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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. AudioNoob
    There shouldn't be an OS limitation on bluetooth earphones, they've been supported quite a while.

    Got an update from earfun, they are going to fix the button interface so that it is more intuitive in a minor upgrade, also introducing solo connections. It still won't have aptx as they didn't think they could keep the cost low, they are making another earbud that will have that later in 2020

    I'm curious about the tronsmart spunky beat still but haven't heard back from the person here who had them about sound quality and such
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  2. TK33
    Any rumors on whether Sennheiser is coming out with an update to the MTW? I noticed they've been pretty heavily discounted on Amazon (US) recently. Saw it for $205 the other day and is currently at $216. Really wish B&W would stop messing around with neckbands and just go true wireless already.
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  3. go0gle
    I got my airpod pros a few days ago and I've been testing vs the lp2.

    Focusing on SQ alone, and nothing else, I will just use the title of this thread as a segway, and say that when it comes to the airpod pros, we are certainly not there yet.

    If I wanted to enjoy my music fully, I would have to reach for one of my wired headsets, every time, no exceptions.

    When it comes to the lp2 however, I could say that for me personally, it breaches that gap and I don't feel the need to put a wired headphone on to fully enjoy my music. Even if it doesn't fully breach the gap, its a very solid bridge that I am very comfortable walking on.

    Now, excluding sound quality (and battery life), the Apple product is better at everything else. Design, fit, comfort, microphones, ANC, sound pass trough... just everyday usability in general is superior.

    If we could have the airpods for factor and functionality, combined with whatever magic anker put inside the lp2, we would have a winner. Considering the pace of development in the segment, we might not be that far off.
  4. cwill
    So no one's having random disconnects and trouble even connecting with the SSK? Do I just have a faulty unit? None of my TWS have ever done this. It's happening all the time.
  5. dweaver
    Not sure who Gamesky is. This reviewer is a guy called Mike Wat. He does good microphone tests. His audio portion OK but not super detailed though.
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  6. jasaero
    I hadn't notices this much. It seems I did get it at some locations, but not others and only like second or 2 drop outs very randomly. Other places it is rock solid. Just something about other wireless stuff interfering in area was my impression.
  7. cwill
    Yeah, that's not what this is at all. They must be defective. It actually loses connection for no reason. Not just a skip in the music.
  8. X-Nemesis
  9. bronco1015
    Thanks for the recommendation, i watched his review of the tevi vs senn MTW, and while i didn't totally agree or totally disagree with some of his comparisons between the 2, I don't think the tevi is quite as good as he makes it out to be for the price. That said, even though i did pay for it and i have been able to EQ a sound i really like out of the MTWs, i can't deny those aren't worth $300. I do wish he were a little mor personable, but i will keep checking out his channel. Thanks again, one never can have to many good resources to turn to.
  10. bronco1015
    Awesome Thanks. Yeah i did think Tyll was over the top on some products, E.G. the Focal Crackle...i mean Elear. i waited for that thing to go on sale, and spent so much time reading reviews, and thinking it would be the perfect 1B to my HD 800S, but when it arrived; i plugged it straight into my V20 to see if a phone really could drive it well, and the headphone crackled! What a complete piece of garbage. not bitter at all! haha. To get back on topic, and discuss products actually worth talking about, my Shanling MTW100BA are pretty fantastic! I'm keeping them. Sound superb with soundtracks, classical, choral, jazz etc.
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  11. jasaero
    Yeah I don't have that. Does seem maybe I have to take right out first for it all to connect well initially, but other than that they worked well. No really connection problems other than drops in playback in some areas.
  12. hifi80sman
    You speak the truth. I have the P7 Wireless & PX5 and can't wait for a TWS from those guys. Even though the PX was uncomfortable, the one thing B&W has never done is disappointment in the SQ department. I wouldn't be surprised if they went with a hybrid BA/DD design and some kind of carbon fiber casing.
  13. bronco1015
    What other TWS you got in rotation? Do you think you'll keep the L2p's? mine get here tomorrow.
  14. XGUGU
    Likely a year after the original launched. Big brands and their yearly releases.
  15. gibletzor
    I've had my Mpow T5 for quite a while now and they work just fine with my Android 9 Galaxy S9+. Android version shouldn't matter anyway unless there's an app that goes along with the headset. Then the app might not work with certain versions of Android.

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