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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. Subrising
    Wasn't looking at buying another pair of IEMs to use with the BT cable really cause the ZSX + the cable would be like $110 USD for me which is $160 AUD. Was more of thinking getting the cable and using it with the ZS4 or getting a TWS setup. My phone is a Pixel 2 XL as well. Cheers for the help and ideas as well man!
  2. bronco1015
    Wow. What a douche. Never been super high on video reviewers in general, mostly because i prefer to read reviews. never made it through one of his, but did try to watch a couple. Theres one video reviewer can't remember his name, but super funny guy, and a big fan of Blue Headphones. Discovered his reviews shortly after i bought the Blue Sattelites. i will watch his reviews from time to time.
  3. voicemaster
    Who is this reviewer?
  4. dweaver
    First review of the Jabra 75T I have seen. It appears to sound better than the 65T according to the reviewer.

  5. AudioNoob
    People also like bomaker sifi if you want something smaller
  6. hifi80sman
    I actually had the original version with horrible hissing. They sounded great, except for the hissing, obviously.

    Well...got the "new version" and well, they are actually the new version! Very faint hiss, but nothing extreme and very typical with most TWS. Very satisfied this time around AND these are a no-brainer with the promo code. Even at full price, a solid recommendation. SQ is among the best out there, regardless of price.
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  7. webvan
    @voicemaster - Gamesky it seems. I agree, I had subscribed but unsubscribed, he goes through the motions, not very useful...

    Good catch. Decent review, can't see too many reasons to upgrade from the 65Ts, if anything the call quality is a tad inferior.
  8. Subrising
    Awesome! Taking a look at that one, the T5/M5 and the SSK BT03 now.
  9. AudioNoob
    Kissral r18 is the same as ssk if you are going to buy from amazon
  10. bronco1015
    my momentum case broke last week, and just gonna deal with it because i'm not paying $107 for a new case. instead, i just bought the LP2 Pro's w jimmy's promo code and the mavin AirXR. Both arriving tomorrow.
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  11. bronco1015
    d3myz is refering to Gamesky, and my response to his post was a reply about that reviewer. The video reviewer i mentioned i enjoy watching from time to time is Flossy Carter.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  12. hifi80sman
    Flossy is very entertaining, but not really someone to watch for audiophile recommendations. He listens to everything at max volume, so, you know, science ‘n all.
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  13. Caipirina
    As much as I love the TRN BT20 as a solution for TWS-ing my IEMs, I would not wear those to the gym ... for that i find them a bit bulky (and in my case, i doubt they would survive my sweat)
  14. Caipirina
    Didn't someone just recently say the Kissral sound quite different / very low on bass? Might want to do a search. I can only confirm that SSK ufo sounds the same as the much lauded Anbes 359, and I recommend those a lot
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  15. Subrising
    Cheers for the help bro! Narrowed it down to that SSK for $44 AUD from AliExpress with longer postage or a Mpow T5 (I think it'd the older model without upgraded software) for $69 AUD with fast postage on eBay. Guess it's just time to decide if I want to wait and save money or not aha!

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