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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. AudioNoob
    Yikes, strange that they are posted as interchangeable in earlier pages.

    Any stemmed suggestions? Anybody tried the 'upgraded' boltune BT-BH020 or the taotronics/dudios/soforth generic rebrands?
  2. clerkpalmer
    Replacement anker LP2 arrived. Hiss is substantially improved. Same great sound.
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  3. jasaero
    Was a bit harsh with cymbals and such probably a bit over emphasized somehow in Tool "The Patient". Trying CP360 now, seems similar, maybe tiny bit less harsh. It's definitely a more accurate sound than I get from Shanling MTW100 and usually more enjoyable than Shanling also, but some songs like this one it can over do some of the high frequency realm and make them harsh. Almost suspect it's not straight tuning and something with a DSP to get the open sound these have not working well with that song and making it harsh.
  4. hifi80sman
    @clerkpalmer, is the far right light on the case dimmer than the 2 to the left? Mine is. It's bothering me.
  5. jasaero
    Yeah, I like them in many ways. More premium overall and more comfortable than many and sound real good. And even physical button UI with mode on right and volume up/down on left is good. My big issue is that at $300 it needs all of that AND control app to try and calm the highs a bit, killer noise cancelling and adjustable ambient modes for me to pay I think. I'd probably spend $300 for it over the $250 Sen MTW though as those just don't fit me comfortably.
  6. clerkpalmer
    Snake oil.
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  7. clerkpalmer
    Its charging but not that I can tell.
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  8. FYLegend
    Either different batches have different tunings for people aren't perceiving the differences. Coolhere UFO had awful driver matching and a bright tuning, while BE30 Air had a flat tuning but again poor driver matching (this time more mids and treble on the left). I'm wondering if any Aliexpress seller has released the AptX version yet.

    I'm looking for another AptX + USB-C + Wireless charging combo (latter is preferable but optional), but preferably one with more mids and treble detail than the Sabbat E12 Ultra, which I found reasonable except for that poor driver matching. I was set to get Wavefun Xpods 3T until I read some comments saying the originals were muddy or "flat". Same with the Whizzer B6 being said to have more bass emphasis.
  9. jasaero
    My ear holes are just different enough I can't really gauge driver matching! haha. Use medium sized tips in left and large in right with lots of them just to get it close. Others I can use large in both and it still matches OK, but not perfect. Haha.
  10. pokenguyen
    I’m hearing “The Patient” now, the cymbals don’t sound harsh to me at all, they sound a bit dampened to me and not bothering much. Weird.

    Anyway, I will compare to L2P when they arrive.
  11. jasaero
    Haha. Yeah, we all have different senses/sensitivities. It sounds mostly proper, but I am somewhat with Flossy Carter in that they don't get super loud and even though the rest of the tracks I listen to at full volume don't seem harsh, but when there is a built up thing with lots of cymbals like that it gets harsh for me even though the rest isn't too loud. I can turn down a few notches and it's fine and no longer harsh...but sort of recesses the rest more than I would prefer. Although this aspect seems to make like Hotel California seem much more open and overall preferable on the MW07+ as it somehow doesn't become harsh there and can be played cranked with less harshness. I can listen, it's just not comfortable and then when I reduce volume I find some of the other spectrum of the sound gets recessed too much. I think the Shanling is somewhat less accurate with things sounding less detailed and won't even get as loud, but seemingly somewhat more balanced at this lower max volume so more comfortable. I'd still say overall the MW07+ has a better sound...it's just closer to what I get from open back cans...while the Shanling you still know you have IEMs making the sound...even though they are a bit more comfortable and not obviously sitting in your ears. The MW07+ are the most comfortable of the Sony/Senn/MD group I purchased to demo though by far....just the Shanling are more comforable yet.
  12. srinivasvignesh
    Enabled Dolby Atmos on Note 10+ with MW07+. And wow, does it make it fun watching Netflix! Loudness problems are really addressed too.. MW07+ growing on me more and more everyday.
  13. geoxile
    If you have youtube music try the tube amp emulation feature under the EQ settings. Masks that harshness and makes the sound more mellow
  14. icybrizz
    Have been lurking the thread for a couple of days since I was looking for tws with similar criteria too, ended up ordering shanling mtw100. It seems to fits my requirements very well, except no AptX, but it still receive a high praise from reviewers in terms of connectivity and SQ. Plus it has a pass through mode, making it suitable to be worn in office/public environment, wireless charging, good batterylife and ipx7 rating too.. and BA drivers for that sweet2 clarity and mids.. seems so perfect Can't wait for it to arrive.
  15. Subrising
    Does anyone know if the older version of the Mpow T5 also supports Android 9.0? The one I'm currently looking at doesn't say if it's the newer upgraded M5 version so I'm not 100% sure if it will work.

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