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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. dwil
    Yeah, gamesky is overall a terrible reviewer of sound quality. Literally every other iem, he starts saying meaningless stuff like "these are the most dynamic set yet" or "they boosted the bass a ton, but they also boosted the mids and the trebles to bring it all level". (yes, he says "trebles"). Its like he's going through the same meaningless script.

    His reviews are still (unfortunately) one of the best sources of information, he records good b-roll footage etc, he demonstrates fit and mic quality etc very well. He's a good enough youtuber that unfortunately he's going to become the default source of information for tws chifi iems for normies.

    if you know how to parse through the bull, you can still get a basic idea of some aspects of the sound (mainly whether or not there is harshness, whether or not the iem lacks bass extension).

    Its still disappointing.... I wish we had our very own "crinacle" for the tws iem world.
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  2. AudioNoob
    Does it have voice announcements like connecting etc? Is the light bright? Have you had a chance to compare the sound to mpow m5 or sifi?
  3. clerkpalmer
  4. hifi80sman
    The one thing I wonder, however, is if the mic test is just over the voice recorder on the phone OR if it's actually a phone call to another device that's being recorded from that device. The performance will differ in each of those situations. Generally speaking, mic quality over the the voice recorder will be better than mic quality over an actual call.

    Best thing to do is recorder yourself over the voice recorded, then compare that with a call to yourself (leave yourself a voice message).
  5. XGUGU
    I follow about 15 different headphones reviewers. They all are good on some areas and kind of lack on other. I like about Gamesky his dedication to bring us cheap bud reviews. Not because he does that mean he is milking Chinese brands. That doesn't even work, specially on YT. He was the fist reviewer to call the APP by what really believes they actually are (stay away from reviews fro MaxTech, Brian Tong, UraverageConsumer and any other YTber that only sticks to the #teampopular only for views). They Also hurt startups and competition badly. Anybody who knows YT and their algorithm wouldn't want to be away from apple, samsung etc... as no other brand generates them as much money, but there dies the quality and objectivity.
    Now for The most objective reviewer that understand audio
    this is my favourite https://www.youtube.com/user/HiFiHeadphones
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  6. AudioNoob
    Too many variable with that situation that you cannot monitor in terms of signal quality, cell tower conditions, etc. as the networks have their own noise reduction and compression algorithms. Recording to the device is much more consistent as a point of comparison between different earphones, though it will differ from eventual phone calls.
  7. hifi80sman
    Tyll was great, but I did have some issues with his strong budget recommendation for the Ausdom M05, which was complete trash. I couldn't even EQ that to anything enjoyable. Sooo muffled...

    I mean, I don't always agree with Jimmy (Jim's Review Room), but I think he keeps it pretty straight. I also find GYMCADDY to be solid. He seems to keep things honest. I like EBPMAN as well.
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  8. webvan
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  9. HiFlight
    I found them to have good fit, decent bass but strident highs with unpleasant sibilance.
    Not to my liking, but YMMV.
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  10. pokenguyen
    I just test Sony WF1000XM3, Sennheiser True Wireless and MW07, and the MW07 just destroyed Sennheiser, while Sony is a step down from MW07. With Sony, the amazing bass really make the sound more musical, while Sennheiser more focus on vocal. The MW07 vocal and bass are so good, vocal is smoother than Sony, and more musical than Sennheiser. The soundstage of Sony is higher and more 3D than Sennheiser, while Sennheiser wins in width. The MW07 soundstage just destroyed them all.

    However, I can see Sennheiser is suitable for vocal only lover, the forward vocal is really attractive and detail, but you lack a lot of whistle and bells in MW07.

    About the comfort, Sennheiser wins but Sony and MW07 are not bad, the difference in SQ is totally too much that I don’t care much.

    I think I can replace my old IE80 and go full wireless with MW07. The sound is just so good, and so satisfying to me. I had a chance to buy MW07 Go for 140€, so MW07 Plus is not worthy 2x the price for me, but I may buy it for a discount, or look for an upgrade from MasterDynamic next year.
  11. tma6
    Just ordered the Jabra Elite 75t through the early sale going on right now at Best Buy. They should be here by Thursday! Early reviews seem promising. Will be doing a full review and direct comparison with the Airpods Pro and MW07 (old version and what I remember from the Plus version). Curious to see if they make me want to return my APPs loll.
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  12. hifi80sman
    I have the original MW07 (which by almost all accounts sound the same as the Plus version) and the L2P. SQ alone, they are very close. There is a bit more precision with the L2P, which is no surprise given the Knowles BA. The MW07 has a bit more warmth and the mids are a little more forward when compared to the L2P. Bass sounds a little cleaner on the L2P. For me, comfort is about the same. Mic for calls better on the L2P.

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  13. pokenguyen
    Damn, you made me want to try these L2P, because MW07 is currently my champion after trying other hyped TWS. I hope Amazon won’t ban me because of returning too much.

    After hearing Sennheiser, I don’t think MW07 has forward vocal at all, so maybe L2P has very recessed vocal.
  14. jasaero
    Cool, thanks for the Promo...it worked direct from Anker/Soundcore direct also. Hopefully I find these worth the $120. I have the MW07+, Sony WF-1000XM3, and Sennheiser MTW right now from Best Buy to evaluate if am OK keeping any of the $200+ options that interest me. So far suspect I will return all. MW07+ sounds really nice and like controls, but at $300 the SQ, noise cancelling and ambient mode aren't far enough over these Shanling to justify the dosh. Really the Shanling aren't far off when EQed some. I suspect there is some good DSP something going on with the MW07+ and something about how they go in your ear that give them a more open sound than these others I am checking. The sony are just super uncomfortable for me. Hoping Anker is better. Sony are probably near parity with the Shanling EQed once I match response....seems to depend on song and music type which I prefer. The Sennheiser are just super uncomfortable and something about them seems cheap for the price...while to me being a bit boomy somehow. The MW07+ at least seem premium built in all ways. I will say the MW07+ might be a bit to sharp on the highs with some music for me. So by not means perfect for $300. Definitely the MW07+ has a more universally great sound vs the Shanling though. I can find some music that exposes weakness of the shanling easier where it sounds ever so slightly like under water vs the MW07 which is more like using open back cans almost and sorta rare in IEM. Hopefully the app and such with the Soundcore get me exactly what I am after and only are a bit more than the shanling. I can do without Ambient if it's only going to be halfazzed anyhow. The Sony it's really nice setup, but biggest issue with them was fit and also the controls on the headset are minimal and seemed to often beep and then not do what they were supposed to. Seems pretty jacked up for the price when the shanlings just work with the touch controls.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  15. pokenguyen
    It sounds strange, I’m extremely sensitive to High and always go with Warm, recessed high headphones. I don’t have any problem with MW07 + Spinfit CP360. I tried with Spiral Dot, but it makes MW07 brighter to me.

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