman
    Did you try the Bass Booster EQ? It tames the highs and increases the bass.
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  14. d3myz
    Dang, I would of bought them, but I just bought some this morning on amazon. Just return them, man. They aren't going to ban you. trust me. I'm returning like 10 things today. 5 or 6 TWS' and some other crap I tested. You just have to keep your buy and keep ratio above the return rate. Buy groceries, candy, flour, chips, jerky etc. there's a LOT of cheap stuff on amazon. My neighbor works for marketing company that helps other companies sell on amazon and that's what he advised. Whatever you need that you typically go to the store to get unless it has a heavy shipping weight is probably the same cost if not cheaper. Hell, I buy my pasta sauce on there sometimes. I'm not in the habit of choosing amazon over my local markets, but I'm just saying, get your buy/return rate up and you'll never have a problem.
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  15. Soul_Viper

    I also was curious about how the bomaker sifi compares against the L2P and shanling, so thought about buying them to compare by myself. Nevertheless after reading you I think I will pass and stick with my bomaker :)

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