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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. clerkpalmer
    I was going to try them. Were supposed to ship this week but they are delayed due to a software issue.
  2. rhsauer
    I sent the MW07+ back because I have only Apple devices and the MW07+ don’t support AAC. I can’t really speak to the sound of the MW07+ because I was only able to connect them via SBC and I don’t think that codec allowed the earphones to show their full sonic capabilities. I think M&D misstepped by not including AAC.

    M&D mentioned that they expected to enable AAC through a firmware update, but they didn’t know the timing, or whether the firmware would be able to be updated without sending the earphones back to the manufacturer. If/when they do update the MW07+ to include AAC, I may repurchase them. Having said that, there are several other TWEs with better ANC that have recently hit the market (like the APPs and the Echo Buds), so the MW07+ are a harder sell now. Every earphone has its moment, I guess — and it’s a tough market.

    The L2Ps do connect via AAC and are really nice sounding — arguably the best sounding TWEs on the market now. (Obviously, a very subjective judgment, and your mileage may vary.)

    I’m aware the codecs are only part of the story — but it irked me to spend $299 on a pair of earphones that didn’t include the only high quality codec that Apple supports.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  3. onree
    Anyone still see MPOW T5 on (USA) Amazon? I've been periodically checking the pricing for them and today they just vanished.
  4. hifi80sman
    Honestly, the L2P, sound-wise, are right up there with the best. The MW07 is arguably better, however, with the different EQ options and firmware updates, the L2P or even the L2 are in that upper echelon when you're talking pure SQ.

    Now, if you're looking for ANC, the only good options are Sony and Apple. Bose will have something here in 2020, but I mean come on Bose, TWS are just flat out taking off like hotcakes! Also, the margins on them are likely far better than your standard full-sized headphone, so is 100% baffling why Bose is taking sooo long on those bad boys.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  5. cwill
    Anyone else's SSK randomly disconnect or not connect when removing from case? My Kisrall R18 doesn't do this at all.
  6. Putshoesonthatmonster
  7. clerkpalmer
    APP returned. Hiss free LP2 pro arriving tomorrow. Still debating the merits of mw07 go. Would really like someone to nail ANC, sq plus sweat protection.
  8. hifi80sman
    I'm like a schoolchild.

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  9. rhsauer
    You’ll really like these. I got a new pair without the hiss and am loving them. The mic seems better too, although that may be down to a recent iOS update.
  10. TK33
    My MW07 Go was only charging up to 92% (sometimes briefly showing 93% then going immediately back down to 92%) and I did not notice the increments of 10 but its possible that the Plus and Go versions behave differently. I did not try to MW07+ so I can't comment on that. I was using a Galaxy S9 (Android 9) as my main source in case that is relevant. The battery issue plus some pairing issues I had were why I returned them and why I believe I had a defective unit. In addition to the battery issue, they would not always pair when taken out of the case and it took me way too many tries to get it to pair with a second phone after disabling bluetooth on the first phone (I lost count but I probably spent half an hour trying to get it to pair). I will probably give them a second shot eventually since I did like them once they were working.
  11. geoxile
    I'm using a galaxy s9 as well. There's something funky going on with these but so far I haven't had any other issues and the battery life is basically as advertised
  12. WesennTony
    My L2P arrived today. Firmware 1.09 so should be the new bunch. Sadly the hiss is still quite noticeable. Gotta replace them so see if any luck for the next pair.
  13. ngd3
    Got my pair of L2P just now. New version. Minor hissing noticeable but not bad at all.They are very bassy all around, flat setting sounds best so far. The big DD is very capable.

    Quick judgement - worth the discounted price. Fun tuning that might be somewhat fatiguing, I'll update with more impressions soon
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  14. Subrising
    Hey guys! My cable TRN BT3 cable just died that I was using with my KZ ZS4 and I was wondering if it'd be worth getting the BT20s to replace it or just grab a TWS solution like the Mpow T5 instead. Been looking through the thread and that seems to be the better option for sub $100 for gym/life use but not sure if there is anything else.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  15. voicemaster
    Get BT20S with KZ ZSX or CCA C12. The mpow T5 sounds pretty good tho or if your phone has built-in EQ, sabbat e12ultra is pretty good too. This is the EQ I am using in my oneplus7. Screenshot_20191111-212510.jpg

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