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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. hifi80sman
    In general, I agree with your sentiment, but for me, I'm simply coming from a position of caution to temper expectations. For example, I'm not a big fan of deep insertion TWS', so from the feedback here, I'm 90% sure the Noble Falcon are not going to work out for me. That being said, if I do want to try it out, at least I'm going into it with low expectations, as not to be incredibly disappointed if they don't work out. Nothing worse than getting excited over the arrival of your next set of TWS, only to be super disappointed.

    It's like going to see KISS, only to find out you walked into an Air Supply "concert". "Ahhh...Fuuuhhh..."
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  2. d3myz
    They are $110 new on Amazon U.S. right now, may want to wait until after today to sell them.
  3. Caipirina
    she might like the fit of the new AirPods Pro. They should let you try in store, if you live close to an Apple store.
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  4. d3myz
    Ok. I just downloaded the Fiil app. And wow! Very nice app and the bass setting is perfect. My new favorite TWS’. I’m using the stock tips too and It sounds excellent! You can even adjust the button sensitivity. Wow.

    here are some screenshots of the app
    9B7D1AE3-1F6C-4A09-933F-D53210E9B4F8.jpeg 39F61F99-E87B-4572-A7FD-67E012CC8D70.jpeg 50A7EE40-0165-4B27-928D-32A083894162.jpeg 4F120F8A-6B97-4A17-A8F9-425936EA36B8.jpeg
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  5. hifi80sman
    Definitely feeling the APP. Funny thing, according to rtings.com, frequency response consistency varies from person to person, which also seems to play into Apples "Active EQ" based on each person's fit. Once I get a good seal, they do remind me, somewhat, of the Bose SoundSport Free (again, somewhat). The wife may like the APP, even if they are not an Apple fan.
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  6. tma6
    compared to L2Ps?
  7. voicemaster
    I can't use the app for unknown reason. Is it called Fiil+ global edition from play store?
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  8. Timastyle
    How does the T1X compare to the SSK and Bomaker Sifi?
  9. Quicky32
    Watching Youtube reviews of TWS and all kinds if wireless lol. I need to replace my L2P or find some better tips? I tried the ones they come with and some foam but they aren't memory foam just stiff foam.
  10. DigDub
    After some time with the APP with the white mesh removed from the rubber sleeves, I find the sound to be clearer, especially cymbals and hi hats, which used to be dark and subdued, is now more defined and present. The biggest change I observed is the sound stage is now more holographic and airy. With the mesh, the buds sounded pretty congested and music stayed was pretty much confined in each bud. Without the mesh, there was an instance where I thought I had turned on transparency mode but it was in fact music coming from the APP. Sound is able to punch through the single layer wire mesh now instead of being trapped behind 2 layers of mesh (the wire mesh on the buds and the white cloth mesh on the sleeves).

    Downside might be poorer dirt and moisture resistance? I'm not sure if that's the purpose of the white mesh.
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  11. Darkestred
    I think context would definitely help. One wouldn't get much from someone saying oh the Noble Falcon's were amazing fit for me. For me personally, i have somewhat funny ears. Straight nozzles never work for me but angled fair much better. So the information that is or isn't given is always going to help.
  12. d3myz
    A better comparison would be the bomaker, MW07, Tevi and the Anbes 359. They still have rolled off sub-bass. but with the bass eq on, I turn them up much louder without hurting my ears and the clarity is great!

    The L2p.. well there's something about the refinement of the L2p that just tickles my ears and you can tell there's high quality drivers in it. but the BA/DD has a totally different sound, the L2p is thinner in the mids IMO. I still love it and my fav. setting is currently Sig. Sound, but loud so you can hear the highs and mids come through the bass. The T1x has a more narrow sound stage for sure. but the mids much thicker. I listen to a lot of metal and when things get gnarly the t1x doesn't have the separation anbes or the L2pro have (soundstage). I'm using the L2p medium tips, short throw on the L2p's and the longer throw on the Fiil's. I just tested them vs. my anbes 359's and I think the FIIL's may in fact sound better depending on the song and the tips. Feels like heresy :astonished::stuck_out_tongue:

    With the L2p tips they are tighter than the 359's, the highs are crisper and the bass is low, clean, punchy and controlled. However when I switch to my JVC spiral dots, the 359's sound better, you can really hear that sound stage spread out and I don't think the spiral dots complement the already well tuned highs in the T1x. Post rock/Alternative where there is less chaos, it's the exact opposite, but switching the T1x to the Spiral Dots, sounded excellent. All I know is this is a ridiculously good TWS for $40. Someone with the Tevi and the Bomaker needs to do an A/B test. If the Fiil has the sound stage the 359's did, the would be a clear winner imo, depending on the song. the 359's mids are a bit more bumped can tell if it's the mid/mids or high/mids etcThe T1x has better highs and the fact there's a cool app with a ton of customization's really makes this one of the best out there right now in the price range. On another note, What M&D no app? Another quick impression of the T1x. with the bass EQ on, because of the highish crossover it's almost like it wants to go down, but can't and in certain situations it gets a bit boomy. If you haven't listened to the same songs hundreds of times like I have when I test these damn TWS' than you may not notice it, but it can muddy the low end at certain frequencies. Now, would someone with a real knack for reviewing buy these things already an do a proper review? Where's @Bartig at when you need him?
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  13. d3myz
    Yea. What!? that's weird. it won't sync or what? I'm using it on Iphone.[/QUOTE]
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  14. voicemaster
    I see. Probably android version hasn't been released yet. Screenshot_20191202-200257.jpg
  15. clerkpalmer
    interesting but seems a bit risky for a 250 product. I got my second pair today after returning the first. Now that my expectations are set, I am finding myself ok with the sound quality. It’s not bad. It’s crisp and clear with some bass. I think the pb pro sound better. I can probably find a use case for them even if music itself is not the strength of these. I may grab a set of the Sony’s somewhere and decide which to keep. My first go round ended with a return due to poor fit bit I didn’t try very hard. Just not sure I can love with another huge tws with the l2p in house already which look ridiculous.
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